Check out the all new Cherry Red Top 51 best selling titles between April and June 2016…

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Check out the all new Cherry Red Top 51 best selling titles between April and June 2016…

Here it is folks, freshly compiled from our sales figures for April to June 2016, our all new Cherry Red Top 51 chart. Just click on the titles listed below to find out why they were such big Cherry Red sellers…

1 The Machine Stops Hawkwind CDBRED688

2 Move: 3CD Remastered & Expanded Deluxe Edition The Move ECLEC32536
3 Shazam: 2CD Remastered & Expanded Deluxe Edition The Move ECLEC22538
4 Something Else From The Move: Remastered & Expanded Edition The Move ECLEC2546
5 Looking On: 2CD Expanded & Remastered Live Edition The Move ECLEC22547
6 Close To The Noise Floor: Formative UK Electronica 1975-1984 Various Artists CRCDBOX24
7 Another Splash Of Colour: New Psychedelia in Britain 1980-1985 Various Artists RPMBX530
8 Final Wild Songs (4CD Box Set) The Long Ryders CRCDBOX21
9 Sides: 3CD/DVD Deluxe Clamshell Box Set Edition Anthony Phillips ECLEC42528
10 Caught In The Light: 2CD Remastered & Expanded Deluxe Edition Barclay James Harvest ECLEC22542
11 Welcome To The Show: 2CD Remastered & Expanded Deluxe Edition Barclay James Harvest ECLEC22541
12 Phoenix: 2CD Special Edition Asia ASIA001CD
14 Still In A Dream: A Story Of Shoegaze 1988-1995 Various Artists CRCDBOX25
15 Trans Harmonic Nights: Remastered Edition Peter Baumann EREACD1035
16 Emergency: 2CD Deluxe Edition Kool & The Gang CDBBRXD0350
17 C86 – Various Artists Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl Record Store Day Release (Sold Out) BREDD686
18 Whose Side Are You On: 2 CD Deluxe Edition Matt Bianco WCRPOPD171
19 Romance ’76: Remastered Edition Peter Baumann EREACD1034
20 Line Up: Remastered & Expanded Edition Graham Bonnet HNECD064
21 C87: Deluxe 3CD Box Set Various Artists CRCDBOX26
22 Sharon Signs To Cherry Red – Independent Women 1979-1985 Various Artists RPMD532
23 Everyone Is Everybody Else: 3 Disc Deluxe Remastered & Expanded Edition Barclay James Harvest ECLEC32540
24 Pelican West: Deluxe Edition Haircut One Hundred crpopd173
25 Yesterday’s Sunshine: The Complete 1967-1968 London Sessions Grapefruit RETRO977
26 Hawkwind ‎– Hassan I Sahba (Record Store Day Release – Sold Out) ATOMS1003
27 Graham Bonnet / No Bad Habits: 2CD Expanded Deluxe Edition Graham Bonnet HNECD068D
28 The Albums: Deluxe 5CD Box Set Geordie GLAMBOX160
29 Todd Rundgren & Utopia ‎– Disco Jets (Record Store Day Release – Sold Out) ECLECLP2319
30 Shoot Your Shot: The Divine Anthology Divine HSRXD014
31 Back Row In The Stalls: Expanded Edition Graham Bonnet HNECD067
32 61 Classics From The Cramps’ Crazy Collection: Deeper Into The World Of Incredibly Strange Music Various Artists PSALM2386D
33 Pointer Sisters’ Greatest Hits: Expanded Edition Pointer Sisters CDBBRX0349
34 The Magnificent Moodies: 50th Anniversary Deluxe 2CD Remastered Edition The Moody Blues ECLEC22473
35 Glorious: Expanded Edition Gloria Gaynor CDBBRX0336
36 One Live Badger: Remastered Edition Badger WECLEC2526
37 Blessed: The Emotions Anthology 1969-1985 The Emotions CDBBRXD0333
38 Blues With A Feeling: Remastered & Expanded Edition Steve Hackett ECLEC2553
39 1984: 2CD/1DVD Remastered & Expanded Edition Anthony Phillips ECLEC32550
40 New Live Dates: The Complete Set Martin Turner DDDCD009
41 Spring: Remastered & Expanded 2CD Edition Spring ECLEC22495
42 Live Tapes (Expanded Edition) Barclay James Harvest ECLEC22123
43 The Lone Ranger: 2CD Deluxe Edition Suggs WCDBRED684
44 Live In Japan: 2CD/1DVD Expanded Edition Billy Sherwood & Tony Kaye BS0010CD
45 Club Homage Jimmy Somerville SFE050
46 “The Sea – The Earth – The Sky (3CD) Anita Kerr Anita Kerr & The San Sebastian Strings Rod McKuen” WACME311BOX
47 The Complete Singles Collection 1965-1970 Harpers Bizarre WCRNOW55
48 Wise Ol’ Man EP The Fall CDMRED666
49 Strategy: Our Tribute To Philadelphia The Three Degrees SMCR5135X
50 The Trammps III: Expanded Edition The Trammps WCDBBRX0334
51 The Keith Emerson Trio The Keith Emerson Trio KE001

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