Action - The Anthology - Evelyn "Champagne" King

Action - The Anthology

 •    Few artists transitioned from the Disco era as successfully as Evelyn "Champagne” King. Tagged as a "Disco Diva” having set dance floors ablaze with her Disco smash hits SHAME and I DON’T KNOW IF ITS RIGHT Evelyn was then able to become one of the most successful R&B acts of the 1980s with such hits as I’M IN LOVE, LOVE COME DOWN and YOUR PERSONAL TOUCH.

•    ACTION – The Evelyn "Champagne” King Anthology is the first collection ever to feature all of Evelyn’s major R&B, pop and dance classics in addition to her international hits in their full album or 12” mixes. This set also includes many of the classic album tracks that ensured Evelyn’s RCA tenure thrived throughout her time with the label.

•    ACTION – The Evelyn "Champagne” King Anthology comes in a deluxe digi-pack edition with many pictures from Evelyn King’s career along with quotes from Evelyn herself and many of those who have worked alongside her during her successful career, such as producers T. Life, Kashif, Paul Lawrence, Andre Cymone and Leon Sylvers.

•    Featuring all 20 of her R&B charted singles from the period ACTION – THE EVELYN "CHAMPAGNE” KING ANTHOLOGY 1977-1985 is the definitive anthology of an artist who became one of the biggest R&B stars of the 1980s making this a must have for all R&B, Soul, Funk, Disco, Dance and Pop fans out there!

•    This CD is released 7th April and will not be shipped prior to this date.

Track Listing:

1.    SHAME (12” Version)
2.    I DON'T KNOW IF IT'S RIGHT (12” Version)
5.    MUSIC BOX (12” Version)
6.    OUT THERE (Single Version)
8.    LET'S GET FUNKY TONIGHT (12” Version)
9.    CALL ON ME
11.    I'M IN LOVE (12” Version)
15.    SPIRIT OF THE DANCER (12” Version)

Disc Two:
1.  Love Come Down (12” Version) (6.16)
2.  Betcha She Don’t Love You (5.02)
3.  Back To Love (5.14)
4.  I Can’t Stand It (3.58)
5.   Get Loose (12” Version – 5.33)
6.   Action (12” Version – 5.51)
7.  Shake Down (12” Version) (6.17)
8.  Teenager (Single Version) (3.58)
9.   Just For The Night (4.45)
10.   I’m So Romantic (5.20)
11.   Out Of Control (12” Version) (5.50)
12.   Give Me One Reason (3.58)
13.   Till Midnight (Single Version) (3.58)
14.   Your Personal Touch (5.48)
15.   High Horse (Single Version) (3.33)
16.   Slow Down (Single Version) (3.50)
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Choosing You: Expanded Edition
•    Considered one of the premier black male vocalists of the ‘70s, Arkansas-born, California-raised Lenny Williams first came to the attention of the U.S. record-buying public as the lead singer for funk/soul band Tower Of Power from 1972-1975 on now-classic hits such as ‘What Is Hip?’ and ‘So Very Hard To Go.’
•    The soulful singer’s early attempts at launching a solo career (first with Fantasy Records, then briefly at Atlantic in 1971) had been challenging; a one-off solo LP with Warner Brothers ("Pray For The Lion”) in 1974 (while still a member of ToP), while critically-acclaimed, didn’t register sales-wise and nor did the 1975 release of the Motown album "Rise Sleeping Beauty.”  

•    Renowned black music executive Otis Smith signed Lenny to ABC Records in 1977, teaming him with former Motown producer Frank Wilson (known for his work with Eddie Kendricks, The Four Tops and others).

•    Thanks to strong club airplay for the upbeat title track and the single ‘Shoo Doo Fu Fu Ooh!’ (US Top R&B Singles #31), the CHOOSING YOU LP proved to be the turning point in Lenny’s solo career, reaching No. 25 on the US Top R&B Albums chart.  Other outstanding cuts included the ballad ‘I’ve Been Away For Too Long,’  the inspirational ‘Problem Solver’ and the dance-flavoured ‘Look Up With Your Mind.’

•    This 2014 SoulMusic Records reissue includes four bonus tracks and notes by renowned US writer Rashod Ollison with extensive quotes from Lenny.

Available 24/02/2014


1.   SHOO DOO FU FU OOH!     

9.   CHOOSING YOU (US single edit)
10. CHOOSING YOU (US mono version)
11. SHOO DOO FU FU OOH! (US mono single)
12. LOOK UP WITH YOUR MIND (US single edit)

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Spark Of Love (Expanded Edition)
Following the success of CHOOSING YOU (reissue on SoulMusic Records in 2014, SMCR-5116), his debut album for ABC Records, Lenny Williams really hit his stride as one of the premier black male vocalists of the ‘70s with the 1978 release of SPARK OF LOVE which became his best-selling and a gold album for the Arkansas-born, California-raised singer/songwriter.  
Lenny first came to the attention of the U.S. record-buying public as the lead singer for funk/soul band Tower Of Power from 1972-1975 on now-classic hits such as ‘What Is Hip?’ and ‘So Very Hard To Go.’ Prior to that, he recorded singles for Fantasy Records and Atlantic. Other solo projects included a one-off solo LP with Warner and one album for Motown ("Rise Sleeping Beauty”).  

As he recounted in liner notes for this reissue of SPARK OF LOVE (an expanded edition with three single edits) by renowned US writer, Rashod Ollison, one of the songs on the Motown LP was ‘’Cause I Love You’ which Lenny had been performing live to great audience response.  When it came to recording his sophomore ABC project, Lenny and producer Frank Wilson (known for his work with  Eddie Kendricks, The Four Tops and others) decided to re-record the song as a ballad. Subsequently, the song has become Lenny’s timeless signature tune, featured in numerous soundtracks and sampled by major rap and hip-hop artists, although never issued as a single.

