Everythings Groovy - Gaye Bykers On Acid

Everythings Groovy
Fronted by the flamboyant Mary Mary the band quickly became key players in the so-called 'grebo' scene which mixed traditional rock structures with psychedelia and dance. The Bykers received strong music press support for their first two singles on the In Tape label, 'Everything's Groovy' and 'Nosedive Karma.' Both were big independent chart hits staying in the charts for a combined total of 53 weeks. The main interest in both records was their driving hip-hop beat married to psychedelic guitars and rockist lyrics which was unheard of in the world of indie records at the time. The Bykers eventually disintegrated into increasing chaos as their career went on but they left an important legacy which is now on CD for the first time. This 16 track CD contains all the tracks from the first two singles plus additional tracks that have been hidden in the vaults for the past few years. Also included is a promotional video of "Everythings Groovy" as a bonus enhanced track.
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Everythings Groovy / TV Cabbage / Space Rape / Nosedive karma / Don’t Be Human / Let’s Be Frank / Delerium / Golf Trek / All Hanging Up / Motorvating / Save Your Soul / Don’t Take Me there / Leave Your Head Alone / 007 / Getting Down / Toytown / Toytown Revisited / Everythings Groovy / Enhanced Video
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