24 Hrs - Scarlet Fantastic

24 Hrs
Released on 29/08/11. The long overdue reissue of Scarlet Fantastic's
one and only album 24 Hrs plus bonus tracks. The album includes versions
of their 4 singles No Memory, Plug Me In, Film Star Kiss and Stay.This
17 track CD features the ten songs of the original album plus seven
bonus tracks, all sourced from much sought after 12"s; Pete Hammond's
Deconstruction Mix of No Memory, Plug Me In – Silver Surfer Connection
Mix, Film Star Kiss - Extended Mix, Rick P. Jones and Mark Freegard's
Glory Mix of Stay, Plug Me In - Percapella Mix, I Blame Thee Not
(Dichterliebe) and Silver Bullet Instrumental.The bonus tracks
are appearing on CD for the first time in the UK excluding I Blame Thee
Not(Dichterliebe). The CD booklet will feature extensive sleeve notes
and a full UK discography with many images of the original sleeves and
promotional material supplied by vocalist Maggie De Monde. Maggie De
Monde has teamed up with Martin Watkins (Marc Almond co-writer) to
produce a new album for release later this year under the banner 'Maggie
& Martin'. They have written the music for "Dirty White Boy - Tales
Of Soho' a play by Clayton Littlewood. They will be performing live as
part of this production at the Trafalgar Studios in London on July 10th,
17th and 24th.For further performance details or more information about Scarlet Fantastic, please visit the excellent website www.scarlet-fantastic.co.ukScarlet
Fantastic were formed by Maggie De Monde and Rick P. Jones, two thirds
of the early 80's band Swans Way who enjoyed a top 20 hit with Soul
Train and a respected album The Fugitive Kind in 1984.The duo
signed to Arista Records and proceeded to release five singles including
the reissue of their best selling single 'No Memory' that was a hit in
1987. Their album 24 hrs has been much requested through our website,
where we encourage people to tell us what they'd like to see reissued.
They band's creativity and originality has been increasingly recognised
and the interest levels in the band continues to grow.
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Rhythm Of Resistance / No Memory / Belle Rose / Follow That Star / Hang On (To That Inspiration) / Silver Bullet / Lucky Seven / Stay / Film Star Kiss / Exterminating Angels/ Bonus Tracks - No Memory (Deconstruction Mix) / Plug Me In (Silver Surfer Connection Mix) / Plug Me In (Percapella Mix) / I Blame Thee Not (Dichterliebe) / Film Star Kiss (Extended Mix) / Stay (The Glory Mix) / Silver Bullet (Instrumental)
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Released on 25/01/10. The overdue reissue of this much sought after 1988 album by 1980's pop combo, Eighth Wonder. The band were fronted by singer and film star Patsy Kensit. The band went on to enjoy widespread chart success across Europe, America and Japan.

This album features all the band's best loved and most commercially successful tracks including the hit singles; I'm Not Scared (UK#7) written and co produced by The Pet Shop Boys and Cross My Heart (UK#13). This CD contains 5 bonus tracks; 3 dance mixes of the singles "I'm Not Scared", "Cross My Heart" and "Baby Baby" plus the b/sides "Let Me In" and "J'ai Pas Peur".

The CD booklet includes a UK Discography, sleeve notes and features sleeves and images of the band over their career spanning 1983-89.

Our Price: £9.95

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Released 13/04/09. The very first album to be released on Pete Waterman's PWL label back in 1988, Mandy Smith's one and only album "Mandy" is given a re-mastered Special Edition reissue. This Special Edition features the singles "I Just Can't Wait", "Positive Reaction", "Boys And Girls" and "Victim Of Pleasure", with the addition of a subsequent release, Mandy's 1989 cover of the Human League classic "Don't You Want Me Baby?".

Exclusive bonus tracks have been selected direct from the PWL archives. Long thought to be mere rumour, an unreleased Hi-NRG cover of Twinkle's 1964 smash "Terry" and Mandy's original version of the Kylie Minogue hit "Got To Be Certain" feature together with rare mixes of all five singles. These include a bona-fide Balearic classic: the Cool And Breezy Jazz Version of "Mandy's Theme (I Just Can't Wait)".

