Cherry Red Label Discography

Please find below a list of all releases on the Cherry Red label:

Various Artists Northern Star Presents Revolution In Sound II NS07
Legendary Stardust Cowboy (The) For Sarah, Raquel and David ~An Anthology CDBRED492
Fall (The) Ersatz G.B VINYL BRED500
Fall (The) Lap Top Dog Single CHERRY500
Nick Heyward Tangled & The Apple Bed SPECIAL OFFER! CDMRED508509
14 Iced Bears Hold On Inside, Complete Recordings 1991-1986 2CD CDBRED587
21 Guns Nothing’s Real (Remastered Edition) HNECD038
Aardvarks (The) Sinker, Line & Hook - The Anthology 1987-99 CDMRED549
Accept All Areas - Worldwide (2CD) HNECD040D
Accept Balls To The Wall 2CD HNECD018D
Accept Objection Overruled HNECD052
Accept Metal Heart/Kaizoku-Ban - Live in Japan HNECD022
Accept Russian Roulette HNECD029
Accept Eat The Heat HNECD030
Ace How Long - The Best Of Ace CDMRED489
Ace Five-a-Side CDBRED493
Ace Time For Another / No Strings EXPANDED EDITION CDTRED494
Adorable Footnotes - Best Of (92-94) CDMRED327
Air Supply Lost in Love + The One That You Love CDMRED398
Alias Kid Revolt To Revolt 359CD7
Alice Cooper The Last Temptation: 20th Anniversary Edition HNECD034
Alien Sex Fiend Between Good And Evil (Collection Range) PRESS3CD
Alien Sex Fiend Classic Albums and BBC Sessions Collection: 4CD Clamshell Set CDMGOTHBOX41
Andi Sex Gang Blind! CDMRED326
Andy Blade Let’s Burn The Internet Down CDBRED464
Andy Bown Unfinished Business CDBRED510
Annabel Lamb The Flame CDMRED370
Another Sunny Day London Weekend CDMRED416
Any Trouble The Complete Stiff Recordings 1980-1981 CDTRED597
Applejacks (The) The Applejacks CDMRED411
Armoury Show (The) Waiting For The Floods 2CD CDBRED564
Art Objects Bagpipe Music CDMRED316
Artery Into the Garden: An Artery Collection CDMRED296
August Redmoon Heavy Metal USA: The Complete Recordings HNECD054
Auteurs (The) Now I'm A Cowboy: Expanded Edition 3RANGE28
Auteurs (The) After Murder Park: Expanded Edition 3RANGE29
Auteurs (The) How I Learned To Love The Bootboys: Expanded Edition 3RANGE30
Auteurs (The) New Wave - Expanded 2 CD edition 3RANGE21
Baader Meinhof Baader Meinhof - Expanded edition 3RANGE22
Bad Manners This Is Ska 2CD BADFIDCD009
Band Of Holy Joy Leaves That Fall In Spring… CDMRED341
Band Of Holy Joy (The) Leaves That Fall In Springà CDMRED341
Band Of Joy 24K CDMRED284
Banned Little Girl: The Best Of… CDMRED254
Banned (The) Little Girl: The Best Of... CDMRED254
Bar-Kays Light Of Life / Injoy CDMRED567
Baron Rojo Volumen Brutal HNECD046
Baron Rojo Metalmorfosis HNECD047
Barry Brown The Thompson Sound 1979-82 MILKCD7
Beau Beau CDMRED333
Ben Watt North Marine Drive CDBRED40
Benjamin Zephaniah Us an Dem CDMRED406
Bernard Wright Nard / Funky Beat 2 Classic Albums On One Cd CDMRED481
Bernie Marsden And About Time Too HNECD008
Bernie Marsden Look At Me Now HNECD009
Beth Orton Central Reservation: Expanded Edition 3RANGE27
Bettye LaVette Worthy CDBRED649
Bettye LaVette Worthy: CD/DVD 2 Disc Limited Edition CDVBRED649
Bevis Frond (The) High In A Flat CDMRED611
Bevis Frond (The) Inner Marshland CDBRED646
Bevis Frond (The) Bevis Through The Looking Glass: 2LP Vinyl Edition BRED655
Bevis Frond (The) Bevis Through The Looking Glass CDBRED655
Bevis Frond (The) Triptych CDBRED656
Bevis Frond (The) The Auntie Winnie Album: 2CD Edition CDBRED657
Bevis Frond (The) Miasma CDBRED635
Bible (The) Eureka 2CD CDBRED531
Biddu An Eastern Star In A Western Sky - The Very Best Of The Biddu Orchestra CDMRED246
Big Country The Journey CDBRED566
Big Sexy Noise Collision Course/Trust the Witch CDBRED589
Big Sound Authority An Inward Revolution: 2 Disc Special Edition CDBRED653
Bill Nelson Luminous COCD1003
Billy Dee Williams Let's Misbehave EXM010
Billy MacKenzie Outernational CDMRED559
Bird Radio The Boy And The Audience SFE027
Bis We Are Bis From Glasgow, Scotland CRCDV02
Black State Highway Black State Highway HNECD044
Blancmange Semi Detached CDBRED650
Blancmange Semi Detached - Deluxe 2 CD Edition CDXBRED650
Blancmange Semi Detached - Limited Edition 12" Vinyl LP BRED650
Blancmange Happy Families Too CDBRED613
Blind Mr Jones Best Of CDMRED277
Blind Mr Jones Over My Head - The Complete CDMRED378
Blind Mr Jones Stereo Musicale *CDBRED100
Blow Monkeys (The) Animal Magic 2CD CDBRED543
Blow Monkeys (The) Limping For A Generation 2CD CDBRED544
Blow Monkeys (The) Feels Like A New Morning 2CD CDBRED557
Blow Up The Kerbstones Turn To Moss û Blow û Up Compiled CDMRED404
Blue Aeroplanes Beatsongs (2CD) CDBRED551
Blue Orchids A Darker Bloom - The Blue Orchids Collection CDMRED203
Blue Ox Babes (The) Apples & Oranges CDMRED401
Blue Rondo A La Turk Chewing The Fat: Deluxe Edition CDBRED621
Bluebells Exile On Twee Street CDMRED633
