Patrick Adams Presents Phreek: Expanded Edition - Phreek

Patrick Adams Presents Phreek: Expanded Edition
•    PATRICK ADAMS should be familiar with many BBR fans given his extensive influence as a musician, songwriter and producer in the dance music field from the 1970's onwards. Born in Harlem, N.Y.C., Adams has contributed to no less than 32 gold and platinum releases, primarily for Salsoul and Prelude Records as well as major labels such as Atlantic. Adams has worked with some of the premier vocalists and musicians in dance music including Sister Sledge, Loleatta Holloway, Jocelyn Brown and Leroy Burgess to name only a very few, as well as bands such as Musique, Logg and Universal Robot Band. His influence is still very strong today in contemporary dance music productions.

•    In 1978 Adams embarked on one of his most critically acclaimed dance music projects which he called PHREEK. The name having been inspired by his musical cohorts, including the legendary Disco writer Vince Aletti, who described Adams music as having a "Phreeky” quality.

•    The most well known of the tracks from PATRICK ADAMS presents PHREEK bookend this superb album. "Weekend” and "Have A Good Day,” were released on the same 12” single (the only single from the album) with the former being the lead track. Both tracks have become legendary on dance floors across the world since they were released. "Weekend” is an absolute disco classic, with its funky bass line and beats underneath those crisp hi-hats which then make space for the superbly arranged orchestral chorus that cannot be denied, alongside the intricate percussive interludes that keep you rooted to the floor. It's hard to find a truer example of dance floor freedom as you're invited to "find a friend, to spend the weekend.”

•    Other standout tracks on PHREEK are "Have A Good Day,” another dance classic with all the right elements, "May My Love Be With You,” a low tempo funky jam with a spoken-word style vocal to match its musical mood, and "I'm A Big Freak (R U 1 2)” where Adams tells us proudly where his head is at and asks the listener to free themselves too.

•    BBR is very proud to present the Disco/Dance classic PATRICK ADAMS presents PHREEK, lovingly remastered and repackaged complete with extensive liner notes and added bonus content.

Available 03/02/2014


5.    I'M A BIG FREAK (R U 1 2)

7.    WEEKEND (12 "Disco Mix)
8.    HAVE A GOOD DAY (12” Disco Mix)

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· The wall of picture sleeves featured in the booklet will leave even the richest John Miles collector in the poor house!


"This collection of music of the past (no music of the future; that would be impossible sci-fi) showcases Miles as a top talent who simply needed a firm musical direction.”  

-Geoff Barton / Classic Rock May 2012  

"With all four singer/songwriter/guitarist John Miles’ Decca albums already released by sister label Lemon, the 7T’s imprint releases one which is arguably stronger than the others, as it rounds up the 17 songs Miles released as singles A- and B-sides during his Decca tenure.”  

-Music Week March 2012
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