Hybrid Kids (A Collection Of Classic Mutants) / Claws (The Hybrid Kids Christmas album) - Hybrid Kids

Hybrid Kids (A Collection Of Classic Mutants) / Claws (The Hybrid Kids Christmas album)
Released 18/08/08. Before “Miniatures”, there was Hybrid Kids. Take a collection of classics by musical behemoths The Beatles, Kate Bush, The Sex Pistols, The Righteous Brothers, Brotherhood Of Man and suchlike, and perform them in a style as diametrically opposite to the original as one can imagine…Therein lies the manifesto that brought the world the wonderfully twisted take on pop music that is “Hybrid Kids”. Being the first album recorded in Fisher’s own Pipe Studios (actually his Notting Hill bedsit, fact fans), “Hybrid Kids” was conceived as a compilation album featuring a variety of spoof 'bands' hailing from the very real but somewhat obscure Peabody (a town in Kansas, USA) – each would perform their own take on a well known number, with wildly unpredictable results. Equally predictably, when the self styled “Collection Of Classic Mutants” was announced and discussed in the press, a large number of hipsters and music buffs believed every word and eagerly anticipated its release…
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Hybrid Kids (A Collection Of Classic Mutants) - The Burtons - Macarthur Park / Punky And Porky - God Save The Lean + Pretty Bacon / Jah Wurzel - Wuthering Heights / Rififi - Catch A F-Falling Star / Malcolm Galaxy – Fever / Kapital Punischment - Save Your Kisses For Me / British Standard Unit - D'ya Think I'm Sexy? / Combo Sartori – Enlightment / U.S. NERDS - Get Back / The Incestors - Something Better Change / R.W. Atom - You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling / The Cage - Take Me I'm Yours + The Pipettes / All The Young Dudes 78 / Bonus Tracks- British Standard Unit - D'ya Think I'm Sexy? (Single Version) / 666 – Emergency / The Creator - Macarthur Park (First Attempt) Claws (The Hybrid Kids Christmas Album) - We Three Kings / O Come All Ye Faithful / Deck the Halls / Go Tell It On The Mountain / Coventry / Holly And Ivy / No St. Bernard / Listen, The Snow Is Falling / Dead Ducks / Good King Wenceslas / Happy Xmas (War Is Over) / Bonus Tracks- Coventry (Backing Track) / Holly And Ivy (Remix) / We Three Kings (Remix) / O Come All Ye Faithful (Remix)
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Miniatures One + Two Edited by Morgan Fisher
Featuring artists as diverse as The Residents, Robert Fripp, XTC'sAndy Partridge, Pete Seeger, Robert Wyatt and The Pretenders Martin Chambers, as well as cover artwork contributed by Ralph Steadman, Morgan Fisher's1980 release Miniatures truly was a first. Overwhelmed with concepts for potential releases, Fisher decided to see how many of these ideas he might be able to squeeze onto just one album. Rather than performing everything himself, he invited 50 musicians he admired to send in tracks of up to one minute in length. They responded with unanimous enthusiasm, and Miniatures was born out of Morgan’s’ precise editing and sequencing of these tracks, providing a unique snapshot of the cutting-edge music of the period and achieving legendary status amongst those who cherish such creativity and individuality in the process. Fast forward 15 years, several projects and the development of new realms of communication and data transfer afforded by the Internet, and Morgan decided the time was right for a sequel. Little did he know that this project would take six years to complete and involve an international cast of players (taking in 18 countries across five continents), but it proved truly worth both the effort and the wait. The astounding Miniatures 2 brings together over 60 musicians and artists of all genres - the bizarre, the eccentric, the contemplative, the rebel-rousers, the pioneers and the philosophers and no stone was left unturned in its creation. As with the original album, one minute creations were composed, then sequenced and edited by Morgan, again meeting with rave reviews and an acknowledgement that Fisher had produced something both original and vital to those with any interest in music existing outside the mainstream. Comprising both legendary tiny masterpiece collections, this new set brings together all one hundred and thirteen tracks (yes, 113!) in one two-disc collection for the first time, freshly boosted and tweaked for 2008. Our Price: £9.95

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