Rules & regulations to Pink Sunshine - Fuzzbox

Rules & regulations to Pink Sunshine
Have you ever wondered what the first spice girls single was about. Didn’t think so, neither had I till it just hit me. But you see most people these days think that spice girls gave birth to girl power, but as I’m sure you know it is not true. In fact, I think that their first single (the one that enters your mind, tears all rational thinking apart and leaves you a lesser person) was a statement about where girlpower really came from. What they want, what they really really want is to be like the true mothers of girl power, the amazing Fuzzbox (formerly known as We’ve got a fuzzbox and we’re gonna use it). This months sees the release of a unique and rare double CD collection. The album features many previously unreleased versions of their hit singles including an ultra live version of their finest hit "Rules are Regulations", dance remixes of "International Rescue", "Pink Sunshine", and "Self" and the bands own demos of "Do I want to", "International Rescue" and "Pink Sunshine". It also includes the punk classic "Germ Free Adolescence", an alternative version of "Your loss my gain" and a duet with The Stranglers on "I won’t cry". This album is a truly great insight into how the band developed into a uniquely original and humorous outfit that oozed attitude. The album even features sleeve notes written by former guitarist and philosopher Jo Dunne. Also included within the CD booklet is a complete discography and features original 7" sleeves including the limited edition fuzz comic that accompanied their hit "Love is a slugg". And you thought Christmas was over!
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Pink Sunshine (pearl And Dean Dance Remix 1998) / International Rescue (pearl And Dean Dance Remix 1998) / Self! (pearl And Dean Dance Remix 1998) / Spirit In The Sky (pearl And Dean Dance Remix 1998) / You (1998 Remix) / Rules And Regulations Live / Disco Boogie Song (live) / Rockin’ With Rita (demo Version) / The Queen Is Really Nice (sketch) / Roses / Versatile For Discos And Parties (demo Version) / Margarita / Irish Bride (demo Version) / Spain / Raining Champagne (demo Version) / Rat / I Won’t Cry / Do I Want To (1990 Demo Version) / I Was One (sketch) 20/ Enigma (demo Version) / Hollow Girl (demo Instrumental Version) / She (demo) / You Got Me (live) / Pink Sunshine (acoustic Version) / International Rescue (demo Version 2) / Your Loss My Gain (alternative Version
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