Cado Belle: Expanded Edition - Cado Belle

Cado Belle: Expanded Edition
•    CADO BELLE were a very slick soul/rock/disco group that hailed from Glasgow, Scotland and are regarded as one of the U.K.'s finest exponents of their genre, along with the likes of The Average White Band, Heatwave and Kokomo, despite only releasing one album and one follow up E.P. Formed in 1974 when the Glasgow bands Joe Cool, boasting incredible vocalist Maggie Reilly, and Up merged to become one tight unit, Cado Belle honed their already seasoned musicianship and began building momentum towards their debut self-titled LP.

•    Released in 1976 on the Anchor Records label the album did not manage to achieve the commercial success it deserved. As a result CADO BELLE is an often overlooked album that more than stands up to the commercially successful albums that it rivalled due to the excellent song writing and complex arrangements (evoking groups like Rose Royce) allied to the emotive and powerful vocals of Maggie Reilly who went on to collaborate with Mike Oldfield and is enjoying a successful solo career to this day.  

•    Stand out tracks on this release are the funky slow jam "Stones Throw From Nowhere,” the only official single from the album, opening track "All Too Familiar,” a slick funky soul number, and ballad "September,” which boasts incredible guitar and saxophones solos and is taken from the Cado Belle EP which features in full as the bonus tracks on this release.

•    BBR is proud to present CADO BELLE. This expanded and newly re-mastered edition comes complete with extensive liner notes and added bonus material and is essential listening for all R&B, Soul, Funk, Rock and Disco fans out there!

This product is released June 23 2014 and will not be dispatched before this date.

Track Listing:


10.    IT'S OVER
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BREAKWATER formed in Philadelphia in 1971. They signed with Arista in 1978 and recorded two R&B top 40 albums for them before disbanding. Kae Williams Jr. was one of the key members, he later went on to work with the likes of Bootsy Collins and Phyllis Hyman.
SPLASHDOWN was their second and final album and spent 18 weeks in the R&B chart peaking at #33.
SPLASHDOWN TIME was the first single release from SPLASHDOWN and peaked at R&B #59
SAY YOU LOVE ME GIRL followed soon after and reached #79 in the R&B chart.
RELEASE THE BEAST failed to chart upon its release but will be known to many as it was sampled by Daft Punk on their 2005 single Robot Rock and MURS in 2004.
Released in deluxe Super Jewel cases, with three bonus tracks and extensive liner notes, SPLASHDOWN is a must for all Soul and Funk fans out there!

Release Date: 29/10/2012
Our Price: £9.95

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All My Life
Arthur Prysock (born January 2nd 1929 in Spartanburg, South Carolina) had a long and varied career as a vocalist of high repute, lending his velvet baritone to jazz, blues, R&B, pop and disco, having been inspired by his musical hero Billy Eckstine.
Prysock was discovered by the jump blues band leader Buddy Johnson while living and working in Hartford CT, where he had honed his talents in several groups during his time off. Johnson installed Prysock as his lead male vocalist and they recorded several hits together for Decca in the 40’s before Arthur went solo, touring the chitlin circuit, sometimes accompanied by his brother Red Prysock, (an exhilarating tenor saxophonist) with whom he also recorded. Before long ‘I Didn’t Sleep A Wink Last Night’ gave Arthur his first solo R&B hit on Decca in 1952 charting at a high of #5, and cementing his reputation as a great balladeer.
During the late 50’s and early 60’s Arthur recorded several R&B hits for the Old Town label and in 1965 fulfilled a life-long dream recording with Count Basie, which started a fruitful relationship with the Verve label for the remainder of the decade.
The 1976 album ‘All My Life’ (R&B #36, Pop #153) heralded a return to prominence (and to his old label Old Town) for Prysock and exemplified his dexterity in tackling the new contemporary Philly Soul inspired disco style. The lead single ‘When Love Is New’ (R&B #10, Pop #64), a smooth, percussive disco-soul track with Prysock’s perfectly understated laid-back vocal was penned by legendary Philly International producers and song-writers Gamble & Huff, as was follow up single ‘I Wantcha Baby’ (R&B #43) which tells you everything you need to know about the tone of this underappreciated album. Another stand out is the title track ‘All My Life’, Prysock delivers a Barry White-esque impassioned croon over an up-tempo, uplifting solid dancefloor groove provided by this tracks songwriter, and producer of the album John Davis, along with his Monster Orchestra.
BBR is very proud to bring you ALL MY LIFE completely re-mastered and repackaged complete with extensive liner notes and bonus content.
ALL MY LIFE, released on CD for the first time, is a must have for all R&B, Disco and Philly Soul fans out there!

