Rockin’ With Morrissey’s Side Men - Various Psychobilly

Rockin’ With Morrissey’s Side Men
This compilation is a unique idea as the album covers a selection of tracks featuring the following long time Morrissey band members: Boz Boorer - was in the brilliant rockabilly band The Polecats, but could also be often found playing live with The Delta's and The Frantix. Gary Day - Bass/double bass On the Rockin' Scene Gary Day played on and off in The Frantic Flintstones, The Sharks and The Nitros (who often recorded as Colbert Hamilton's backing group). He also recorded as The Gazmen - which was basically The Sharks with the addition of Morrissey guitarist Alain Whyte. Alain Whyte - long time Moz collaborator and guitarist was in a few obscure Rockabilly bands, before teaming up with the Sharks to record as The Gazmen and then went on to play in and produce Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams. Johnny Bridgewood - one time Morrissey bassist came from the psycho/garage band The Stingrays. The album contains some previously unheard and hard to get tracks and also there will be detailed sleeve notes and rare pictures.
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THE POLECATS - Rockabilly Guy / THE POLECATS - Chicken Shack / FRANTIC FLINTSTONES - Lunatics Are Ravin’ / FRANTIC FLINTSTONES - Love For A Nutter / THE SHARKS - Hooker / THE SHARKS - Scratchin’ My Way Out / THE SHARKS - Surfcaster / THE SHARKS - My Neighbours Garden / THE STINGRAYS - June Rhyme / THE STINGRAYS - Wedding Ring / THE GAZMEN - Rigormortise Rock / THE GAZMEN - Kid From Mars / THE GAZMEN - Teenage Operation / THE GAZMEN - Ace Of Hearts / COLBERT HAMILTON & NITROS - 99 Girls / JOHNNY PANIC - Not Bitter But Bored / JOHNNY PANIC - Stay With Me / JOHNNY PANIC - Paranoia
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