A successful model, Mandy was only 16 when she launched her music career, but media interest was focused on her personal life and UK chart success proved elusive. However, she scored major hits internationally, notably across Europe and in Japan, and her album remains a favourite for many 80s pop devotees.

Our Price: £9.95

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Oh World
Expanded 2CD reissue of the only solo album to date from Paul Rutherford, former Frankie Goes To Hollywood singer and icon of 80s pop. Originally released in 1989, this is the first time the album has been available in the UK. Includes much sought-after early remixes by the likes of Arthur Baker and David Morales. Lead track is the acid house anthem Get Real, which – like Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Relax - received an airplay ban from the BBC. Three tracks – including a beautiful cover of Chic's I Want Your Love – are co-written and produced by Martin Fry and Mark White a/k/a ABC. 17 bonus tracks include all the A-side mixes, B-sides, 12” remixes and promo-only tracks – many of which appear on CD for the first time

Arrives at the height of a Frankie Goes To Hollywood revival with recent deluxe expansions of Welcome To The Pleasuredome (August 2010) and Liverpool (February 2011), a reissue of Paul's 90s work – The Cowboy Years (January 2011), and a duet between Paul and Claudia Brucken on her new album Combined (February 2011)

Two decades on, these tracks have never stopped being played in clubs – and appearing on dance compilations, from 1989's The History Of The House Sound Of Chicago, to 2000's Global Underground 015, mixed by Darren Emerson.


"The guitar arpeggios and fluty female backing vocals in Maximum Joy are pretty; For Heaven Sake’s finger wagging at Margaret Thatcher, though, is as dated as its synth stabs.”

(Music Scene, Yorkshire Evening Post)
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West End Jungle (Expanded collector's edition)
Banned on its original release in 1961, West End Jungle gives the definitive insight into the seedy reality and cunning artifice of the sex-workers of early 60's Soho. Now re-released as special expanded collector's edition with two additional archive 'shockumentaries', and a pop promo by the legendary Marc Almond.

The Street Offences Act of 1959 cleared the "over painted harridan face of the West End" - the prostitutes - off the streets of Soho. Genuinely seedy and filmed in the private member's clubs, the 'actual places of vice' - that resulted from the change in the law, West End Jungle bears witness to the array of less than salubrious establishments that offered tawdry strip shows for audiences comprised of "bald heads and moist avid eyes". London railway termini are seen as the ideal locale for pimps to secure "ripe plums for the picking" - naive country girls who can be seduced into a life of vice. Within days, the "weak willed glamour-hungry bumpkins become skillful, heartless gold-diggers". The striptease clubs are a battlefield, the punters very much seen as 'mugs' to be reeled in by the "hostesses" for all the money they've got! West End Jungle paints a less than complimentary picture of the men who solicit sex workers in clubs which are little more than "high grade cattle markets", one hooker stating, "One of these days I'm going to burst out laughing in one of their stupid faces!" Shrewd businessmen are reduced to lecherous imbeciles in the company of two giggling working girls. Another man pays a tragically poor Marilyn Monroe look-a-like to 'model' for him "only to be entitled to five minutes of peering at a girl who needs a good wash".
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Burning Bridges
A long overdue reissue of synth-pop pioneers Naked Eyes' 1983 debut album "Burning Bridges" plus bonus tracks.
"Burning Bridges” featured singles that charted both sides of the Atlantic. Their cover of the Bacharach & David's classic ‘Always Something There To Remind Me’ peaked at #8 and its follow up ‘Promises Promises’ reached 11 - both in the U.S. Hot 100 chart.
This special edition contains 12 tracks from the original album plus six essential bonus tracks.
The bonus material features two 12" versions of ‘Promises Promises’ including Jellybean's extended version featuring his - then unknown - girlfriend Madonna on backing vocals. Tony Mansfield's American Remix of ‘Always Something There To Remind Me’, the US 7" remix of ‘Promises Promises’ and two b/sides ‘Pit Stop’ and ‘Sweet Poison’.
The sleeve notes have been written by Michael Silvester who talked at length with Pete Byrne about the naked Eyes story. The CD booklet features many of the original sleeves and a full UK discography.

Press: "...their debut is an overlooked gem very much of its time..." - Classic Pop Magazine, Issue 2, December 2012

Our Price: £9.95

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