Sweat Band - Bootsy Collins Presents Sweat Band

Sweat Band
Sweat Band, the self-titled, 1980 debut album by the P-Funk spin off act was the first official release on the Uncle Jam Record label, formed by Funkateer in Chief George Clinton (visionary behind the many headed R&B, Funk, Rock and Psychedelic musical juggernauts that were Parliament and Funkadelic, or "That Parliafunkadelicment Thang” if you like) and his business manager Archie Ivy.   The band itself was formed by P-Funk bassist Bootsy Collins (one of very few to hold a candle to Funk bass pioneer Larry Graham) and had previously released records under the name Bootsy’s Rubber Band but after losing the rights to the name Rubber Band to a folk music group of the same name Bootsy had to make a change and Sweat Band was born. Bootsy, having served his time initially in a group called the Houseguests with brother Phelps "Catfish” Collins (the group backed up James Brown for a time in the early seventies cutting such gems as "Talkin’ Loud, Saying Nothing”) he was invited to join the P-Funk revolution by Clinton and became an integral part of the movement and it’s most famous face after Clinton due to his exuberant and infectious persona which backed up his incredible bass riffs.  The group also boasts arguably three of the greatest Funk musicians to have graced fans with their talent with Bernie Worrell on keyboards (Funkadelic) and horn players Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker who were integral to the James Brown and P-Funk sounds.   As a result every track on SWEAT BAND delivers the solid Space Funk grooves you would expect from a P-Funk record including "Freak To Freak”, a #25 US R&B hit and #44 Dance hit, "Body Shop”  (the second single), "Love Munch” and "Jamaica”, the latter two tracks having been co-written by Maceo Parker.   With Bootsy himself in the producer’s chair, ably assisted by Clinton as executive producer SWEAT BAND has all the hallmarks of the P-Funk sound and doesn’t miss a trick.   BBR is very proud to add another heavyweight R&B artist to our catalogue in the form of Bootsy Collins and his SWEAT BAND.  Newly re-mastered and repackaged with extensive liner notes and bonus content.   SWEAT BAND is a must have for all P-Funk, R&B and Soul fans out there!

Release Date: 29/04/2013
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1. HYPER SPACE (instrumental)
7. WE DO IT ALL DAY LONG (reprise)

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