E For Edward / Pure / Et Dieu Crea La Femme - Times (The)

E For Edward / Pure / Et Dieu Crea La Femme
Released on 24/08/09. Three albums excavated in their entirety documenting the closing act of the Nineteen Eighties, the dawn of a new Pop Ascension and the Fall Out that ensued. Definitive period pop music leaving behind the Gothy-Table Set murkiness of the Black Decade, announcing the Swinging Acid House about to erupt, with songs like Manchester almost accurately predicting the 'Madchester' mass hysteria that was to follow. These albums signalled the beginning of a new prolific song writing/recording period for Edward Ball and the Times on Creation Records at a time when True Independent Pop was never more celebrated.
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Disc 1
E for edward (1989).- Manchester / Valvaline / Snow / Catherine Wheel / Crashed On You / Count To Five / All Your Life / French Film Bleurred / No Love On Haight St. / Acid Angel Of Ecstasy / Sold / Life / bonus tracks - manchester 5:32 (12” version. Previously unavailable on cd) / Lundi Bleu (German Vocal Version) / True Faith (Previously Unreleased) / London Fields (Previously Unreleased) / Dada Won't Buy Me A Bauhaus (‘Manchester' 12”Extra Track. Previously Unavailable On Cd) Love And Truth / (‘Manchester' 7” b side. Previously Unavailable On Cd.

Disc 2
Pure (1991) - From Chelsea Green To Brighton Beach / A Girl Called Mersey / From l.A. To Edgbaston / Lundi Bleu / A Beautiful Village Called England / Ours Is A Wonderlove World / Another Star In Heaven Et Dieu Crea La Femme (1990) - Septieme Ciel / Aurore Boreale / Confiance / Chagrin D'amour / Volupte / Baisers Voles / Pour Kylie / Sucette / 1990 Annee Erotique / Ecstase

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Pop Goes Art
Released 21/07/08. Perhaps the singularly most important album of that fledgling, garage, power - pop - punk independent scene of 1982. Featuring Edward Ball and Daniel Treacy, and issued on their own Whaam! Records, Pop goes Art! is a landmark release - one of the vital seeds of the whole Creation, Whaam! Living Room / Room At The Top revolution.

Mojo Magazine awarded a very respectable 3 stars to this CD.

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This Is London
This album was originally recorded in 1983. The Times were the brainchild of ex-Television Personalities member Edward Ball and also featured Treacey and Alan McGee. The TVPs have recently reformed and had a successful album release on Domino records earlier this year.
Re-issued with seven bonus tracks which have never been on CD before this album is a dream for many collectors.
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Go! With The Times
Edward Ball and Daniel Treacy, The Times and the TV Personalities in 1980 - twenty year old visionaries of a sound that surrounds us more than quarter of a century later, or nitwits in cravats and beige corduroys? You decide… Start by listening to 'Red With Purple Flashes' or 'My Andy Warhol Poster', songs and a sound that predates the artistic interests and ambitions of Babyshambles. Or 'Pinstripes', even 'Dressing Up For The Cameras' - using irony like a bazooka and social observance long before THe Artic Monkeys and The Kooks. How about 'The Joke's On Zandra' - Franz Ferdinand anyone? Everything you hear today, you can hear on this release, the first Times album from November 1980. Only when they did it there was nothing to compare. It's the sound of youth, the father we hate in its sights. Not afraid to ridicule anything or anyone - 'Interview' magazine-period Warhol, Zandra Rhodes - post-punk idiots to the slaughter. The Times hold the dogs of rage without letting them bite. And until the Smiths turned up, no one could do it with the same degree of humour. As we've come to expect with ARTPOP! releases, the label maintains it's high standard, reissuing the original album in its entirety, plus previously unavailable extra tracks. Also containing extensive extracts from the Edward Ball Diaries, quotes from all involved and a plethora of pictures seen and previously unseen. And remember, the next time you listen to the Times' 'No Hard Feelings' and imagine it to be Pete Docherty's Lets Make Up song for Carl in a Libertines reformation, don't blame me!! Our Price: £9.95

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Enjoy / Up Against It
Released 21/07/08. This reissue compiles the complete 1986 Times albums Enjoy and Up Against It for the first time on CD, featuring Times T.V, Britannia Sleeps Tonight and of course Up Against It. Written in reaction to the U.S. Paisley Underground wave of bands then currently feted - Dream On Red, Green Syndicate, Drain Parade and REM Speedwagon, Enjoy connects Edward Ball and his Times to Ray Davies and The Kinks as natural storytellers of everyday British life - but with the added twist of an English nightmare in America. Our Price: £9.95

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