Blurred Vision Organized Insanity BV0115OE
Bmx Bandits Life Goes On CDBRED454
Bmx Bandits Gettin' Dirty CDMRED455
BMX Bandits Theme Park CDMRED469
BMX Bandits Getting’ Dirty CDMRED455
BMX Bandits Life Goes On CDMRED454
BMX Bandits Theme Park CDMRED469
Bob Leave the Straight Life Behind: Expanded Edition 3RANGE18
BOB BOB: The Singles & EPs 3RANGE46
Bob James H / Sign Of The Times: 2 on 1 Edition CDMRED627
Bodines (The) Played CDMRED459
Boo Radleys (The) Kingsize CDMRED467
Boo Radleys (The) C'Mon Kids CDBRED468
Boo Radleys (The) Giant Steps CDTRED447
Boothill Foot-Tappers (The) Ain't That Far From Boothill CDMRED379
Bow Wow Wow Bow Wow Wow CDBRED452
Boys Town Gang Disco Kicks: The Complete Moby Dick Recordings HSRXD006
Boys Town Gang Disco Kicks The Complete Moby Discks Recordings 2CD HSRXD006
Bridget St. John Dandelion Albums & BBC Recordings Collection: 4CD Clamshell Set CRCDMBOX17
Bridget St. John Thank You For CDMRED286
Bridget St. John Ask Me No Questions CDMRED282
Bridget St. John Songs For The Gentleman CDMRED283
Bridget St. John Best Of... CDMRED440
Brilliant Corners (The) Somebody Up There Likes Me/Joyride CDBRED456
Brilliant Corners Growing Up Absurd / WhatÆs In A Word CDMRED425
Brilliant Corners Somebody Up There Likes Me / Joyride CDBRED456
Brilliant Corners (The) Heart On Your Sleeve - A Decade In Pop 1983-1993 2CD CDBRED554
Bruce Foxton Touch Sensitive CDMRED192
Bruce Woolley & The Camera Club Bruce Woolley & The Camera Club CDMRED427
Bucks Fizz Remixes and Rarities: Special Collector's 2CD Edition CRPOPD155
C Cat Trance Karadara - Best Of CDMRED280
Cactus Cactus / One Way… Or Another 2CD HNECD019D
Cactus Restrictions / ’Ot ‘N’ Sweaty 2CD HNECD020D
Cameo Ugly Ego / Secret Omen CDMRED648
Cameo Cameosis / Feel Me (2 in 1 Edition) CDMRED652
Captain Sensible Women And Captains First CDMRED408
Captain Sensible The Power of Love CDMRED409
Catherine Wheel Ferment CDMRED436
Chameleons Live At The Gallery 1982 CDMRED198
Chapterhouse Whirlpool CDMRED304
Chapterhouse Blood Music CDMRED347
Charlottes Things Come Apart CDBRED92
Cherry Red Boxsets Pillows & Prayers - Cherry Red Records æ81-Æ84 25th Anniversary 3CD / 1dvd Box Set CRCDBOX3
Cherry Red Boxsets IÆll Give You My Heart, IÆll Give You My Heart - The Cherry Red Singles Collection 1978-1983 CRCDBOX4
Cherry Red Boxsets Life Too, Has Surface Noise - The Complete Dandelion Records Singles Collection 1969-1972 CRCDBOX1
Cherryred Rarities Our Brilliant Careers CDMRED229
Cherryred Rarities A Fine Day…And A Brilliant Evening – Cherry Red Rarities 1983-1985 CDMRED230
Cherryred Rarities Perspectives & Distortion CDMRED231
Chesterfields Electric Guitars In Their Hearts - Best Of CDMRED294
Chris Braide Fifty Dollar Planets and Twenty Cent Stars BPCD003
Chris Grant It's You! Ltd Ed 7" Single 359S2
Chris Grant It's Not About War! 359CD2
Christians (The) The Christians CDBRED526
Christians (The) Colour CDMRED527
Christians (The) Speed Of Life CDBRED530
Christopher Cordoba Us Poor Humans SP3011
Cineplexx Nuevahola CDMRED395
Classix Nouveaux The Liberty Singles Collection CDMRED417
Classix Nouveaux La Verite CDMRED217
Classix Nouveaux Night People CDMRED234
Classix Nouveaux Secret CDMRED303
Claudia Brücken Love: And A Million Other Things CDBRED457
Claudia Brücken Where Else CDBRED634
Claudia Brücken Love: And A Million Other Things CDBRED457
Clifford T Ward Anthology CDMRED210
Clifford T Ward The Best Is Yet To Come (Collection Range) PRESS8CD
Clifford T Ward Julia & Other Stories CDMRED225
Clifford T Ward Both of Us CDMRED228
Clifford T Ward This Was Our Love CDMRED245
Clifford T Ward No More Rock 'N' Roll CDMRED252
Clifford T Ward Sometime Next Year CDMRED264
Clifford T Ward Singer Songwriter CDMRED274
Clifford T Ward Mantle Pieces CDMRED434
Clifford T Ward Escalator CDMRED435
Colourfield (The) Virgins And Philistines CDMRED437
Colourfield (The) Deception CDMRED438
Con Funk Shun Touch / Seven / To The Max 3 CLASSIC ALBUMS + CDBRED519
Con Funk Shun Loveshine / Candy CDMRED428
Cornelius Sensuous + Sensurround CDBRED368
Con Funk Shun Con Funk Shun / Secrets CDMRED555
Con Funk Shun Fever / Electric Lady CDMRED636
Contraband Contraband ERSE1
Conway Twitty Conway Twitty Country / Here’s Conway Twitty & His Lonely Blue Boys DECKCD118
Alice Cooper Hey Stoopid: Expanded Edition HNECD026
Corduroy Very Yeah - The Director's Cut: Complete Compositions 92-96 4CD CRCDBOX9
Corky Hale Gene Norman Presents...Corky Hale CR9004
Courtney Pine Journey To The Urge Within CDMRED450
Corrosion Of Conformity Blind: Expanded Edition HNECD049
Cranes Loved CDMRED382
Cranes Forever CDMRED330
Cranes Wings Of Joy CDMRED329
Crazyhead Desert Orchid 2CD CDBRED561
Cud Elvis Belt CDMRED355
