The Rockin’ Spar Masters - Herbert Hunter

 The Rockin’ Spar Masters
These records were recorded with the Nashville "A Team" of the 1960s and many of the ballads feature lush orchestral arrangements. These musicians played on the recordings of Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers and nearly every Pop hit that came out of Nashville in the early to mid 1960s. Several of these tracks are seeing their first digital release. All were produced by Ted Jarrett between 1961 and 1965.Herbert Hunter's name will forever be linked to legendary song-writer and record producer Ted Jarrett. Ted discovered Herbert in the late 1950s and soon learned that the young singer was a gifted mimic. Ted's greatest discovery, Gene Allison had had several big hits ( You can Make It If You Try, Have Faith, etc.) but was becoming increasingly more erratic and had a serious drinking problem that caused him to miss shows. Ted sent Herbert out as valet and driver for Gene, but it was understood that Herbert was to stand in for Gene if the star was unable to perform. No one was ever the wiser. Herbert made his recording debut in 1961 on the Spar label with a cover of Dr.Feelgood that outsold the original. It was the Spar label's very first release and it put Herbert in good stead with the company and with Ted, who would go on to produce every record that Herbert released for the next four decades. Herbert recorded prolifically for Spar and its subsidiaries Giant, Kenilworth, Caravelle and Hit.Herbert's gift for mimicry was put to good use and he recorded under a host of pseudonyms like Leroy Jones, Marty & the Merits, Johnny Keaton, Bob Johnson, The Belles and many others.
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The Twist Johnny Keaton & The Twisters / Twistin Usa Johnny Keaton & The Twisters / dr. Feelgood herbert hunter & band / twistin party herbert hunter & band / Your Cheatin Heart Herbert Hunter / I Can’t Help It Herbert Hunter / I’ll Hold You In My Heart Herbert Hunter / Peppermint Twist Leroy Jones & Band / Check Mr Popeye Leroy Jones & Band / Now Let Spopeye Leroy Jones & Band / Twistin The Night Away Leroy Jones & Band / Slow Twisting Leroy Jones & Band / Lover Please Leroy Jones / Dancin Party Leroy Jones / Big Split Twist Marty & The Merits / Hey Let Stwist Marty & The Merits / Twist Twist Senora Marty & The Merits / If You Wanna Be Happy The Belles / Twist It Up Bob Johnson / Bring It On Home To Me- The Now Generation
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