Bumps & Bruises: Expanded Edition - Joe Tex

Bumps & Bruises: Expanded Edition
· Joe Tex (born Joseph Arrington, Jr. in Rogers, Texas) was one of Southern Soul’s most uncompromising performers blending gospel, country and rhythm & blues into his repertoire. After winning several revues at the famed Apollo Theatre Tex signed to King Records, in 1955 and recorded a succession of singles for the label from ballads to rockers. A session at Muscle Shoals in 1964, with the singer now signed to the Dial label, produced Tex’s first R&B #1 with the straight ahead R&B ballad ‘Hold What You’ve Got.’ Over the next 10 years Tex racked up numerous R&B and Pop hits including arguably his most well-known song ‘Skinny Legs And All’ in 1967 (R&B #2) and ‘I Gotcha,’ his fourth R&B #1 in 1972.

· BUMPS & BRUISES was the first album Tex recorded for Epic Records and was released in 1977 as the Disco era was gaining a powerful momentum. Tex very cleverly, and with hilarious results, adapted one of the Disco era’s new dance crazes, The Bump, and came up with another crossover hit, ‘Ain’t Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Woman),’ (R&B #7/Pop #12 / UK #2). Tex injects his down-home funky style into the disco realm while playfully proclaiming his reluctance to keep dancing with the lady in question; she was clearly too much woman for him.

· ‘Hungry For Your Love’ was the second single from the album and reached a modest #84 on the R&B charts. Tex delivers a passionate, yearning vocal on this southern style, gospel tinged ballad. This album is much more rooted in the raw R&B and Funk that Tex had become famed for rather than the hint of what the opening track may suggest. From mid-tempo cuts like "Leaving You Dinner” to ballads like ‘I Almost Got To Heaven Once’ through to propulsive funk grooves like ‘I Mess Up Everything I Get My Hands On’, Tex is in fine form throughout proving his raw style could compete with the shiny and slick new sounds in the late 1970’s.

· Before sadly passing away in 1982 Tex reformed The Soul Clan with Wilson Pickett, Ben E. King and Don Covay in 1980, showing how well respected his career had been amongst his peers.
· BBR is very proud to bring you BUMPS & BRUISES, completely remastered and repackaged complete with extensive liner notes and extended bonus content. A must have for all Funk, Soul and Disco fans!

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11. HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE (Single Version)
12. WE HELD ON (Single Version)
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2 oz’s Plastic with a Hole in the Middle
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Race With The Devil, reached the UK Top Ten in December 1968, it catapulted power trio the Gun from the bowels of the London underground club circuit to the forefront of the British pop scene. Released a couple of months later, the group s self-titled debut album boasted an equally dazzling, idiosyncratic combination of hard rock ferocity and striking orchestral arrangements, and it can now be seen as a major stepping stone in the gradual metamorphosis of late 60s psychedelic rock into what would become known as heavy metal. This newly re-mastered reissue features contemporaneous single releases, rare photos and fresh quotes from founder member Paul Gurvitz.
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A Life In Music 2CD
Ravi Shankar, who died aged 92, in December 2012, was the musical visionary who thanks to the cultural influences of his family, the advantages of a disciplined classical background and a heady sixties association with George Harrison and The Beatles, established the sitar and the raga into western consciousness. He was thus the first performer and composer to bridge the musical gap between India and the west.
Ravi Shankar is already considered to have been one of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century.
Ravi's first musical ventures were as a child, appearing in his brother Uday's dance company in America and France. In his teens he was apprenticed to the sarod master, Allauddin Khan under who's demanding tutelage he would inherit the great tradition of Indian classical music.
By the time his first met George Harrison and Paul McCartney in 1966, Shankar had given recitals with Khan's son, the sarodist, Ali Akbar Khan, served as musical director of All India Radio's first National Orchestra, and been sent to all points on cultural tours by the Indian government. He had composed elegant film themes for Satyajit Ray's Apu Trilogy, and taught and befriended the jazz musicians John Coltrane and Don Ellis.
Ravi met the Beatles at a point when the Fab Four were looking to expand their musical language and to make deeper artistic statements. Legend has it that they had already been introduced to Ravi's music by Byrds guitarist Roger McGuinn at an LSD party in Los Angeles and indeed they dabbled with the sitar on the 1965 hit, Norwegian Wood. On meeting Ravi Shankar, George Harrison determined to take the instrument seriously, soon journeying to meet Ravi in India for a period of intensive tuition. There by the banks of the Dal Lake in Srinagar, the guitarist was inspired to write Within You Without You for the album, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles' tribute to Ravi Shankar.
The flower-power generation were beguiled by Ravi. He appeared at the
Monterey and Woodstock Festivals, and at the Concert for Bangledesh in New York in 1971 and made no attempt attempt to conceal his appreciation of the adulation, "Though I had been performing all over the world since 1954, my association with George attracted a whole young generation to sitar and to me from the mid-1960s. Even though I didn't make any record jamming with him or any other pop or rock star, I was treated like a superstar, being the Beatle George's guru.”
The recordings featured here are likely those that turned the The Beatles
on to Ravi. They were made between 1956 and 1962 and for all the success that followed they are arguably the pinnacle of his recorded artistry.

Release Date: 11/03/2013

Our Price: £10.95

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LOGG was a high profile project on Salsoul Records fronted by the prolific and inventive singer/songwriter/keyboardist and producer Leroy Burgess. The majority of Burgess’s output is on rare 12” singles and out of print albums and are highly sought after by crate diggers across the world.
Produced by both Burgess and Salsoul stalwart Greg Carmichael LOGG is a very high calibre album from the disco period which Burgess used as a showcase for his own wide ranging talents and that of his solid rhythm section James Calloway (bass) and Sonny Davenport (drums). All three players co-wrote every track on the LP.
As LOGG was one of Larry Levan’s favourite projects the irrepressible Paradise Garage DJ supported Burgess by spinning several Logg tracks in his club sets helping to guarantee a legendary status for the project.
‘I Know You Will’, the first single from LOGG (R&B #80), and the follow up ‘(You’ve Got) That Something’, along with ‘Dancing Into The Stars’, ‘Something Else’ and ‘Sweet To Me’ all became instant dance floor classics thanks to the support of Larry Levan and still delight dance floors across the globe today. This edition also features the ultimate Burgess classics ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Stranger’.
BBR is very proud to present LOGG, expertly re-mastered and complete with extensive liner notes and bonus tracks. LOGG is absolutely essential listening for all Soul, Funk, Disco and Dance fans out there!

Release Date: 29/07/2013
Our Price: £9.95

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