Big Break Label Discography

Please find below a list of all releases on the Big Break label:

A Taste Of Honey Twice as Sweet- Expanded Edition CDBBR0084
A Taste Of Honey Ladies of the Eighties CDBBR0087
5000 Volts 5000 Volts: Expanded Edition HSR011
A Taste Of Honey A Taste Of Honey CDBBR0016
A Taste Of Honey Another Taste- Expanded Edition CDBBR0019
Andre Cymone Livin' In The New Wave CDBBR0115
Andre Cymone Survivin' in the 80's CDBBR0120
Andre Cymone A.C.- Expanded Edition CDBBR0073
Anita Pointer Love For What It Is: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0309
Anita Ward Songs Of Love CDBBR0215
Aretha Franklin Jump To It CDBBR0154
Aretha Franklin Get It Right CDBBR0160
Aretha Franklin Aretha CDBBR0173
Aretha Franklin Love All The Hurt Away CDBBR0189
Arthur Prysock All My Life CDBBR0216
Ashford & Simpson High Rise CDBBR0057
Ashford & Simpson Street Opera- Expanded Edition CDBBR0039
Aurra A Little Love CDBBR0239
Azteca Azteca - Expanded Edition CDBBR0201
Azteca Pyramid Of The Moon CDBBR0206
Baker Harris Young B-H-Y CDBBR0233
Bill Withers Just As I Am CDBBR0143
Billy Ocean Nights (Feel Like Getting Down) CDBBR0023
Billy Ocean Inner Feelings- Expanded Edition CDBBR0042
Billy Paul War Of The Gods CDBBR0184
Billy Paul Ebony Woman CDBBR0142
Billy Paul Feelin’ Good At The Cadillac Club CDBBR0261
Billy Paul Going East - Expanded Edition CDBBR0203
Billy Paul 360 Degrees Of Billy Paul CDBBR0175
Billy Paul Lately CDBBR0224
Black Slate Amigo CDBBR0208
Bonnie Pointer Bonnie Pointer : Expanded Edition CDBBR0093
Bootsy Collins Presents Sweat Band Sweat Band CDBBR0221
Breakwater Splashdown CDBBR0147
Brooklyn Dreams Brooklyn Dreams- Expanded Edition CDBBR0007
Brooklyn Dreams Sleepless Nights CDBBR0026
Brothers Johnson (The) Winners- Expanded Edition CDBBR0035
Bryan Loren Bryan Loren CDBBR0112
Buddy Miles All The Faces Of Buddy Miles CDBBR0123
Bunny Sigler That's How Long I'll Be Loving You CDBBR0182
Cado Belle Cado Belle: Expanded Edition CDBBR0268
Candido Dancin' And Prancin' CDBBR0138
Carl Carlton Carl Carlton: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0157
Carly Simon Spoiled Girl HSR005
Carmen McRae I Am Music CDBBR0205
Carmen McRae Can't Hide Love CDBBR0144
Carol Williams & The Salsoul Orchestra 'Lectric Lady CDBBR0236
Carolyn Franklin If You Want Me: Expanded Edition CDBBR0272
Cashmere Let The Music Turn You On CDBBR0111
Caston & Majors Caston & Majors CDBBR0217
Cerrone Cerrone's Paradise CDBBR0081
Cerrone Cerrone 3 ~ Supernature CDBBR0089
Cerrone Cerrone IV : The Golden Touch CDBBR0095
Cerrone Underworld, The Anthology 2CD CDBBRXD0199
Cerrone Love In ‘C’ Minor CDBBR0076
Chaka Khan Chaka: 35th Anniversary Edition CDBBRX0151
Chakachas Jungle Fever: Expanded Edition CDBBR0269
Change This Is Your Time- Expanded Edition CDBBR0069
Change Change Of Heart- Expanded Edition CDBBR0074
Change Sharing Your Love CDBBR0078
Change Turn on Your Radio CDBBR0082
Charo and the Salsoul Orchestra Cuchi-Cuchi: Expanded Edition CDBBR0259
Cheryl Lynn Instant Love CDBBR0172
Cheryl Lynn In The Night CDBBR0113
Chocolate Milk Action Speaks Louder Than Words- Expanded Edition CDBBR0085
Chris Jasper Superbad (Expanded Edition) CDBBR0256
Clifford Coulter The Better Part Of Me CDBBR0124
Cock Robin After Here Through Midland: Expanded Edition CRPOP153
Dan Hartman Relight My Fire: Expanded Edition HSR007
David Grant David Grant CDBBR0170
Delegation Eau De Vie CDBBR0165
Delegation Delegation II CDBBR0193
Delegation Deuces High CDBBR0209
Deniece Williams Niecy CDBBR0141
Deniece Williams I'm So Proud CDBBR0148
Deniece Williams Let's Hear It For The Boy CDBBR0055
Deniece Williams Song Bird CDBBR0009
Deniece Williams When Love Comes Calling CDBBR0017
Deniece Williams This Is Niecy : 35th ANNIVERSARY EDITION CDBBR0107
Deniece Williams My Melody- Expanded Edition CDBBR0043
Dennis Edwards Don't Look Any Further- Expanded Edition CDBBR0040
