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Vicious Pink
The long overdue first UK release of the influential 80's synth techno pop duo Vicious Pink and their self titled album plus bonus tracks.
The album was originally released internationally in 1986 but it has never been available in the UK and it’s the first time on CD worldwide.
The CD features the nine tracks of the original album release and seven bonus tracks taken from the band's four singles during their spell with Parlophone.
'CCCan't You See' reached the top 30 in the US pop chart in 1987.
The bonus tracks include four versions of the band's best known single 'CCCan't You See' - French Extended Mix, Re-mixx, 7" Version and 7" DJ Mix/Master Mix. It also features their 'Fetish' single - Extended Mix and the band's final single 'Take Me Now' - Extended Mix and it's 12" B/side 'I Confess' from 1985.
This release has been made with the full co-operation of Brian Moss - one half of Vicious Pink. Brian has supplied rare photographs, press cuttings, gig flyers for inclusion within the CD booklet. Brian Moss has written sleeve notes for the album.
The CD booklet features many of the original sleeves + full UK discography.

Vicious Pink - Brian Moss and Josephine Warden hail from Leeds and emerged from the vibrant local music scene in the early 1980's. The duo started as backing vocalists for Soft Cell. The band's first guise was as Vicious Pink Phenomenon. The band released two singles 'My Private Tokyo' on the Mobile Suit Corporation (Phonogram) in 1982 and 'Je T'Aime' on Warehouse Records in 1983 resulting in a major record deal with Parlophone Records. The band shortened their name and went on to record with respected producer Tony Mansfield. The band released 4 singles with 'CCCan't You See' enjoying a 2nd release in 1985 after its original release in 1984. The band enjoyed cult status rather than commercial success. The band made music for the clubs and enjoyed widespread support on dance-floors either side of the Atlantic. This seminal collection of the band's work is a great example of the emerging electronic movement within the UK in the early 1980's.

RELEASE DATE: 18/06/2012

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9. CCCAN'T YOU SEE (Exxxx-tended Re-mixxx)
10. CCCAN'T YOU SEE (French Extended Mix)
11. CCCAN'T YOU SEE (Re-mixxx)
12. CCCAN'T YOU SEE (7" Version)
13. CCCAN'T YOU SEE (7" DJ Mix / Master Mix)
14. FETISH (Extended Mix / Feteeesh)
15. TAKE ME NOW (Extended Version)

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The Danse Society were a very special band formed in the early 1980's. They experimented musically with sound and attitude and released their music through their own label, Society Records, a very bold move at that time. During the eighties, the Danse Society created a reputation for lush and atmospheric sounds that separated them from the rest of the gothic scene at the time. The innovative and creative use of keyboards was the element gave the band their distinctive sound. This is a collection of Danse Society's material from their early and most respected days on their own Society label. The backbone for the album is the ultra rare and collectable 'Seduction' album that was released in 1982 along with tracks from their highly acclaimed 12 singles Somewhere/ Hide and Woman's Own. Other tracks include their first single Clock with classics These Frayed Eyes and The Seduction also featured. All featured titles are available on CD for the first time. The CD features the original 'Seduction' LP cover along with the other sleeves from the Society Records period. Sleeve notes have been written by Danse Society keyboardist, Lyndon Scarfe and also included is a complete discography of the band.
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