Cud Leggy Mambo CDMRED356
Cud Showbiz CDMRED357
Curved Air Live Atmosphere CD/DVD CRVE001
Curved Air North Star CRVE002
Cymande Cymande CDMRED629
Cymande Second Time Round CDMRED630
Cymande Promised Heights CDMRED631
Cymande Cymande/Promised Heights/Second Time Round - 3 for £25! CDMRED6293031
Darling Buds Pop Said CDMRED305
Daniel Ash Daniel Ash Anthology CDTRED598
Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables (Vinyl Edition) BRED10
Darryl Way Children of the Cosmos RHRC001CD
Darryl Way Ultra Violins EXM004
Dave Kilminster Scarlet – The Director’s Cut DK001
Dave Kilminster ...And The Truth Will Set You Free... DK003
David Banks The ArcHive Tapes: Cybermen 4CD set EXM006
David J Etiquette of Violence: Expanded Edition CDBRED604
Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables (Limited Edition Digipak) CDSBRED155
Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit For Rotten Vegetables 25th Anniversary Edition CDSBRED300
Dead Kennedys Milking The Sacred Cow.... The Very Best Of The Dead Kennedys CDMRED340
Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables CDMRED10
Deep Purple Purpendicular: Expanded Edition HNECD041
Deep Purple Live In Stuttgart 1993 HNECD024D
Deep Purple Live In Birmingham 1993 HNECD025D
Deep Purple Slaves And Masters HNECD021
Deep Purple The Battle Rages On / Come Hell Or High Water (2CD Deluxe Digipak) HNECD037D
Demented Are Go Demented Are Go: Original Albums Boxset (3CD/1DVD) CRCDMBOX13
Destroy All Monsters Bored CDMRED94
Don Partridge Don Partridge CDMRED402
Dexter Wansel Captured CDMRED525
Direct Hits (The) Here There or Anywhere - 23 Mod Pop Classics 1982-1986 CDMRED618
District 97 & John Wetton One More Red Night: Live In Chicago PP002CD
Doctor Omega And The Fantastic Adventure To Mars (Read By John Guilor) EXM009
Doll (The) Listen To The Silence CDBRED499
Drugstore Songs For The Jet Set GLOBCD6
Dory Langdon My Heart Is A Hunter CR9002
Downes Braide Association (DBA) Pictures of You X2XCD001
Dreaming Tree (The) Silverfade BOMTDTCD04
Droids Star Peace REPEAT5
Easterhouse Contenders CDMRED185
Drugstore Collector Number One GLOBCD11
drop Nineteens Delaware CDMRED394
Drum Theatre Everyman - Expanded Edition CDMRED601
Dualers (The) Prince Buster Shakedown PHOE1CD
Echobelly Everyone's Got One: Expanded Edition 2CD 3RANGE24
Echobelly On: Expanded Edition 2CD 3RANGE25
Eek A Mouse Buble Up Yu Hip MILKCD4
Elf ft. Ronnie James Dio Elf HNECD050
Exploited (The) Exploited Barmy Army (Collection Range) PRESS1CD
Eyeless In Gaza Original Albums Boxset (4CD) CRCDMBOX14
Eyeless In Gaza Rust Red September CDMRED111
Eyeless In Gaza Drumming The Beating Heart/ The Pale Hands I l Loved So Well CDMRED127
Eyeless In Gaza Photographs As Memories CDMRED166
Eyeless In Gaza All Under The Leaves, The Leaves Of Life CDMRED391
Eyeless In Gaza Caught In Flux CDMRED145
Fanny Rock And Roll Survivors CDMRED399
Faith Brothers Eventide 2CD CDBRED577
Fall (The) The Marshall Suite Expanded Version CDTRED491
Fall (The) Ersatz G.B CDBRED500
Fall (The) The Remainderer EP CDMRED600
Fall (The) Re-Mit CDBRED580
Fall (The) Re-Mit LP BRED580
Fall (The) Sub-Lingual Tablet (CD Version) CDBRED660
Fall (The) Sub-Lingual Tablet (LP Version) BRED660
Fall (The) Live: Uurop VIII-XII Places in Sun & Winter, Son CDBRED599
Fashion The Height Of Fashion CDMRED193
Farmer's Boys (The) Get Out & Walk CDMRED403
Farse Boxing Clever BADFICD001
Fashion Twilight Of Idols CDMRED392
Felt Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty CDMRED25
Felt Bubblegum Perfume CDMRED400
Felt The Splendour Of Fear CDMRED57
Felt The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Short Stories CDMRED63
Felt Ignite The Seven Cannons CDMRED65
Felt Gold Mine Trash CDMRED79
Felt Let The Snakes Crinkle Their Heads To Death CDMRED235
Felt Forever Breathes The Lonely Word CDMRED236
Felt Poem Of The River CDMRED242
Felt The Pictorial Jackson Review CDMRED243
Felt Train Above the City CDMRED247
Felt Stains On A Decade CDMRED200
Five Or Six Acting On Impulse - The Best Of CDMRED324
Fox Fox CDMRED222
Five Thirty Bed: Expanded Edition 3RANGE17
Flatmates (The) The Best Of The Flatmates CDMRED269
Focus Golden Oldies IF001CD
Fox Images ’74–’84 (2CD Deluxe Edition) CDBRED605
Fox Blue Hotel CDMRED272
Fox Tales Of Illusion CDMRED263
Frank Sidebottom Frank Sidebottom's A B C & D CDMRED143
Frank Sidebottom Frank Sidebottom’s Fantastic Show Biz Box Set CRCDBOX7
Frank Sidebottom EFG and H CDBRED389
Frank Sidebottom Frank Sidebottom’s Fantastic Show Biz Box Set CRCDBOX7
Frazier Chorus Sue CDMRED371
Free Design The Very Best Of Free Design CDMRED194
Freshies (The) The Very Very Best Of CDMRED129
Freur Get Us Out Of Here / Doot-Doot CDMRED419