Dick Jensen Dick Jensen CDBBR0202
Dionne Warwick Dionne CDBBR0176
Dionne Warwick Heartbreaker CDBBR0188
Don Ray The Garden Of Love CDBBR0090
Donna Allen Perfect Timing CDBBR0212
Donna McGhee Make It Last Forever CDBBR0118
Dorothy Moore Misty Blue: Expanded Edition CDBBR0273
Double Exposure Ten Percent CDBBR0109
Earth Wind & Fire Faces CDBBR0014
Earth, Wind & Fire Spirit: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0185
Edwin Starr Clean- Expanded Edition CDBBR0027
Edwin Starr Soul Master: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0300
Edwin Starr Involved: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0305
Edwin Starr Edwin Starr - Soul Master / Involved - BUNDLE DEAL CDBBRBUNDLE01
Elbow Bones and the Racketeers New York at Dawn HSR003
Emotions (The) Come Into Our World: Expanded Edition CDBBR0251
Enchantment Utopia CDBBR0225
Enchantment Enchantment CDBBR0122
Enchantment Once Upon A Dream CDBBR0128
Evelyn "Champagne" King Get Loose- Expanded Edition CDBBR0006
Evelyn "Champagne" King Smooth Talk CDBBR0015
Evelyn "Champagne" King I'm In Love- Expanded Edition CDBBR0036
Evelyn "Champagne" King Action - The Anthology CDBBRXD0198
Evelyn “Champagne” King Face to Face : Expanded Edition CDBBR0096
F.B.I. F.B.I.- Expanded Edition CDBBR0079
Fern Kinney Groove Me CDBBR0214
First Choice Hold Your Horses CDBBR0232
First Choice Delusions CDBBR0103
Foxy Foxy: Expanded Edition CDBBR0253
Foxy Get Off: Expanded Edition CDBBR0241
Gap Band (The) The Gap Band VI CDBBR0056
Gap Band (The) The Gap Band 8- Expanded Edition CDBBR0068
Gap Band (The) Gap Band IV: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0306
Gap Band (The) Gap Band V - Jammin': Expanded Edition CDBBRX0308
Gap Band (The) Gap Band VII CDBBR0223
Gene Chandler Get Down: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0159
George Clinton Computer Games 30th Anniversary Edition CDBBR0222
George McCrae George McCrae CDBBR0191
George McCrae Rock Your Baby CDBBR0167
George McCrae Diamond Touch CDBBR0210
Gladys Knight & The Pips About Love- Expanded Edition CDBBR0004
Gladys Knight & the Pips Life: Expanded Edition CDBBR0248
Gloria Gaynor Gloria Gaynor: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0197
Gloria Gaynor Never Can Say Goodbye- Expanded Edition CDBBR0001
Gloria Gaynor Experience Gloria Gaynor- Expanded Edition CDBBR0003
Gloria Gaynor Gloria Gaynor’s Park Avenue Sound CDBBR0131
Gloria Gaynor Love Tracks CDBBR0140
GQ Disco Nights CDBBR0177
Greg Phillinganes Pulse CDBBR0127
Gwen McCrae Melody Of Life CDBBR0227
Gwen McCrae Gwen McCrae: Expanded Edition CDBBR0257
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes Black & Blue CDBBR0013
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes I Miss You CDBBR0018
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes Talk It Up (Tell Everybody) - Expanded Edition CDBBR0098
Heatwave Current CDBBR0010
Heatwave Hot Property CDBBR0021
Heatwave Candles CDBBR0024
Herbie Mann Discotheque CDBBR0237
High Inergy Turnin' On: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0304
Hues Corporation (The) Freedom For The Stallion (Expanded Edition) CDBBRX0183
Inner Life Inner Life CDBBR0219
Instant Funk Instant Funk CDBBR0121
Instant Funk Witch Doctor: Expanded Edition CDBBR0265
Isaac Hayes New Horizon- Expanded Edition CDBBR0088
Isaac Hayes Don’t Let Go : Expanded Edition CDBBR0094
Isaac Hayes For The Sake of Love: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0166
Isaac Hayes And Once Again: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0178
Isley Brothers (The) Between The Sheets CDBBR0067
Isley Brothers (The) Harvest for the World- Expanded Edition CDBBR0083
Isley Brothers (The) Go for Your Guns CDBBR0086
Isley Brothers (The) Winner Takes All CDBBR0220
James Brown Gravity CDBBR0126
Jazz Crusaders (The) Give Peace A Chance CDBBR0230
