Queen of Siam - Lydia Lunch

Queen of Siam
Queen of Siam was Lydia Lunch first solo outing, and many would say her best. After displaying an unrepeatable angst with Teenage Jesus and The Jerks (cdmred367) Lydia decided to challenge the world and use her art in another way and in doing so coming across as a psychotic sex-kitten sing along to a warped and jazz-like sound-track. The result is astounding, melodic and seductive yet dark and morbid. A noir-musical. Lydia’s magnificent delivery of words is put to full use here, as the lyrics fall from her mouth like liquid yet still retaining the bite and attitude from her former years. With liner notes from none other than lady herself, Lydia writes a memoir of the Queen of Siam period, using thesame acid wit that is apparent in her cult book, Paradoxia. The original cover is used on this release which has never been on CD before, and included in the liner notes are many rare and unseen pictures.
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Mechanical Flattery / Gloomy Sunday / Tied And Twist / Spooky / Los Banditos / Atomic Bongos / Lady Scarface / A Cruise To The Moon / Carnival Fat Man / Knives In The Drain / Blood Of Tin Enhanced Feature On The Cd: Live Performance Video of Knives in the Drain and Gloomy Sunday video by Linda Di Franco
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Shotgun Wedding
Lydia Lunch-: provocateur, poet, singer, author, performer and actress. From fronting THE influential no-wave group Teenage Jesus and The Jerks (cdmred367) to her current musical incarnation as Big Sexy Noise, with Gallon Drunk’s noise makers James Johnston, Terry Edwards, and Ian White; countless collaborations and projects in between Lydia has never played by anyone’s rules but her own.
This collaboration with the iconic cult figure Rowland S Howard is perhaps one of her most revered. Featuring production by JG Thirwell (Foetus, Manorexia..) and drums by Jim Sclavunos (Bad Seeds, Grinderman..) it’s a veritable who is who of the post punk / no wave scene of the time.
Rowland S Howard is no doubt best known for his work with the Birthday Party, his discordant guitar an essential factor in their sound. Howard sadly passed away from liver cancer in 2009. A hugely influential alternative musician, in 2011 he was subject to a 110 min documentary entitled Autoluminescent, by cult filmmakers Richard Lowenstein, and Lynne Maree Milburn which received independent cinema release. Featuring luminaries such as Nick Cave, Bobby Gillespie, Wim Wenders, and of course…Lydia Lunch, the film highlights Howard’s genius, talent, and rightfully elevates him to the cult status he so deserves.
With both parties at the height of their respective talents, this is an alternative rock gem, yet however maintains an atmosphere of eerie beauty throughout. Out of print for years, this re-promotion is a must have.

Release Date: 26/11/2012
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Electric Head (2CD Expanded Collector's Edition)
Grafting influences from synth-pop, ambient, trance, psychedelic house and leftfield sound experimentation, the Grid’s 1990 debut album "Electric Head” remains an ambitious electronic bricolage of styles.

Band members Dave Ball (Soft Cell) and Richard Norris (ex NME writer, Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve) created an album of monumental ambition and cohesive diversity. Tracks such as ‘Driving Instructor’, informed by Kraftwerk’s minimalist-techno, are set alongside melodic, lush, electronic orchestrations like the album’s 2nd single ‘A Beat Called Love’ and sound experiments like the grand opening track ‘One Giant Step’ that samples the astronaut Neil Armstrong. "Electric Head” serves as testament of a vast sonic vocabulary, little wonder that The Grid were the in-demand remixers of the era for the likes of the Pet Shop Boys, Marc Almond, Yello, Brian Eno and the Happy Mondays amongst many others.

The highlight of ‘Electric Head’ is the classic ‘Floatation’ - the summer of 1990’s killer Ibiza ambient dance tune! ‘Floatation’ evokes a dreamscape at the interstices of Pink Floyd, Brian Eno and a dozen half-forgotten film soundtracks: a genre defying meditative evocation of joy, sunshine and freedom. Its tonal pulsing effervescence defined an age, but also defies age; it remains resolutely blissfully potent.

"Electric Head” in this comprehensive expanded edition contains the complete original on the first disc. The second disc contains all the known commercially released remixes (including those by Heller & Farley and Andrew Weatherall) and some previously unreleased contemporaneous Grid tracks from the Warner vaults.
Further listening, further insight, further indefinable artistry.

Available 12/08/2013

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