Furniture The Wrong People CDMRED441
Fuzzbox Rules & regulations to Pink Sunshine CDMRED179
Fuzzbox Big Bang! 2CD CDBRED558
Garden Music Project Inspired By Syd Barrett's Artwork ARG01
Garland Jeffreys Escape Artist CDMRED334
Garland Jeffreys Guts For Love CDMRED335
Gaye Bykers On Acid Everythings Groovy CDMRED188
Ghost Dance Stop The World: Deluxe Edition CDBRED603
Girls At Our Best! Pleasure CDMRED346
Girlschool Running Wild HNECD048
Gist (The) Embrace The Herd CDMRED339
Glaxo Babies Dreams Interrupted CDMRED291
Glaxo Babies The Porlock Factor CDMRED322
Goodbye Mr Mackenzie Hammer And Tongs CDMRED293
Guana Batz Original Albums Plus Peel Sessions Collection (4CD Clamshell Box Set) CDPSYCHBOX80
Gun Club Cemetery Gun Club Cemetery 359CD5
Gun Club Cemetery Needle Aside - Limited Edition 7" Single 359S5
Gustav Holst The Collected Recorded Works EXM008
Hank Crawford Wildflower / Don't You Worry Bout A Thing CDMRED617
Hardwater Hardwater TUNEIN005
Harvey Williams California Rebellion CDMRED439
Richard Hatch From Apollo to Tom Zarek The Battlestar Galactica Memoirs EXM005
Hazel O Connor Smile CDMRED349
Heads Hands And Feet Tracks…Plus CDMRED424
HeKz Caerus BMH001CD
Hellion To Hellion And Back (2CD Anthology 1983-2014) HNECD036D
Hellion Karma's A Bitch HNECD045
Ken Hensley & Live Fire Trouble HNECD028
Hi – Tension Hi – Tension + Bonus Tracks CDMRED517
Higsons (The) The Curse of The Higsons: Deluxe Edition CDBRED591
Hit By A Rock Wounded OTHERS4
Hollywood Brats Hollywood Brats CDMRED106
House Of Love Live At The Lexington 13.11.13 CD/DVD CDVBRED647
House Of Love The House Of Love 3CD Deluxe Edition CDTRED545
House Of Love She Paints Words In Red CDBRED556
House Of Love She Paints Words In Red LTD ED VINYL BRED556
Howard Kenney Super Star CDMRED594
Hurrah! The Beautiful CDMRED422
Hurrah! The Lost Album CDMRED445
Hurrah! The Live Album CDMRED430
Hurricane Smith DonÆt Let It Die - Very Best Of CDMRED381
Hussey-Regan Curios CDBRED513
Hybrid Kids Hybrid Kids (A Collection Of Classic Mutants) / Claws (The Hybrid Kids Christmas album) CDBRED362
Hybrid Kids (The) Hybrid Kids (A Collection Of Classic Mutants) / Claws (The Hybrid Kids Christmas album) CDBRED362
Hypnotics (The) Come Down Heavy CDMRED480
Ian Danter Prove You Wrong ID001
Ian Gomm Hold On û Best Of Ian Gomm CDMRED270
Ian McNabb Head Like A Rock (2CD) CDBRED552
Icicle Works (The) Permanent Damage CDBRED414
Icicle Works (The) Blind EXPANDED EDITION CDTRED501
Icicle Works (The) The Small Price Of A Bicycle CDTRED487
Icicle Works (The) If You Want To Defeat Your Enemy Sing His Song - Expanded Version CDTRED490
Idris Muhammad Boogie To The Top: The Very Best Of CDMRED659
Inspiral Carpets Inspiral Carpets CDBRED639
Inspiral Carpets Inspiral Carpets: CD/DVD Deluxe Edition CDVBRED639
Inspiral Carpets Dung 4: Expanded Edition CRDUNG4CD
Intelligent Music Project II My Kind O' Lovin' IMPCD02
Intelligent Music Project I The Power Of Mind IMPCD01
It's Immaterial Song CDMRED397
Jack Adaptor J'Accuse 3RANGE32
Jah Wobble Redux - Anthology 1978-2015: 6CD Set 30HZBX42
Jah Wobble & Julie Campbell Psychic Life CDBRED520
Jah Wobble & Keith Levene Yin & Yang CDBRED540
Jah Wobble & Keith Levene Yin & Yang SPECIAL EDITION VINYL BRED540
Jah Wobbler's Invaders Of The Heart Take Me To God (Deluxe Edition) CDBRED497
Jasmine Minks Cut Me Deep: The Anthology 1984-2014 CDBRED608
Jason 'Harris' Salkey Recollections of Rifleman Harris (Talking book) EXM003
Jazzateers Don't Let Your Son Grow Up To Be A Cowboy (Unreleased Recordings 1981-1982) CDMRED622
Jeronimo Road Live at the Orange EXM001
Jetset (The) Swings & Roundabouts û The Very Best Of The Jetset CDBRED444
Jettblack Disguises CDBRED658
Jim Bob School CDBRED302
Jim Bob Best Of Jim Bob CDMRED312
Jimmy Castor Bunch (The) It's Just Begun / Phase Two CDMRED616
John Lawton & Diana Express The Power of Mind N55833
John Leeson The Adventures of K9 EXM007
John Lennon McCullagh North South Divide Ltd Ed 7" Single 359S1
John Lennon McCullagh North South Divide 359CD1
John McCullagh & The Escorts New Born Cry 359CD8
John Wetton The Studio Recordings Anthology 2CD Set PP004CD
John Wetton & The Les Paul Trio New York Minute PP003CD
John's Children The Legendary Orgasm Album CDMRED177
Johnny Guitar Watson Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty / Giant CDBRED562
Johnny Guitar Watson What The Hell Is This / Love Jones CDBRED563
Johnny Guitar Watson Johnny Guitar Watson and The Family Clone/Bow Wow CDBRED576
Johnny Guitar Watson Ain’t That A Bitch / A Real Mother For Ya CDBRED546
Johnny Guitar Watson The Very Best Of Johnny Guitar Watson ~ The Gangster Of Love Meets The Superman Lover CDMRED606
