E-Mail From Eternity - Sad Lovers And Giants

E-Mail From Eternity
Sad Lovers and Giants still enjoy a significant following in Europe, especially Spain where they regularly played in front of crowds of over 5000 people at each venue. This 'Best Of' includes 18 tracks that cover the bands colourful and varied career. The CD features their Indie Hits, "Things We Never Did" and "The Best Film He Ever Made".
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Things We Never Did / Clint / Alice (Isn't Playing) / Art (By Me) / Imagination / Cowboys / On Another Day / Sleep (Is For Everyone) / In Flux / The Best Film He Ever Made / White Russians / Take Seven / Seven Kinds Of Sin / Return To Clocktower Lodge / One Man's Hell / Alaska / The Sky Is A Glove / Things We Never Did (De Puta Madre Live Version)
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Beat Boy
Released 16th February 2009. The first reissue of this seminal 1984 album 'Beat Boy', the third studio album recorded by the pioneers of the New Romantic movement, Visage.

This is the first time that the album has been available on CD in the UK. This album saw a change in musical direction with the introduction of new members to replace the departures of Midge Ure and Barry Adamson. The stylistic change saw the band move away from the band's electronic studio based sound to a more conventional band format. Visage were formed as supergroup of their day, formed by Steve Strange and ex-Rich Kid Rusty Egan, they recruited Billy Currie and Midge Ure from Ultravox, Dave Formula and Barry Adamson from Magazine and John McGeogh from Siouxsie & The Banshees. Members came and went but the band's core remained as Strange and Egan.

This CD reissue features 4 bonus tracks not included on the original 8 track release. These include extended mixes of the two singles taken from the album, 'Beat Boy' and 'Love Glove.

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The Anvil
The long overdue reissue of this classic 1982 album 'The Anvil', by the pioneers of the New Romantic movement, Visage.

The album reached No.6 in the UK album charts. The album produced two hit singles for the band, 'The Damned Don't Cry' (No.11) and 'Night Train' (No.12). Visage were a super group of their day, formed by Steve Strange and ex-Rich Kid Rusty Egan, they recruited Billy Currie and Midge Ure from Ultravox, Dave Formula and Barry

Adamson from Magazine and John McGeogh from Siouxsie & The Banshees.

Together they produced 2 innovative and commercially successful albums with the resulting 5 hit singles. This CD reissue features 6 bonus tracks not included on the original 9 track release. These include dance mixes of the hit singles 'Mind Of A Toy' and 'The Damned Don't Cry' and the rare b-sides 'Motivation' and 'I'm Still Searching'. The CD booklet features sleeve notes, discography and all the single sleeves taken from the original album. As the leading lights of the New Romantic movement, Visage's legacy is lasting. The band's reputation for producing quality electronic pop lives on.

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Epic Garden Music
Sad Lovers and Giants originally formed in 1981 and produced ‘classy alternative pop music’, a psychedelic post punk sound. The guitars chimed above atmospheric keyboards held together by a rock solid rhythm section underpinning very accessible song writing and the strong haunting voice of singer Garce.

Think Chameleons, early Cure and latterly bands like Interpol. After their initial split in 1984 interest in the band grew at home and abroad prompting them into reforming in the late 80’s and producing several more great albums but ‘Epic Garden Music’ is the starting point.
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Headland / The Clocks Go Backwards
Originally issued by Midnight Music in 1990, Headland was the fifth full length offering proper from this much loved North London outfit. Accompanied by the The Clocks Go Backwards EP , which is comprised of songs recorded whilst preparing to make Headland , this package now presents a full picture of the intriguing, Simon Allard (Garce to his friends) led act at the turn of the decade.  Recorded in London during late 1989 and early 1990, by the line up of Garce, McGuinness, Silver, Sainsbury and Pollard, Headland captures the band at a time when UK interest was waning but their popularity in Europe was on the increase. This, combined with record company problems, meant that the album's release was delayed and, when it did eventually surface, little promotion was offered. As such it disappeared fairly quickly and thus remains a great lost gem within the band s catalogue.  Headland offers an immaculate example of epic, ambitious late 1980s pop, laced with synthesiser washes, reverb drenched guitars, huge drums and grandiose, emotive vocal performances, offering, perhaps, a darker side of avenues also explored by more main stream acts such as Cutting Crew. The four bonus tracks, which constitute the Clocks Go Backwards EP (also released in 1990), offer a more direct, stripped back sound, and, as such,further insight into the band s position around this time, making this package a concise, complete take on this era of the band's career. Our Price: £9.95

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The Ultimate Tribute to U2
This 29 track, two CD album is without doubt, the ultimate tribute to U2.

• A real diverse selection of artists are featured on the album, including the Mission, Dead Or Alive, Aaron Kaplan, Heaven 17, Jay Buchanan and Tiffany.

• Proving that U2’s influences knows no boundaries, you'll find everything from lounge to folk, from hard rock to art rock, from indie to soul.

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