Slender Sherbet - Momus

Slender Sherbet
This album comprises re-recorded versions of Momus' favourite songs from the first half of his illustrious and influential career. Of the seventeen selections the outstanding tracks include Hairstyle Of The Devil (an indie chart number one and BBC Radio One favourite), Closer To You and Lucky Like St Sebastian. You'll also find secret tracks like A Complete History of Penis Envy and Maybe You're The Fat Girl.

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A Complete History Of Sexual Jealousy / The Guitar Lesson / Closer To You / The Homosexual / The Charm Of Innocence / Lucky Like St/ Sebastian / I Was A Maoi St/ Intellectual / Lifestyles Of The rich And Famous / The Angels Are Voyeurs / Hotel Marquis De Sade / The Gatecrasher / The Hairstyle Of The Devil / Bishonen / Angel's reprise
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After a two-year foray into book-writing and contemporary art, Momus returns to pop with his strongest release in over a decade. This time he's focused on what he calls "the catnip factor". Just what is it that makes us want to play a great song over and over again on YouTube? What is it about some simple chords and rhymes that really gets under our skin and penetrates deep into our memory and emotion?

After avoiding pop, or asking it to do things books and art can do better, Momus suddenly found himself, in the spring of 2010, playing his favourite songs on YouTube, drawing inspiration for new songs from them, recording the songs and making videos for them during marathon "videosong" sessions, then uploading the results straight up to YouTube.

The Hypnoprism album is the "hard copy" of this process of falling back in love with pop music via its greatest visual moments. And although "hypnoprism" isa made-up word, it might as well be a synonym for YouTube itself: that hypnotic prism that makes songs visible.

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Little Red Songbook
Momus is one of Cherry Red's most popular artists and this album released at the end of 1998 shows just why he is considered one of the UK's most original independent songwriters.

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