Johnny Hallyday Johnny Hallyday CDMRED410
Judge Dread The Early Years 2CD BADFIDCD010
Judie Tzuke Left Hand Talking CDMRED359
June Brides Every Conversation CDMRED273
Kane Gang (The) The Bad And Lowdown World Of... (3 Disc Deluxe Edition) CDTRED641
Keith Hudson Torch Of Freedom MILKCD1
Keith Hudson Torch Of Freedom LP VERSION MILKLP1
Ken Hensley Live Tales CDBRED568
Ken Hensley & Live Fire Live!! 2CD HNECD017D
Kevin Coyne Pointing The Finger/Politicz CDMRED265
Kevin Coyne Nobody Dies in Dreamland: Home Recordings 1972 TURP1
Kevin Coyne Case History TURP4
Kevin Coyne Blame It On The Night TURPD5
King Bitter Sweet CDMRED328
King Prawn First Offence BADFICD004
King Prawn Fried In London BADFICD005
Kitchens Of Distinction Folly 3RANGE11
Kitchens Of Distinction Folly - LP 3RANGE11LP
Kylie Minogue KYLIE Special Edition CD KYLIE1
Kylie Minogue KYLIE Deluxe Edition 2CD/DVD Set KYLIE1T
Kylie Minogue ENJOY YOURSELF Special Edition CD KYLIE2
Kylie Minogue ENJOY YOURSELF Deluxe Edition 2CD/DVD Set KYLIE2T
Kylie Minogue RHYTHM OF LOVE Special Edition CD KYLIE3
Kylie Minogue RHYTHM OF LOVE Deluxe Edition 2CD/DVD Set KYLIE3T
Kylie Minogue LET'S GET TO IT Special Edition CD KYLIE4
Kylie Minogue LET'S GET TO IT Deluxe Edition 2CD/DVD Set KYLIE4T
Kyrbgrinder Chronicles of a Dark Machine KYRB003
Laibach Nova Akropola CDMRED67
Lambrettas (The) Beat Boys In The Jet Age Deluxe Expanded Edition CDBRED488
Landmarq Entertaining Angels: 2LP PLGLIM002
Landmarq Origins: A Landmarq Anthology 1991-2014 SYN008
Landmarq Entertaining Angels 2CD SYN007
Landscape From The Tea Rooms Of Mars To The Hell Holes Of Uranus CDMRED209
Latin Quarter Modern Times CDMRED216
Latin Quarter Mick and Caroline CDMRED386
Laurel Aitken Skinhead Ska (Collection Range) PRESS4CD
Linval Thompson And The Revolutionaries Boss Man’s Dub - The Lost 1979 Dub Album MILKCD3
Lonnie Liston Smith A Song For The Children / Exotic Mysteries CDMRED377
Los Pacaminos A Fistful Of Statins CDBRED626
Lost Girls Lost Girls: Expanded Edition 3RANGE26
Lotus Eaters (The) No Sense Of Sin CDMRED433
Lotus Eaters (The) Silentspace CDMRED373
Love And Money Strange Kind Of Love CDMRED442
Lucifer's Friend Awakening LF001CD
Luke Haines New York In The '70s CDBRED612
Luke Haines Adventures In Dementia - A Micro Oppera OMCD642
Luke Haines Rock And Roll Animals CDBRED585
Luke Morley El Gringo Retro (2CD) HNECD006D
Luxuria Unanswerable Lust / Beast Box CDTRED512
Lydia Lunch Queen of Siam CDMRED385
Lydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard Shotgun Wedding CDMRED541
Macc Lads (The) Eh Up! (Collection Range) PRESS6CD
Pete MacLeod Rolling Stone 359CD4
Pete MacLeod Rolling Stone - Limited Edition 7" Single 359S4
Maisonettes Heartache Avenue CDMRED249
Mandrill We Are One CDMRED542
Marc Bolan Love And Death CDBRED70
Marine Girls Lazy Ways / Beach Party CDMRED189
Mark Springer Piano EXIT0011
Marshall Hain Free Ride CDMRED482
Martha And The Muffins Danseparc CDMRED364
Martha And The Muffins Trance And Dance CDMRED584
Martin Newell The Greatest Living Englishmen CDMRED171
Martin Newell The Wayward Genius Of Martin Newell CDMRED154
Martin Newell Radio Autumn Attic CDBRED206
Martin Newell A Summer Tamarind CDBRED323
Martin Turner & Friends The Garden Party: A Celebration Of Wishbone Ash Music DDDCD006
Martyn Bates Letters Written/ The Return Of The Quiet CDMRED134
Mcauley Schenker Group Perfect Timing HNECD002
Mcauley Schenker Group M.S.G HNECD003
Mcauley Schenker Group Unplugged - Live HNECD004
McCarthy Complete Albums, Singles and BBC Collection CRCDMBOX15
Mccarthy That's All Very Well But...(Best Of) CDMRED125
Mccarthy I'm A Wallet/ Banking Violence And Inner Life Life Today CDMRED138
Mccarthy The Enraged Will Inherit The Earth CDMRED148
Mccarthy I Am A Wallet CDMRED313
Ian McNabb Truth and Beauty: Expanded Edition CDBRED582
Meat Loaf Bad Attitude: 30th Anniversary Edition HNECD039
Meat Loaf Blind Before I Stop HNECD043
Meat Loaf Live at Wembley HNECD023
Medicine Head News Bottles, Old Medicine CDMRED314
Medicine Head The Best Of - One and One Is One CDMRED376
Medium Medium Hungry So Angry CDMRED182
Mega City Four Tranzophobia CDMRED197
Mega City Four Sebastopol Rd: Expanded Edition 3RANGE6
Membranes Dark Matter/Dark Energy CDBRED661
Merchants Of Dream (The) Strange Night Voyage TUNEIN006
Meteors (The) Psychobilly Rules! (Collection Range) PRESS7CD
Meteors (The) Original Albums Collection: 5CD Clamshell Box Set Edition CDPSYCHBOX81
Microdisney Everybody is Fantastic CDMRED586
Microdisney Love Your Enemies CDMRED579
Microdisney The Clock Comes Down The Stairs CDMRED581
Mighty Diamonds Planet Earth / Planet Mars Dub MILKCD2
Mighty Lemon Drops (The) Uptight (The Early Recordings 1985-1986) CDMRED610
