The Wayward Genius Of Martin Newell - Martin Newell

The Wayward Genius Of Martin Newell
This 23 track "Best Of" album features classic tracks from one time bohemian pop star Martin Newell. Tracks are taken from celebrated albums such as "The Off White Album" and "The Greatest Living Englishman" and features a writer collaboration with the legendary Captain Sensible.
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Julie Profumo / Drowning Butterflies / Living With Victoria Grey / Girl On A Swing / Blue Swan / The World Strikes One / Arcadian Boys / Summer In A Small Town / I Will Haunt Your Room / A Mercury Girl / She Rings The Changes / Clockwork Train / Miss Van Houten's Coffee Shop / The Dark Lovely Daughter Of The Trashman / Former Phonebox Vandal / The Popular Girl / Mad March Hare / Johnny The Moondog Is Dead / It Could Have Been Cheryl / Goodbye Dreaming Fields / Wunderbarmaid / Albion's Daughter / Jangling Man
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A Summer Tamarind
Martin Newell - The last English pop eccentric, brings out his first solo album for several years. Many people try for an authentic 60s sound, Newell actually lives it. This sunny-days mixture wears its Beatles / Kinks influences like a double-breasted paisley jacket is also surprisingly modern though. Contained herein are eleven bomb-proof three and a half-minute pop songs dressed with chiming Rickenbacker 12-string guitars, great garden-shed drumming and the type of gorgeous harmonies that no-one else bothers doing anymore. A Summer Tamarind is nothing less than a post-punk Rubber Soul and probably the best thing that Martin Newell has done since his Andy Partridge-produced Greatest Living Englishman album. Our Price: £9.95

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