Younger than Yesterday ...Plus - Troyce Key & J.J. Malone & The Rhythm Rockers

Younger than Yesterday ...Plus
Released 16th February 2009. The celebrated collaboration of two – now sadly, late – American music legends; '50s rocker Troyce Key, and soul-bluesman J.J. Malone. This is the worldwide CD debut of their classic good-time Rockin' Rhythm‘ N' Blues album of 1982.

Now re-issued with 7 bonus tracks – effectively the addition of the duo's rollicking 1980 Red Lightnin' LP, 'I've Gotta New Car'; itself almost a UK chart-topper back in the day. A right generous 77 minutes playing time.

19 tracks of the best rib-tickling rock‘n'roll and bottom lip-wobbling blues of the era. Everything an impressionable young boy could need is here; some downright groovy horns, spine-tingling harp, but moreover, the pair's truly joyous vocals throughout - and some of the messiest guitar ever committed to vinyl.

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Flip, Flop And Fly / Annie Maybe / It Should Have Been Me / Louisiana Blues / Crazy Little Chicken / Saturday Night Shakedown [Instrumental] / Daddy Rollin' Stone / Sail On / Gimme Mine Out Now / Jaywalk [Instrumental] / Outskirts Of Town / Tutti Frutti / Bonus Tracks - New Car / Katy May / You're A Good Lookin' Woman / Old Fashioned Blues / Crawdad Hole / Sweet Taters And Possum Meat / Monday Woman
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The Journey
Big Country will release their brand new studio album, The Journey as they embark on a 14-date tour of the UK this April.  Released on Cherry Red Records, this is Big Country’s ninth studio album and their first since the sad and untimely death of lead singer and songwriter, Stuart Adamson in December 2001. The Journey was recorded on the Welsh border town of Wrexham in an old cold war nuclear bunker With 8-feet thick walls, there was no phone or Internet signal and, thus isolated and disconnected from the outside world, the group were able to enjoy a very productive time in the studio.

Aptly titled, The Journey is released some two years after Big Country embarked on a new era, when guitarist and founder member Bruce Watson officially invited Mike Peters (The Alarm) to join them as lead vocalist for two concerts to celebrate 30 years since the group’s formation. Two years of intense and emotional touring followed and as fans and critics alike responded positively and a whole new generation of fans were created, the group, imbued with new energy and passion, performed at many of the UK and Europe’s most prestigious festivals, including Isle of Wight, V, T In The Park and Oxygen.

More recently, Big Country has been joined by another long-standing friend of the group, Derek Forbes (Simple Minds), who took over bass guitar duties from original bassist Tony Butler who retired gracefully in 2012. Derek was recently voted Best Scottish Bass Player of all time and, in the words of Tony Butler himself "plays a mean D”.

Mike Peters has had a long and heartfelt association with Big Country. He first met Stuart Adamson in 1983 and was with him at his last ever Big Country show at Glasgow’s Barrowlands in 2000. Mike, who has fought and won two very public battles with cancer, also credits the words of In A Big Country as literally inspiring him to "Stay Alive” during his illnesses.

Mike wrote 99% of the lyrics for The Journey, a challenge he accepted in the knowledge that it would mean having to look into the soul of the band’s original lyricist, Stuart Adamson, whose words revealed someone who was at once both positive and pessimistic.  Moreover, Mike realised the importance of following the formula for all of the great Big Country songs, which started life as instrumentals; a guitar phrase from founder member Bruce Watson or a drum break and piano melody by Mark Brzezicki, with lyrics and vocal melody coming after the music had been created by the band as a unit.

"There are themes of redemption and of coming to terms with a life lived all through this record, and the process has brought us together as a family united and ready to stand proud for what and who we are…..Big Country.”  (Mike Peter)

"I am looking forward to the next Big Country chapter…. it feels right and fitting that Big Country continue the journey… and as Stuart always said, "When taking a journey, it’s not about the getting there, it’s enjoying the view on the way””  (Mark Brezezicki)

Release Date: 8/4/2012 : To pre-order the album on limited edition 12" vinyl click here.
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Love Your Enemies
Microdisney began recordingin their native town of Cork,Ireland. Their first few singles, including 1983's "Pink Skinned Man", wereproducedby Dave Feeley, and released onindielabelKabuki records After relocating to London, they signed to Rough Trade, and utilised John Porter(producer ofThe Smiths) to produce their debut album, Everybody is Fantastic. At this time, the band became acquainted withJohn Peel, who championed their music, and gave them the first of several celebrated Peel Sessions Originally released in 1984 with the titleWe Hate You South African Bastards,Love Your Enemies is a fascinating collection of Microdisney's early work. At this stage, the balance between the impeccable west coast pop pastiches of Sean O'Hagan and the lyrical ferocity of Cathal Coughlan was erratic but workable enough to signify that Microdisney were going to be something special, Love Your Enemieshas all the hallmarks of pop juvenilia: tinny production, occasional over-elaboration and, in Coughlan's case, a rich Cork accent still unsullied by the duo's relocation. Even now, however, Coughlan--who deserves to be measured among the very finest pop lyricists--was displaying a rare facility for language and an unerring instinct for absurdity. "Helicopter of the Holy Ghost" and "Michael Murphy" both deploy their words with a gleeful violence, and there can be little doubt whose idea it was to title O'Hagan's polite instrumentals "Patrick Moore Says You Can't Sleep Here" and "Pretoria Quickstep".Love Your Enemiesalso contains Microdisney's first truly realised moment: "Loftholdingswood", something like a Steely Dan radio hit with words by Jonathan Swift. Coughlan's taunt of "Aren't you glad you were born in England?" remains a benchmark for sarcasm in music This re-issue - made in conjunction with the band - contains rare single B-sides and the complete Peel session recorded at the time. With notes in collaboration with the band by Terry Staunton and a book packed with memorabilia this release serves as a great re-introduction to this finest of Irish bands.

Release Date: 24/06/2013
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