Jesse Green Nice And Slow: Expanded Edition CDBBR0274
Jo Boxers Like Gangbusters : Expanded Edition HSR0001
Joe Bataan Salsoul (Expanded Edition) CDBBR0254
John Barry, Donna Summer The Deep O/S/T: Expanded Edition HSRX009
Johnnie Taylor Eargasm CDBBR0186
Johnny Nash I Can See Clearly Now- Expanded Edition CDBBR0064
Jon Lucien I Am Now (Expanded Version) CDBBR0029
Jon Lucien Rashida- Expanded Edition CDBBR0032
Jon Lucien Song For My Lady CDBBR0052
Jon Lucien Premonition- Expanded Edition CDBBR0080
Joneses (The) The Joneses- Expanded Edition CDBBR0066
June Pointer Baby Sister- Expanded Edition CDBBR0012
Junie Morrison Bread Alone CDBBR0061
K.C. And The Sunshine Band Part 3 CDBBR0187
Karen Young Hot Shots CDBBR0211
KC And The Sunshine Band Do It Good CDBBR0192
KC and The Sunshine Band KC and the sunshine band CDBBR0168
Keith Barrow Keith Barrow- Expanded Edition CDBBR0065
Kleeer Winners CDBBR0226
Kool & The Gang Celebrate: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0149
Kool & The Gang Ladies Night: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0146
Kool & The Gang Something Special (Expanded Edition) CDBBRX0156
Kool & The Gang As One (Expanded Edition) CDBBRX0161
Kool & The Gang The Force - Expanded edition CDBBRX0135
Kool & The Gang Everybody's Dancin' - Expanded edition CDBBRX0139
Kool & The Gang Open Sesame- Expanded Edition CDBBR0045
Latimore Let's Straighten It Out (More More More): Expanded Edition CDBBR0246
Lenny Williams Rise Sleeping Beauty: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0302
Leon Haywood Naturally - Expanded edition CDBBRX0152
Light Of The World Light Of The World CDBBR0133
Linda Lewis Not A Little Girl Anymore- Expanded Edition CDBBR0028
Linda Lewis Woman Overboard CDBBR0053
Linda Lewis Lark : Expanded Edition CDBBR0092
Linda Lewis Fathoms Deep EXPANDED EDITION CDBBR0100
Linda Lewis Say No More… CDBBR0104
Linda Lewis A Tear And A Smile CDBBR0119
Linda Williams City Living- Expanded Edition CDBBR0071
Linx Intuition CDBBR0054
Linx Go Ahead : Expanded Edition CDBBR0091
LIPPS INC Mouth To Mouth CDBBR0130
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force CDBBR0171
Logg ft Leroy Burgess Logg CDBBR0235
Loleatta Holloway Loleatta CDBBR0108
Loleatta Holloway Love Sensation: Expanded Edition CDBBR0250
Loleatta Holloway Dreamin' - The Loleatta Holloway Anthology 1976-1982 CDBBRD0181
Loleatta Holloway Queen of the Night: Expanded Edition CDBBR0258
Loleatta Holloway Loleatta Holloway (Expanded Edition) CDBBR0263
Loose Change Loose Change- Expanded Edition CDBBR0049
Love Committee Law & Order CDBBR0218
Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr I Hope We Get To Love In Time: Expanded Edition CDBBR0276
Marlena Shaw Sweet Beginnings- Expanded Edition CDBBR0030
Marlena Shaw Acting Up- Expanded Edition CDBBR0046
Melba Moore Melba- Expanded Edition CDBBR0034
MFSB Love Is The Message CDBBR0179
Michael Wycoff Love Conquers All- Expanded Edition CDBBR0072
Monk Montgomery Reality (Expanded Edition) CDBBR0243
Mystic Merlin Full Moon CDBBR0134
Mystic Merlin Mystic Merlin CDBBR0162
Mystic Merlin Sixty Thrills A Minute CDBBR0169
Nite Liters (The) A-Nal-Y-Sis- Expanded Edition CDBBR0063
O'Jays (The) Back Stabbers CDBBR0051
O'Jays (The) The O’Jays In Philadelphia CDBBR0229
O'Jays (The) Ship Ahoy 40th Anniversary Edition CDBBR0207
Odyssey Odyssey- Expanded Edition CDBBR0005
Odyssey Hang Together CDBBR0153
Odyssey I Got The Melody (Expanded Edition) CDBBRX0163
Odyssey Happy Together (Expanded Edition) CDBBRX0190
Odyssey Hollywood Party Tonight (Expanded Edition) CDBBRX0158
Originals (The) California Sunset- Expanded Edition CDBBR0044
Originals (The) Down To Love Town: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0303
Patti Labelle Tasty: Expanded Edition CDBBR0271
Patti Labelle Released: Expanded Edition CDBBR0262
