The Height Of Fashion - Fashion

The Height Of Fashion
Cherry Red Records are proud to announce the very overdue reissue of this cult album by the highly original and innovative technological funksters, Fashion. The band moved the musical boundaries with their unique blend of synths, bass lines and infectious pop in the early 1980's. The CD features all their best loved tracks from their 'heyday' with the cult singles "Streetplayer-Mechanik", "Move On", "Love Shadow" and "Something In Your Picture" included. Other essential Fashion tracks on the CD are "Do You Wanna Make Love", "White Stuff" and "Love Shadow Smokey Dialogue". Fashion still enjoy a strong reputation for their pioneering recordings that paved the way for many other artists in the 80's. They together with cult German record producer, Zeus B Held made recordings that influenced many recording giants including Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Trevor Horn, Depeche Mode and many more. Their music still sounds fresh today and will appeal to a whole new audience.

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Move On / Love Shadow / Streetplayer Mechanik / Dressed To Kill / You Only Left Your Picture / Something In Your Picture / It’s Alright / White Stuff (Short Cut) / Do You Wanna Make Love? / Slow Blue / Mutant Love / Love Shadow Smokey Dialogue / Street Mechanik / Do You Wanna Make Love (At 5.00am?) / You Only Left Your Picture (Reggae Reprise) This title is temporarily out of stock, please check back soon
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Killer Album
 Ruthless Rap Assassins broke the mould. They shifted the nucleus of UK rap away from the capital to their native Manchester, offering a thinking man's alternative to the indie-dance of Happy Mondays and Stone Roses. Their debut LP, KILLER ALBUM, reflected the black British experience in a unique, often poignant way. All the way live from the notorious North Hulme estate, the trio of Anderson, Carson and a pre- Black Grape Kermit eschewed the phony Brooklyn accents of many London contemporaries for a hard-bitten, sometimes bitter but always razor sharp trawl through the harsh realities of low-budget living packed with depth, humour and social comment. The 20th anniversary edition of KILLER ALBUM comes with extensive liner notes and rare photos. Our Price: £9.95

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Peter And Sophia
eter Sellers' comic genius is undeniable. His work influenced everyone from the Beatles to Peter Cook to Monty Python.Amid such memorable Amid such memorable screen roles as his buffoonish Communist shop steward, Fred Kite in I’m All Right Jack, his perverted Clare Quilty in Lolita, his Tatiesque Hurundi V Bakshi in The Party, his famously hapless Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther, the three vivid characters he played in Stanley Kubrick’s Dr.Strangelove and the vacant Chauncey Gardiner in Being There, reside some of the greatest comic performances in cinema history.In 1960, Peter Sellers co-starred with Sophia Loren in The Millionairess. At the same time, Peter and Sophia teamed with George Martin (who would soon and throughout the sixties become the Beatles exclusive producer) to record a song inspired by the theme of the film entitled, Goodness Gracious Me. Goodness Gracious Me was released as a single and with the nation behind it, roared to the top of the charts.The album Peter and Sophia immediately followed it up the hit parade, as did the memorable follow up, Bangers and Mash.Our edition comprises, all of the Peter and Sophia recordings. A selection of Sellers songs also produced by George Martin and songs and music from such Sellers hits as I'm All Right Jack, Two Way Stretch, The Ladykillers and Sophia Loren’s It Started In Naples. Our Price: £9.95

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The Image Has Cracked - The ATV Collection
The digipack contains the tracks from the original first album of The Image Has Cracked" plus 11 bonus tracks which include all of their a and b sides such as "How Much Longer", "Life" and "Action Time Vision". Alternative TV were one of the founding fathers of punk and this album is a must for the serious punk fan!

Press: "ATV acted as a vehicle for a belligerent attack on the vacuous cliches of punk society itself, fed by influences like Can, Frank Zappa and reggae." - Rob Hughes, Uncut, Jan 2013
Our Price: £9.95

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The Punk Singles Collection
PUNK SINGLES COLLECTION is a compilation of all the singles and EPs released by The Newtown Neurotics. Recorded in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Contains 23 tracks. This is a round up of all A, B and EP sides issuded since the bands beginnings in the late 70, early 80s. A strong punk band with a left wing political agenda, famed for tracks like "Kick Out The Tories".
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The Anvil
The long overdue reissue of this classic 1982 album 'The Anvil', by the pioneers of the New Romantic movement, Visage.

The album reached No.6 in the UK album charts. The album produced two hit singles for the band, 'The Damned Don't Cry' (No.11) and 'Night Train' (No.12). Visage were a super group of their day, formed by Steve Strange and ex-Rich Kid Rusty Egan, they recruited Billy Currie and Midge Ure from Ultravox, Dave Formula and Barry

Adamson from Magazine and John McGeogh from Siouxsie & The Banshees.

Together they produced 2 innovative and commercially successful albums with the resulting 5 hit singles. This CD reissue features 6 bonus tracks not included on the original 9 track release. These include dance mixes of the hit singles 'Mind Of A Toy' and 'The Damned Don't Cry' and the rare b-sides 'Motivation' and 'I'm Still Searching'. The CD booklet features sleeve notes, discography and all the single sleeves taken from the original album. As the leading lights of the New Romantic movement, Visage's legacy is lasting. The band's reputation for producing quality electronic pop lives on.

Our Price: £9.95

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