Mighty Lemon Drops (The) Rollercoaster - The Best Of The Mighty Lemon Drops 1986 - 1989 CDMRED214
Mighty Mighty Pop Can! The Definitive Collection 1986 to 1988. 2CD CDBRED553
Milltown Brothers The Best Of - Expanded Edition CDMRED405
Mineral Plastic Ekphrastic 359CD3
Misunderstood The Legendary Goldstar Album/ Golden Glass CDBRED142
Misunderstood Before The Dream Faded CDMRED32
Misunderstood Broken Road CDMRED147
Misunderstood (The) Before The Dream Faded CDBRED32
Mo-Dettes The Story So Far CDMRED380
Mobiles (The) Drowning In Berlin - The Best Of CDMRED309
Modulo 1000 Não Fale Com Paredes RETRO884
Momus The Philosophy Of Momus CDBRED119
Monochrome Set Dantes Casino CDMRED180
Monochrome Set The Independent Singles Collection CDMRED350
Monochrome Set The Lost Weekend CDMRED383
Monochrome Set The Best Of The Monochrome Set CDMRED174
Monochrome Set Eligible Bachelors CDMRED34
Monochrome Set Volume Contrast Brilliance CDBRED47
Mood Six Cutting Edge Retro: A Mood Six Anthology CDMRED310
Mood Six Songs From The Lost Boutique - Best Of CDMRED141
Morgan Fisher Peace in the Heart of the City CDMRED164
Morgan Fisher Miniatures One + Two Edited by Morgan Fisher CDBRED361
Morgan Fisher & Lol Coxhill Slow Music CDMRED537
Motorhead 1916: Expanded Edition HNECD032
Motorhead March Or Die HNECD033
Mr Spaulding Twelve Tribe Of Israel: Anthology MILKCDD8
Muffs (The) Whoop Dee Doo CDBRED619
Murray Hockridge & Dave Kilminster Closer to Earth DK002
Murry Wilson The Many Moods of CDMRED393
Neds Atomic Dustbin Anthology CD/DVD CDBRED514
New Dance Orchestra Electronica NDOCD002
New Hearts A Secret Affair - The CBS Sessions 1977 û 1978 CDMRED423
Nick Heyward North Of A Miracle CDBRED474
Nick Heyward From Monday To Sunday CDMRED475
Nick Heyward Tangled CDMRED508
Nick Heyward The Apple Bed: Expanded Edition CDMRED509
Night People Classix Nouveaux CDMRED234
Nitin Sawhney Nitin Sawhney - OneZero CD Edition MR1305
Northside Shall We Take A Trip: The Factory Recordings 1990-1991 CDBRED623
One Thousand Violins Halcyon Days - Complete Recordings 1985-1987 CDMRED624
Outsiders (The) Close Up CDMRED516
Tess Parks Blood Hot 359CD6
Tess Parks Somedays - Limited Edition 7" Single 359S6
Parlour Flames Parlour Flames CDBRED575
Passage Seedy - The Best Of The Passage CDMRED146
Passions Thirty Thousand Feet Over China CDMRED365
Pathé Collection British Royal Children Of The 20th Century SNA6424
Patrik Fitzgerald Safety Pins, Secret Lives and the Paranoid Ward: The Best Of 1977-1986 CDBRED644
Paul Haig Chain CDMRED336
Paul Raymond Project Terms & Conditions Apply HNEDCD005
Paw Dragline: Expanded Edition HNECD015
Pete Molinari Theosophy CDBRED620
Pete Wingfield Eighteen With A Bullet: The Island Recordings CDMRED369
Peter Murphy Love Hysteria: Expanded Set CDBRED570
Peter Murphy Should The World Fail To Fall Apart CDBRED507
Phoenix City All-Stars Two Tone Gone Ska PHOE2CD
Photos Crystal Tips And Mighty Mice CDMRED366
Photos The Photos CDMRED338
Picturehouse Evolution CDBRED632
Pig Iron Pig Irön IV HNEDCD001
Plasticland Plasticland CDMRED614
Polyphonic Spree Yes, It's True CDBRED588
Polyphonic Spree (The) Holidaydream - Sounds Of The Holidays CDBRED602
Pop Will Eat Itself Now For A Feast : EXPANDED 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION CDMRED502
Pop Will Eat Itself Box Frenzy: EXPANDED 2011 EDITION CDMRED503
Pop Will Eat Itself Dos Dedos Mis Amigos/A Lick of the Old Cassette Box CDBRED569
Pop Will Eat Itself This Is The Day…This Is The Hour…This Is This! Expanded Edition CDBRED504
Pop Will Eat Itself The PWEI Cure For Sanity-Expanded Edition CDBRED505
Pop Will Eat Itself The Looks Or The Lifestyle-Expanded Edition CDBRED506
Popguns Another Year Another Address - Best Of CDMRED135
Portion Control Pure Form OTHERS3
Pre New (The) The Male Eunuch 3RANGE37
Pre New (The) The Male Eunuch: Limited Edition Vinyl LP 3RANGE37LP
Primitives (The) Galore: Deluxe Edition CDBRED651
Primitives (The) Lovely 2CD 25th Anniversary Edition CDBRED578
Primitives (The) Everything’s Shining Bright, the Lazy Recordings 1985-87 2CD CDBRED560
Principal Edwards Magic Theatre Soundtrack CDMRED306
Principal Edwards Magic Theatre The Asmoto Running Band CDMRED307
Principal Edwards Magic Theatre The Devon Tapes CDMRED360
Prolapse Pointless Walks To Dismal Places CDBRED116
Quentin Crisp An Evening With - The Naked Civil Servant CDBRED325
R. Stevie Moore Meet The R. Stevie Moore! CDMRED348
R. Stevie Moore Me Too! CDMRED413
Raging Slab Assmaster 2CD HNECD016D
Ramsay Lewis Routes / Three Piece Suite CDMRED593
Randy Edelman Farewell Fairbanks CDMRED421
Randy Edelman The Pacific Flow To Abbey Road CDBRED484
Ranking Dread Girls Fiesta MILKCD6
