Hammer And Tongs - Goodbye Mr Mackenzie

Hammer And Tongs
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Formed in Bathgate in 1984 band were led by Martin Metcalfe [vocalist/guitarist] alongside Rhona Scobie [keyboards] Chuck Parker [Bass] Derek Kelly [Drummer] and two backing vocalists Hilary Mclean, and one Shirley Manson. Their second single ’The Rattler’[1986] recorded for the Precious label saw the band receive some attention from the music press and it reached an impressive No 8 in the Indie Chart In 1988 they also added to their line up Big John Duncan [formerly of hardcore punks The Exploited] on guitar, and Fin Wilson on bass. Three singles ‘’Goodbye Mr Mackenzie’’ ‘’Open your Arms ‘’ and the re-recorded ‘’ Rattler’ preceded there debut album ‘’Good deeds and Dirty Rags’’ [The Rattler going top 40] The band had excellent support from the likes of Janice Long at Radio 1 who they recorded a session for and also had appearances on both the Tube and the Chart Show which resulted in the album going top 30 The recording of their second album [Hammer and Tongs] took place in Berlin at the end of 1989 and when it was released in 1991 it made the Top 75 album chart As well as all the original tracks this new release contains several bonus tracks from the ’Now we are Married’ single including the cover of ’Candy Says’ and a extended version of ’Now we are Married.’ Shirley Manson has of course gone on to huge success with Garbage and this album is much sought after by many collectors
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Blacker Than Black / Bold John Barley / Diamonds / The Burning / Now we are Married / Sick Baby / Down to the Minimum / She’s Strong / Love Child / Tongue Tied / Friday’s Child / Candlestick Park / Candy Says / Now we are Married [ext mix]
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More Songs About Love & Hate
 I think possibly we’ve got higher standards than most groups. If you can t add two or three new songs to the set every month, then it s not worth carrying on. Peter Coyne, NME 1987 When people reminisce now on Brand 80s, they are presented with a glitzy, money-pumped Club Tropicana. Well, think again. The Godfathers, who were indeed signed to the same label, Epic, as Club Tropicana author George Michael himself, presented hard, crunching, socially-conscious pop with a fierce R&B/mod sensibility. Their three albums for Epic, Birth, School, Work, Death, More Songs About Love and Hate and Unreal World, all offered a powerful antidote to the puffed-up importance of the music scene.

By the time the Godfathers released More Songs About Love and Hate, they were making waves in America while still seeking chart action back in their home country. They had become the name to drop. Formed from the ashes of the Sid Presley Experience in 1985, the band brothers vocalist Peter and bassist Chris Coyne, guitarists Kris Dollimore and Mike Gibson and drummer George Mazur, had enjoyed considerable success with the compilation of their indie hits, Hit By Hit (on their Corporate Image label) and their first Epic album More Songs About Love & Hate was released on 9 May 1989. The cover of the album had a stunning drawing of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor on it that had to be withdrawn for the American market, amidst fears that the actress would sue. Peter Coyne explained: It wasn’t meant to denigrate Elizabeth Taylor or Richard Burton’s memory.
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Ghost Town - 13 Hits of The Specials & Fun Boy Three
UNFORTUNATELY THIS TITLE IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. Cherry Red Records apologises for the unavailability of this album, however if you would like to be notified when it is on sale again then please email matti@cherryred.co.uk. Thanks.

The fifteen tracks are all new recordings of the hits of the Specials and Fun Boy Three featuring lead vocals from roadie turned band member, Neville Staples. Coventry's finest, the Specials, were leading lights of the ska revival at the turn of the 80's, enjoying 12 top forty hits including the massive number one classic, Ghost Town. At the height of the band's success Staples (percussion & vocals), Terry Hall (vocals) and guitarist Lynval Golding left the group in order to form the intriguing 'Fun Boy Three'. The trio's debut single, the haunting "The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum" effectively established the Fun Boy Three as both original and innovative commentators whose work would compare favourably with their mother group, the Specials. Both bands have their finest tunes reworked on this new release including contributions from Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go's and remixes of 'Ghost Town' and 'Our Lips Are Sealed'.
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Landscape / Manhattan Boogie Woogie
Released on 23/11/09. Landscape were formed in the mid 70's and released two independent releases before signing to RCA Records in 1979. The band were pioneer users/experimenters of the changes in music technology at the time, utilising computers and electronic drum kits etc. The band released 3 albums and enjoyed a worldwide hit single with the incredibly catchy ‘Einstein A GoGo' in 1981… The first UK reissues of these two influential albums by electronic pop pioneers, Landscape. This isa two albums on one CD release! Check out Landscape on Cherry Red Our Price: £9.95

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Elvis Belt
Formed in Leeds in 1986, CUD went on to forge one of the more interesting and indefinable sounds of the late 80s, early 90s Indie scene. Fusing a catchy pop sensibility with danceable grooves and intelligent and often humorous lyrics, they soon became firm independent favourites, very quickly catching the ear of John Peel and becoming a regular fixture of his broadcasts. Three quality singles into their career, the band secured a deal with Imaginary Records, where they continued a fine run of singles and eventually released their debut album. Capitalising on the band’s underground success, in June 1990 Imaginary followed this with this fantastic compilation of their early releases, topping several independent charts in the process and further establishing an already strong reputation. Some eighteen years later, Elvis Belt is updated and reissued here by Cherry Red, together with a wealth of rarities and unreleased tracks from those formative years and beyond. This release features the original album in its entirety, carefully re-mastered and now sitting comfortably alongside Elvis Handbag, an additional disc conceived by the band as a sister album to the original release and containing a number of further B-Sides, Peel Session recordings and cover versions including the band'slegendary take on Bohemian Rhapsody previously only available on the ultra-rare Alvin Lives in Leeds compilation. Our Price: £9.95

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Having departed the independent world and signed with A & M in 1991, CUD proceeded to pursue the commercial success their previous releases had hinted at with 1992'sAsquarius . Following this, their first hit album, proved to be the band'slongest break between releases (largely the result of some inter-label disharmony), but they eventually emerged in 1994 with Showbiz. Recorded primarily in Scotland (at a studio owned by Fish of Marillion fame, no less), this record saw their sound mature and showcased a broader range of songwriting styles than previous efforts. It was well received on its release in April 1994, garnering favourable reviews, and spawned two UK hit singles in Neurotica and One Giant Love. Sadly, though, the album proved to be the band'slast officially released effort as the pressures of life on a major and all that it entails took their toll on the band. This re-mastered version also includes a number of B-Sides from the albums single releases, as well as some unreleased out-takes and demo versions, including material intended for their next album, which hasn’t seen the light of day before now. Our Price: £9.95

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