And Once Again: Expanded Edition - Isaac Hayes

And Once Again: Expanded Edition
•    Isaac Hayes needs no introduction. As a songwriter his career spanned more than 45 years during which time he penned countless songs for himself and others while releasing numerous albums containing tracks that have kept dance floors moving since the 60s.

•    1980 saw the release of AND ONCE AGAIN, the fourth solo studio album released on Polydor Records from the legendary Isaac Hayes. The follow up to the hugely successful Don’t Let Go, AND ONCE AGAIN took a softer approach and focused more on the fantastic ballad talents of Isaac Hayes.

Notable tracks on the album include the supplicating serenade, IKES RAP VII/THIS TIME I’LL BE SWEETER which consistently builds and grips throughout its duration and the up-tempo I AIN’T NEVER which contains the trademark driving bassline that captivates the listener on almost all Isaac Hayes

 Available 24/02/2014







6. I AIN’T NEVER (12” Version)
7. IT’S ALL IN THE GAME (Short Version)
8. LOVE HAS BEEN GOOD TO US (Single Version)
9. I AIN’T NEVER (Single Version)

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· Wow! Here at Rev-Ola we’re proud to present this true undisputed classic of orchestrated, psych-tinged soft pop.

· The 5th Dimension are one of the most successful American bands of the late ‘60s. Hey, everybody knows their hit versions of ‘Up, Up And Away’ and ‘Aquarius’!

· However, in 1968 they were teamed up with producer Bones Howe and wunderkind composer/arranger/all-round bona fide musical genius beyond redoubt, Jimmy Webb, who presented them with a complex song cycle based on his own tumultuous relationship with his partner. Nestling between such dyed-in-the-wool classics as ‘Carpet Man’, ‘The Girls’ Song’, ‘The Worst That Could Happen’ (which all became hit singles for other artists) and the life-affirming title track (as covered by Dusty Springfield no less) are such lesser-spotted Webb gems as ‘Summer’s Daughter’ and ‘Paper Cup’. The whole cycle is linked with beautifully ornate pieces of orchestration, sitar flourishes and ethereal vocals.

· The contractual obligation inclusion of an earlier recording of The Beatles’ ‘Ticket To Ride’ was originally shoehorned into the middle of the running order but we’ve taken the liberty of shuffling it to the end so it no longer interrupts the flow of the cycle.

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As a teenager Dionne Warwick formed a singing group with her sister Dee Dee and her aunt Cissy Houston (the late mother of Whitney Houston) called ‘The Gospelaires' . They recorded backing vocals for the likes of Ben E. King and The Drifters and are said to be on Ben E. King's "Spannish Harlem” and "Stand By Me”.

Her first single ‘Don't Make Me Over' reached the Top Five of the R&B charts and top twenty in the pop charts. A string of classics followed, ‘Walk On By, ‘Anyone Who Had a Heart' and the legendary ‘Do You Know the Way to San Jose' which won her a Grammy. She had her first platinum selling number one album with "Dionne” and to date has had 8 number one records and 5 Grammy awards. She is an indomitable force in music, a living legend.

This CD brings together two of her Arista albums, How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye and Friends In Love.How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye produced by Luther Vandross contains some phenomenal performances.. The title track features a duet with Vandross, with string and horn arrangement by Jimmy Webb. "Will You Love Me Tomorrow” features The Shirelles and other artists on the album include Peter Frampton and Cissy Houston.Friends In Love features many fabulous musicians including; Stevie Wonder, Johnny Mathis and Steve Gadd

2 original albums on one CDInformative new liner notes Independent press and radio promotion

Our Price: £9.95

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Taana Gardner
Taana Gardner was born in Newark, New Jersey and as a precocious young girl always knew she wanted to sing and perform. Influenced initially by her mother (who played piano in the Gardner home), and grandmother (who was an opera singer) Taana wrote several plays from the tender age of 11 and first appeared on stage as an actress in one of her own plays. One of her plays even went on to be performed at the Lincoln Center and The Apollo.
BBR favourite Dionne Warwick and also the great Tina Turner (amongst others) inspired Taana in terms of her singing aspirations and in 1978 the brother of Kenton Nix turned him on to Taana and suggested her for the project he was working on with West End records. When Taana arrived for her first ever studio session there was another group using the studio who, after hearing Taana sing, invited her to contribute vocals to one of their tracks. That group was Kid Creole and the Coconuts recording the album ‘Spooks In Space’ under the name Aural Exciters for the US market, on which Taana became the lead vocalist. A classic case of right place, right time.
TAANA GARDNER, was the product of the West End records sessions with producer Kenton Nix which she had been initially lined up for. Nix had been championed to the label by legendary DJ Larry Levan who had already been spinning an instrumental version of Work That Body in his Paradise Garage sets. ‘Work That Body’ (Disco #10) became a big club hit…. So Nix recorded more tracks with Taana including ‘When You Touch Me’ (Disco #10), included on this album, and what has become West End’s biggest ever hit, ‘Heartbeat’, (R&B #10) the classic mid-tempo groover worshipped by Larry Levan, two versions of which are represented on this release amongst the many bonus tracks.
BBR is very proud to bring you TAANA GARDNER, completely re-mastered and repackaged complete with extensive liner notes and extended bonus content.
TAANA GARDNER is a must have for all Soul and Disco fans out there!

Release Date: 25/03/2013

Our Price: £9.95

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