Razorcuts Storyteller CDMRED 465
Razorcuts The World Keeps Turning CDMRED466
Real Sounds Of Africa Get Real CDBRED89
Red Box Plenty CBRED470
Red Box Plenty CDBRED470
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry See The Fire: Albums, Singles and BBC Recordings 1982-1987 CDTRED643
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry The Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Singles Collection 1982-87 CDMRED109
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Talk About The Weather/Paint Your Wagon CDMRED115
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry The Very Best Of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry CDMRED167
Rich Kids Ghosts Of Princes In Towers CDMRED157
Riffs (The) Who Wants It? 2CD BADFIDCD012
Rip Rig & Panic God CDMRED572
Rip Rig & Panic I Am Cold CDMRED573
Rip Rig & Panic Attitude CDMRED574
Roky Erickson and the Aliens Five Symbols MOJOCD1003
Ron Geesin Hystery - The Ron Geesin Story CDBRED110
Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson Step Into Our Life / Prime Time CDBRED518
Ruefrex Capital Letters - Best Of Ruefrex CDMRED290
Runaways Japanese Singles Collection CDMRED358
Runaways Flamin’ Schoolgirls CDMRED253
Runaways Live In Japan CDMRED241
Runaways Waitin’ For The Night CDMRED240
Runaways Queens Of Noise CDMRED238
Runaways The Runaways CDMRED237
Runaways And Now....The Runaways CDMGRAM63
Sad Lovers And Giants Headland / The Clocks Go Backwards CDMRED498
Sad Lovers And Giants Epic Garden Music CDMRED384
Sad Lovers And Giants Feed The Flames CDMRED412
Sad Lovers And Giants The Mirror Test CDMRED431
Sadao Watanabe How's Everything - Live At Budokan CDMRED375
Sal Solo Heart & Soul CDMRED311
Same Difference The Rest Is History POPLIFE1
Scientists (The) Swampland: Birth Of The Scientists CDMRED345
Second Layer World Of Rubber CDMRED390
Seers (The) Psych-Out CDBRED86
Selecter (The) Indie Singles Collection 1991-96 (2CD) BADFIDCD007
Senseless Things Postcard C.V. CDMRED446
Servants (The) Small Time / Hey Hey We’re The Manqués 2CD CDBRED535
Shakin' Street Psychic HNECD035D
Shampoo We Are Shampoo CDMRED317
Shop Assistants Will Anything Happen CDMRED374
Sinceros (The) The Sound of Sunbathing CDMRED396
Siren Siren 2CD TURPD2
Siren Strange Locomotion 2CD TURPD3
Skatalites & Laurel Aitken (The) The Clash Of The Ska Titans 2CD BADFIDCD011
Skeletal Family Skeletal Family CDMGOTH 2
Skoidats (The) The Times BADFICD003
Skoidats (The) A Cure For What Ales You BADFICD006
Slade A Genesis of Slade CDMRED 173
Slade The Genesis Of Slade CDMRED173
Sleeper The IT Girl CDBRED476
Sleeper Smart CDBRED477
Slowdive Just For A Day CDBRED461
Slowdive Souvlaki CDBRED462
Slowdive Pygmalion CDBRED463
Slowdive The Shining Breeze: The Slowdive Anthology CDBRED443
Soup Dragons (The) 20 Golden Greats CDMRED534
Special Beat Live In Japan CD/DVD Edition BADFIDCD008
Spencer Davies Group 40th Anniversary: Keep On Running CDMRED250
Spencer Davis Group Keep On Running (Collection Range) PRESS2CD
Spencer Davis Group 40th Anniversary : Keep On Running CDMRED250
Spencer Davis Group Gluggo CDMRED258
Spizz Spizz Not Dead Shock CDMRED130
Spizz Where's Captain Kirk - The Very Best Of Spizz CDMRED212
St. Christopher Forevermore Starts Here: The Anthology 1984-2010 CDBRED637
Stack Waddy Stack Waddy CDMRED318
Stack Waddy Bugger Off! CDMRED331
Steppes (The) Green Velvet Electric: A Compendium 1983-1997 CDBRED595
Steve Took Steve Took's Horns : Blow It!!! CDMRED255
Peter Straker Peter Straker's Brel SFE028
Stump Does The Fish Have Chips - Early and Late Works 1986-1989 CDMRED625
Subway Organisation The Best Of Subway Organisation CDMRED268
Sudden Sway 76 Kids Forever CDMRED223
Suzi Quatro The Girl From Detroit City: 4CD/Book Deluxe Box Set Edition GLAMBOX150
Suzi Quatro In The Spotlight 2CD Boxset CRCDBOX8
Suzi Quatro In The Spotlight CDBRED511
Swervedriver I Wasn’t Born To Lose You CDBRED654
Swung Vol. 1 & 2 OF002CD
Richard Tee Strokin'/Natural Ingredients CDMRED592
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks Shut Up And Bleed CDMRED367
Television Personalities Part Time Punks - The Very Best of Television Personalities CDMRED152
Terraplane Black And White: Expanded Edition HNECD042
Terrorvision Shaving Peaches CDBRED539
Terrorvision Formaldehyde (2CD) CDBRED550
Terry & Gerry Let's Get The Hell Back To Lubbock CDMRED315
Terry Blair And Anoushka Ultra Modern Nursery Rhymes CDMRED168
Boo Radleys (The) Wake Up! CDTRED448
Outsiders (The) Calling on Youth CDMRED515
Thrashing Doves Bedrock Vice: Expanded Edition CDMRED645
Toasters (The) 30th Anniversary PHOE3CD
Toasters (The) Pool Shark PHOE4CD
Tokyo Blade Anthology HNECD007D
Tommy Collins This Is Tommy Collins PSALM2357