Release Date: 25/03/2013

Our Price: £9.95

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Sweat Band
Sweat Band, the self-titled, 1980 debut album by the P-Funk spin off act was the first official release on the Uncle Jam Record label, formed by Funkateer in Chief George Clinton (visionary behind the many headed R&B, Funk, Rock and Psychedelic musical juggernauts that were Parliament and Funkadelic, or "That Parliafunkadelicment Thang” if you like) and his business manager Archie Ivy.   The band itself was formed by P-Funk bassist Bootsy Collins (one of very few to hold a candle to Funk bass pioneer Larry Graham) and had previously released records under the name Bootsy’s Rubber Band but after losing the rights to the name Rubber Band to a folk music group of the same name Bootsy had to make a change and Sweat Band was born. Bootsy, having served his time initially in a group called the Houseguests with brother Phelps "Catfish” Collins (the group backed up James Brown for a time in the early seventies cutting such gems as "Talkin’ Loud, Saying Nothing”) he was invited to join the P-Funk revolution by Clinton and became an integral part of the movement and it’s most famous face after Clinton due to his exuberant and infectious persona which backed up his incredible bass riffs.  The group also boasts arguably three of the greatest Funk musicians to have graced fans with their talent with Bernie Worrell on keyboards (Funkadelic) and horn players Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker who were integral to the James Brown and P-Funk sounds.   As a result every track on SWEAT BAND delivers the solid Space Funk grooves you would expect from a P-Funk record including "Freak To Freak”, a #25 US R&B hit and #44 Dance hit, "Body Shop”  (the second single), "Love Munch” and "Jamaica”, the latter two tracks having been co-written by Maceo Parker.   With Bootsy himself in the producer’s chair, ably assisted by Clinton as executive producer SWEAT BAND has all the hallmarks of the P-Funk sound and doesn’t miss a trick.   BBR is very proud to add another heavyweight R&B artist to our catalogue in the form of Bootsy Collins and his SWEAT BAND.  Newly re-mastered and repackaged with extensive liner notes and bonus content.   SWEAT BAND is a must have for all P-Funk, R&B and Soul fans out there!

Release Date: 29/04/2013
Our Price: £9.95

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At first glance the letters B-H-Y may not seem like much, but a little scratch at the surface would reveal three names of some of the most forward thinking, innovative and talented musicians of their time and beyond – Ronnie Baker, Norman Harris and Earl Young.
Baker-Harris-Young, these three names are synonymous with Philly Soul and Disco and with good reason for no three people have had more input into shaping and defining disco as Baker, Harris and Young.
Earl Young, a highly talented drummer, was founder and leader of The Trammps along with band mate Ronnie Baker. Young is widely considered the innovator of the Disco style of drumming favouring extensive use of the hi-hat, which led to his recordings being favoured by DJs across the globe and along with Baker and Harris, the trio have become widely recognized as the founders of the disco sound.
As individuals Baker, Harris and Young were involved in every part of the burgeoning Philly Soul scene with each musician performing at Philadelphia International Records playing on numerous Gamble & Huff arrangements. As the formation of The Salsoul Orchestra came to fruition Baker-Harris-Young played an instrumental part in providing the musical direction and helping to sculpt the unique and instantly recognizable Salsoul brand that we all know and love.
BBR brings you the only album to ever feature Baker-Harris-Young as this Disco super-group showcasing the amazing talent of each musician. Featuring such hits as Handle Me With Love And Care, Marathon Dancer and I Just Want To Funk (With You).
Lovingly remastered and fully expanded, complete with extensive liner notes and added bonus content this BBR Remaster is a must have for any Soul, Funk, Disco, R&B, Philly Soul and Salsoul fans out there!

Release Date: 24/06/2013
Our Price: £9.95

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