Patti Labelle Patti Labelle- Expanded Edition CDBBR0033
Patti Labelle It's Alright With Me- Expanded Edition CDBBR0038
Pennye Ford Pennye- Expanded Edition CDBBR0047
Peter Jacques Band Fire Night Dance- Expanded Edition CDBBR0077
Pharoah Sanders Love Will Find A Way CDBBR0117
Phreek Patrick Adams Presents Phreek: Expanded Edition CDBBR0260
Phyllis Nelson Move Closer: Expanded Edition CDBBR0278
Plastic Bertrand An 1 HSR004
Platinum Hook Platinum Hook: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0196
Platypus Platypus CDBBR0129
Pointer Sisters Serious Slammin' CDBBR0125
Pointer Sisters Hot Together- Expanded Edition CDBBR0059
Pointer Sisters Special Things CDBBR0022
Pointer Sisters So Excited! CDBBR0025
Pointer Sisters Break Out CDBBRXD0075
Pointer Sisters Contact- Expanded Edition CDBBR0041
Pointer Sisters Energy CDBBR0105
Pointer Sisters Priority CDBBR0132
Pointer Sisters Black & White: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0150
Prime Time Flying High- Expanded Edition CDBBR0062
Quazar Quazar CDBBR0137
Rene & Angela Rise CDBBR0114
Rinder & Lewis Seven Deadly Sins: Expanded Edition HSRX012
Ripple Sons of the Gods CDBBR0240
Rose Royce Stronger Than Ever -Expanded Edition CDBBR0102
Salsoul Orchestra (The) Magic Journey: Expanded Edition CDBBR0252
Salsoul Orchestra (The) Heat It Up (Expanded Edition) CDBBR0255
Salsoul Orchestra (The) Street Sense (Expanded Edition) CDBBR0264
Salsoul Orchestra (The) Up The Yellow Brick Road: Expanded Edition CDBBR0267
Salsoul Orchestra (The) How High: Expanded Edition CDBBR0270
Salsoul Orchestra (The) Nice ‘N’ Naasty CDBBR0234
Salsoul Orchestra (The) The Salsoul Orchestra CDBBR0101
Search Search I CDBBR0110
Shalamar Friends 2CD CDBBRXD0200
Sheryl Lee Ralph In The Evening: Expanded Edition HSR008
Bunny Sigler Let Me Party With You: Expanded Edition CDBBR0249
Silver Convention Get Up And Boogie: Expanded Edition CDBBR0275
Silver Convention Madhouse: Expanded Edition CDBBR0279
Silver Convention Save Me: Expanded Edition CDBBR0266
Silvetti Spring Rain (Expanded Edition) CDBBR0231
Skyy Skyy High: The Skyy Anthology 1979-1992 CDBBRD0194
Skyy Skyy Line CDBBR0136
Smoked Sugar Smoked Sugar : Expanded Edition CDBBR0099
Stephanie Mills For The First Time: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0301
Stephanie Mills What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin' CDBBR0070
Switch Am I Still Your Boyfriend?- Expanded Edition CDBBR0058
Switch Switch: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0164
T-Connection Magic CDBBR0238
T-Connection T-Connection (Expanded Edition) CDBBR0244
Taana Gardner Taana Gardner CDBBR0213
Tavares New Directions-Expanded Edition CDBBR0008
Terri Wells Just Like Dreamin’ : Expanded Edition CDBBR0097
Joe Tex Bumps & Bruises: Expanded Edition CDBBR0247
Thelma Jones Thelma Jones CDBBR0106
Timmy Thomas Why Can't We Live Together: Expanded Version CDBBR0245
Three Degrees (The) The Three Degrees-Expanded Edition CDBBR0002
Three Degrees (The) New Dimensions CDBBR0011
The Three Degrees Three D CDBBR0037
Three Degrees (The) International (Take Good Care Of Yourself) CDBBR0020
Three Degrees (The) Maybe - 2CD CDBBRX0180
Til Tuesday Feat Aimee Mann Voices Carry: Expanded Edition HSR002
Tom Browne Magic CDBBR0116
Tom Browne Love Approach- Expanded Edition CDBBR0031
Tom Moulton TJM- Expanded Edition CDBBR0050
Tyrone Davis In The Mood CDBBR0204
Vernon Burch When I Get Back Home (Expanded Edition) CDBBR0242
Wah Wah Watson Elementary CDBBR0174
Waters (The) Watercolors: Expanded Edition CDBBR0277
Yarbrough & Peoples The Two Of Us: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0195
Yarbrough & Peoples Guilty- Expanded Edition CDBBR0060
Yarbrough & Peoples Heartbeats: Expanded Edition CDBBRX0307
Yarbrough & Peoples Be A Winner- Expanded Edition CDBBR0048

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