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LINX started out life as a 5-piece Soul and Brit-Funk band. Signed to Chrysalis records, the band released their first single in 1980 titled, YOU'RE LYING which yielded the group a top 20 single reaching #15 on the UK Pop Chart. Shortly before the release of their debut album, the band slimmed down their line up and became a duo consisting of bass player Peter Martin and singer David Grant who has worked with many artists as a backing singer including Diana Ross and The Lighthouse Family. In the Spring of 1981 LINX tasted their next piece of chart success when INTUITION, the title track from the band's 1981 album release, made it into the top 10 scoring a #7 on the UK Pop charts featuring a distinct Caribbean flavour. The follow up single, THROW AWAY THE KEY, is driven by a classic funk bass line and David Grant's effortless vocals glide over the top which returned the group to the UK Pop chart at #21. YOU'RE LYING also gained an impressive #27 US R&B chart position with TOGETHER WE CAN SHINE following suit, securing an R&B top 50 spot. BBR is very proud to present the first ever CD issue of the Brit-Funk classic, INTUITION, in full and expanded form,complete with extensive liner notes that feature an interview with David Grant along with added bonus tracks. Released in deluxe Super Jewel cases this BBR Remaster is a must have for all Brit-Funk, Soul, Disco and R&B fans out there!

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Keep Your Distance
A long overdue reissue of the 1987 #1 debut album by Curiosity Killed The Cat. It's an essential album for all collectors of 80's pop.

This 16 track CD, features the 9 tracks of the original album, 4 extended 12" mixes from the single releases that were included on a subsequent reissue of the album plus 3 bonus tracks to make this a very comprehensive collection of the band's most successful material. The album was a number 1 UK album in 1987 and remained on the charts for 24 weeks.
This collection features 4 hit singles including Down To Earth #3, Misfit #7, Ordinary Day #11 and Free #54. The 3 bonus tracks featured are b/sides Man, Corruption
(Dub) available on CD for the first time and Bullet.
A comprehensive booklet featuring sleeve notes and a full UK discography featuring many of their sleeves. Curiosity Killed The Cat fronted by the charismatic Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot enjoyed their first hit with Down To Earth in December of 1986. With their James Dean looks, vibrant
street energy and cutting edge soul pop sound it seemed for a while as if Curiosity Killed the Cat may have possessed, a perfect recipe for success in the late eighties pop market.

Initially the band were labelled as a boy band but this ignores the band's undoubted musical backbone and talent. Hit singles were to follow as were two successful albums, their musical and commercial high point being their debut album and the focus of this reissue Keep Your Distance.
Our Price: £9.95

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If You Want To Defeat Your Enemy Sing His Song - Expanded Version
he Ian Broudie-produced Defeat Your Enemy brought out the band's varying influences in different ways, resulting in a varied record touching on everything from funk to folk.Unquestionably, the band's knack for big, uplifting but not hollow performances was still in fine flower, as the smash single Understanding Jane showed. A quick, fierce rocker with an instantly catchy pop vibe and a brilliant chorus, it's a '50s tearjerker filtered through the Ramones with fantastic results. Another winner is the opening cut, Evangeline, with a lovely chorus consisting of overdubbed vocals from the band and guest singer Alison Limerick and a quick, Motowntouched rhythm supporting McNabb's powerful singing.Then there's Up Here in the North of England, a slow, string-touched waltz winningly sung while bitterly ripping into the political state of the nation line for line. McNabb's vocals throughout the album are deeper than before,This 3CD reissue of the Classic 1987 album come with two discs of bonus, material as well as notes by Prog magazines Jerry Ewing. Our Price: £14.95

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Go Ahead : Expanded Edition
Released on 16th January 2012. LINX started out life as a 5-piece Soul and Brit-Funk band. Signed to Chrysalis records, the band released their first single in 1980. YOU RE LYING reached #15 on the UK Pop Chart. Shortly before the release of their debut album, the band slimmed down their line-up to the bass guitar/singer duo of Sketch (Peter Martin) and David Grant.

Hot on its heels, and in keeping with the original release schedule, here is the follow-up, featuring top 20 hit SO THIS IS ROMANCE, in addition to further chart single CAN’T HELP MYSELF. Released in October 1981, GO AHEAD returned the duo to the top 40 of the album charts. This expanded edition features the group’s later singles PLAYTHING and DON’T HIT ME WITH YOUR LOVE as well as 12” mixes and non-album b-sides.

BBR is very proud to present the first ever CD release of GO AHEAD in full expanded form, complete with extensive liner notes featuring an interview with David Grant along with added bonus tracks.
Our Price: £9.95

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David Grant
Grant became famous in the early 1980s as a member of UK soul/funk duo, Linx, whose biggest hit was Intuition in 1981, He began a solo career in 1983. He is probably best known today for his work as a vocal coach on Pop Idol and judge and vocal coach on Fame Academy. During his career he has also worked with the likes of Diana Ross, the Lighthouse Family and Joss Stone.
DAVID GRANT was his debut solo album in 1983 on Chrysalis. Production comes courtesy of Grammy Award winning Producer Steve Levine (Culture Club, UK Players, the Beach Boys etc). It peaked at #32 in the UK album chart.
STOP AND GO saw David reach the UK #19 position and even had success stateside reaching #75 in the R&B chart.
WATCHING YOU WATCHING ME fared even better getting David into the UK top ten. The third single LOVE WILL FIND A WAY peaked at UK #24 whilst the fourth single release ROCK THE MIDNIGHT reached UK #46.
Released in deluxe Super Jewel cases, with bonus tracks, DAVID GRANT is a must for all Electronic, Soul and Funk fans out there!

Release Date: 30/07/2012
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Taana Gardner
Taana Gardner was born in Newark, New Jersey and as a precocious young girl always knew she wanted to sing and perform. Influenced initially by her mother (who played piano in the Gardner home), and grandmother (who was an opera singer) Taana wrote several plays from the tender age of 11 and first appeared on stage as an actress in one of her own plays. One of her plays even went on to be performed at the Lincoln Center and The Apollo.
BBR favourite Dionne Warwick and also the great Tina Turner (amongst others) inspired Taana in terms of her singing aspirations and in 1978 the brother of Kenton Nix turned him on to Taana and suggested her for the project he was working on with West End records. When Taana arrived for her first ever studio session there was another group using the studio who, after hearing Taana sing, invited her to contribute vocals to one of their tracks. That group was Kid Creole and the Coconuts recording the album ‘Spooks In Space’ under the name Aural Exciters for the US market, on which Taana became the lead vocalist. A classic case of right place, right time.
TAANA GARDNER, was the product of the West End records sessions with producer Kenton Nix which she had been initially lined up for. Nix had been championed to the label by legendary DJ Larry Levan who had already been spinning an instrumental version of Work That Body in his Paradise Garage sets. ‘Work That Body’ (Disco #10) became a big club hit…. So Nix recorded more tracks with Taana including ‘When You Touch Me’ (Disco #10), included on this album, and what has become West End’s biggest ever hit, ‘Heartbeat’, (R&B #10) the classic mid-tempo groover worshipped by Larry Levan, two versions of which are represented on this release amongst the many bonus tracks.
BBR is very proud to bring you TAANA GARDNER, completely re-mastered and repackaged complete with extensive liner notes and extended bonus content.
TAANA GARDNER is a must have for all Soul and Disco fans out there!

Release Date: 25/03/2013

Our Price: £9.95

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