Tony Blackburn The Singles Collection 1965-1980 COLLCD1
Touchstone Oceans Of Time HNEDCD027
Tours The Album Of The Year That Never Was CDMRED388
Toyah Toyah Singles Collection Vol. 1 CDMRED266
Toyah Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! (special edition) CDMRED299
Toyah Dreamchild (special edition) CDMRED451
Toyah Mayhem CDMRED285
Toyah The Safari Records Singles Collection Part 2 CDMRED267
Tracey Thorn A Distant Shore CDBRED35
Tracie Young Far From The Hurting Kind CDMRED458
Tracie Young No Smoke Without Fire: Expanded Edition CDMRED615
Tranquilizers To Forget An Actor TRANQ1LP
Tremblers (The) Twice Nightly CDMRED343
Tubes Love Bomb : Expanded Edition CDMRED521
Tubes (The) Goin’ Down…The Tubes CDMRED363
Tv Smith Generation Y CDMRED151
Twennynine with Lenny White Just Like Dreamin' CDMRED583
Upsessions (The) The New Heavyweight Champion BADFICD002
Upsetters (The) The Good, The Bad And The Upsetters (Jamaican Edition) MILKCD5
Uriah Heep Sea Of Light HNECD012
Uriah Heep Spellbinder - Live HNECD013
Uriah Heep Sonic Origami HNECD014
Thijs van Leer The Home Concert EXM002
Various - Bob Touched By The Hand Of Bob PSALM2358
Various - Sgt Pepper Mojo Presents SGT. PEPPER With A Little Help From His Friends MOJOCD1001
Various - The Wall Mojo Presents : The Wall - Re-Built! MOJOCDD1002
Various Artists C86 – THE DELUXE EDITION (3CD Boxset) CRCDBOX12
Various Artists Mid Century Minx CR9005
Various Artists Saint Etienne Presents: Songs For A London Winter CR9013
Various Artists Klangstudie and Komposition OTHER2
Various Artists Dylan Out-Takes And Adaptations : The Later Years By the Original Artists PSALM2348
Various Artists Millions Like Us: The Story of the Mod Revival 1977-1989 CRCDBOX16
Various Artists Buttermilk Skies: The Hoagy Carmichael Songbook CR9006
Various Artists What's This I Hear? The Sound Of Tulsa 1957-1961 ELC01
Various Artists Honky Tonk Song: The Don Law Story 1957-1962 ELC02
Various Artists Riding the Range : The Songs Of Townes Van Zandt PSALM2347
Various Artists Cheap tricks in a box, Dining out records 1979-1982 TUX23
Various Artists Pillows & Prayers Volumes 1&2 (2CD) CDMRED169
Various Artists Sweet 'N' Salty Popcorn CR9003
Various Artists Popcorn Exotica: R&B, Soul and Exotic Rockers From The 50s & 60s CR9014
Various Artists Saint Etienne Presents Songs For A Central Park Picnic CR9001
Various Artists Popcorn Girls CR9008
Various Artists Troxy Music - Fifties and Sixties Film Themes CR9009
Various Artists Strong Like Sampson: Linval Thompson presents the 12" Mixes MILKCDD9
Various Artists I Fought The Law: The Sound Of West Texas 1958-1962 ELC03
Various Artists Loose Lips Might Sink Ships - Greasy Instrumental Magic from the vault of Lux and Ivy PSALM2373
Various Artists Such A Much! R&B Girls of the 50s & 60s CR9011
Various Artists TV Is The Thing: Fifties And Sixties Television Themes CR9012
Various Cherry Red Death To Trad Rock CDMRED420
Various Cherry Red Perfect Unpop Peel Show Hits & Long-Lost Lo-Fi Favourites. Vol.1 1976-80 CDMRED352
Various Cherry Red Too Good To Be True – The Very Best Of El Records CDMRED287
Various Cherry Red Songs In The Key Of Z Volume 1&2 CDMRED261
Various Cherry Red Wild Paarty Sounds CDMRED24
Various Cherry Red Modern Acoustic CDMRED172
Various Cherry Red Pillows & Prayers 2 CDMRED160
Various Cherry Red Ambition Volumes 1 and 2: The History of Cherry Red 1978 - 1988 CDMRED140
VariousArtists Music For A Retro Future OTHER1
Vinny Peculiar The Root Mull Affect CDMRED607
Virgin Prunes Sons Find Devils CDMRED218
Voice Of Authority Very Big In America Right Now CDBRED62
Walter Murphy Band A Fifth Of Beethoven: Expanded Edition HSR010
Wasted Youth Wild And Wandering CDMRED337
Watsonian Institute (The) Master Funk / Extra Disco Perception CDBRED547
Waysted Vices HNECD010
Waysted Save Your Prayers HNECD011
We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It!! Bostin Steve Austin 2CD CDBRED548
Weekend La Varieté CDMRED301
Weekend Live At Ronnie Scotts CDMRED344
Western Promise Running With The Saints: The Best Of CDMRED351
Whispers Love Is Where You Find It / Love For Love CDMRED565
Wilton Felder We All Have A Star / Inherit The Wind CDMRED536
Winter In Eden Court Of Conscience FM1401
Wolfhounds Lost But Happy The Wolfhounds 1986 - 1990 CDMRED126
Woodentops Granular Tales CDBRED609
Working Week Working Nights 2CD CDBRED538
World of Twist Quality Street: Expanded Edition 3RANGE16
World of Twist Quality Street: Vinyl 3RANGE16LP
Writing On The Wall The Power Of The Picts ORKD2
Yeah Yeah Noh Leicester Square: The Best Of.... CDMRED183
Young Marble Giants Live At The Hurrah CDMRED259

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