Born To Wander: The Crazy Cajun Recordings - Cate Brothers

Born To Wander: The Crazy Cajun Recordings
Released 13/04/09. The Allmusic review of this compilation's original release boasts a Four Star rating and they call it 'An absolutely first-rate album...The sound is excellent... An essential record, even for non-fans of the group'. And you simply can't argue with that.

But hey, why stop there; '…The sounds are melodic yet raw, and very, very soul-oriented, with a lean and muscular edge to the playing and singing alike — overall, the music is reminiscent of The Band in its prime years, only smoother when they need to be, with some interesting touches, such as their brilliant covers of the Beatles' ‘Let It Be' and Ray Charles' ‘Yes Indeed'.' Yes folks, it really is that good.

For those only familiar with The Cate Brothers' big 1975 hit ‘Union Man', this welcome reissue of the long unavailable ‘Arkansas Soul Siblings' collection - now lovingly repackaged – will be akin to visiting a long lost friend.

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When Love Comes / Yield Not To Temptation / Friendship Train / God Gave Me A Woman / We All Got To Help Each Other / Don't Cry No More / You're Worth It All / Rescue Me / What Makes The World Turn / Yes Indeed / Let's Start All Over / Let It Be / Living On A Country Side / Can't Live Alone / I Made Up My Mind / Always Waiting / Can't Change My Heart / Think About Your Fellow Man / I Got To Be Your Man / Born To Wander
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