This 2014 SoulMusic Records reissue also includes US R&B hit singles, ‘You Got Me Running’ and ‘Midnight Girl.’

Available 17/03/2014
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Esoteric Antenna is pleased to announce the release of the new album by acclaimed guitarist MATT STEVENS. Noted for his work as both a solo artist and as a member of Fierce and The Dead, "Lucid” sees Matt joined by a host of guest musicians including drummer Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson), Bass guitarists Lorenzo Feliciati (Naked Truth), Charlie Cawood (Knifeworld) and Kev Feazey, keyboard players Jem Godfrey (Frost) and Emmett Elvin (Chrome Hoof / Guapo), violinist Chrissie Caulfield (Helicopter Quartet / Crippled Black Phoenix), vibe player Jon Hart and Nicholas Wyatt Duke (Trojan Horse) on Spoken Word.

Speaking about his new album Matt states; "Lucid took three years as I really wanted to make this one a significant step up from the previous albums. It’s inspired by a bit of a dark time, but hopefully it’s an uplifting record. I’m so proud of the people who played on it, working with people like Pat Mastelotto on drums from King Crimson and Jem Godfrey from Frost* was amazing but all the players really were outstanding. Stuart Marshall (Fierce And The Dead) and Charlie Cawood (Knifeworld) were the rhythm section for a lot of the tracks. And it was great to have Chrissie back who played violin on the previous records. It’s a record that reflects my love of Jesu and Celtic Frost as much as the Mahavishnu Orchestra and King Crimson or even Peter Gabriel and I’m really proud of it. If you’re not going to take risks and try and do something interesting what’s the point?”

As befits this most unique musician, "Lucid” is a carefully crafted work, and one that is surely to be one of the Progressive Rock highlights of 2014.

Available 31/03/2014

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Hollywood Party Tonight (Expanded Edition)
ODYSSEY started life as The Lopez Singers, a female vocal group from Connecticut, in 1968. The original line up was the three Lopez sisters Carmen, Lillian and Louise, however Carmen left soon after and was replaced by Filipino singer and bassist Tony Reynolds. It was this line-up which went on to have worldwide success with the hit single ‘Native New Yorker’ in 1977, taken from their debut self-titled LP "Odyssey," which was the first of their albums to be re-issued by BBR.

HOLLYWOOD PARTY TONIGHT was the follow up to their successful debut and was originally released in 1978. By this point Tony Reynolds had left the fold to be replaced by Billy McEachern, who helped the group take their sophomore LP to #72 on the US R&B album chart and #123 on the Billboard 200. Despite this line-up change the group maintained their soft, laid back style of soul-pop with inflections of jazz and Caribbean sounds to greater depths than on their debut LP.

Stand out tracks on HOLLYWOOD PARTY TONIGHT are the singles ‘Single Again/What Time Does The Balloon Go Up,’ and ‘Lucky Star,’ of which both are represented here in their single mixes as bonus tracks. Other great tracks that show the depth of styles on the LP are ‘Hey Bill,’ ‘You Wouldn't Know A Real Love If It Walked Right Up, Kissed You On The Cheek And Said Hello Baby’ and ‘Pride.’  

BBR is very proud to bring you the first ever CD release anywhere in the world of HOLLYWOOD PARTY TONIGHT, completely remastered and repackaged complete with extensive liner notes, interviews and bonus content. HOLLYWOOD PARTY TONIGHT is an essential purchase for all R&B, Soul, Pop and Disco fans out there! 

Available 31/03/2014
Our Price: £10.95

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Freedom For The Stallion (Expanded Edition)
THE HUES CORPORATION was a soul trio formed in 1969 in Santa Monica, California by band mates St. Clair Lee, Fleming Williams and Hubert Ann Kelley. Their first break came in 1972 with the Blaxploitation film, Blacula, in which they made a small appearance, in addition to recording three songs for the soundtrack.  It was shortly following this that they were signed to RCA where they released their debut album, FREEDOM FOR THE STALLION, now making its international CD debut on BBR!

The Allen Toussaint penned, FREEDOM FOR THE STALLION - beautifully arranged by Gene Page at the height of his success with Barry White - was The Hues Corporation's first RCA single. The timely, socially conscious message in the song, with its anthemic quality, was a worthy introduction of The Hues Corporation to the American public, as it peaked at #63 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Keen to illustrate the versatility of their new signing, RCA decided to issue the more light-hearted and pop orientated, MIRACLE MAKER (SWEET SOUL SHAKER) as the bands second single. The song was penned by legendary Brill Building songwriters Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil and seemed destined to take on the top 40, however, unbeknownst to RCA it was another album cut that was creating a stir in a new bubbling underground scene that was poised to spread across the world from New York City. 

Penned by Waldo T. Holmes, ROCK THE BOAT was one of the key tracks selected by underground DJs in New York’s burgeoning early disco scene and when RCA execs learned of this, promotions of the previous single were abandoned, and ROCK THE BOAT was rush released as the albums third single in February of 1974. ROCK THE BOAT rose to an impressive #3 on the R&B charts while doing even better on the Hot 100, becoming the first record of the Disco era to top the charts. Despite the popular success of the singles, the album takes inspiration from some of the best vocal groups of the time including The 5th Dimension and The Undisputed Truth, showcasing the true variation of musical styles contained within

BBR is proud to present this fully expanded edition of THE HUES CORPORATION – FREEDOM FOR THE STALION complete with extensive liner notes, interviews and added bonus content, making this a must have for all R&B, Disco, Funk and Soul fans out there!

Available 31/03/2014
Our Price: £10.95

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