Sewertime Blues - Meteors

Sewertime Blues
The Meteors return to Anagram for another outing, this time in the form of this brilliant 1986 album – reissued in a special digipack with 2 bonus tracks! Originally a top 10 indie chart hit, ‘Sewertime Blues’ has been unavailable for a number of years. Fast approaching the 25th anniversary of their formation, The Meteors have been hammering out their no-nonsense cranked up rockabilly and rock n roll for the best part of a quarter century. The first group to combine 50's rockabilly with the raw energy of Punk, the Meteors continue to influence bands around the world. Essentially the Meteors are guitarist/singer P Paul Fenech, legendary man of attitude with a guitar style best described as dangerous. The Meteors are the undisputed kings of Psychobilly!
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1. Ain't Taking A Chance
2. So Sad
3. Here's Johnny
4. Mind Over Matter
5. Acid And Psyam
6. Sewertime Blues
7. Return Of The Ethel Merman
8. Deep Dark Jungle
9. Never Get Away
10. I Bury The Living
11. Vibrate
12. Surf City

Bonus Tracks
13. The Edge (12" Mix)
14. Johnny's Here (12" Mix)
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In Heaven
The "original" recording - "In Heaven" by The Meteors is regarded by all as the original and best Psychobilly album of all time The CD has been unavailable for a number of years and is very hard to find and is a very much sought after album, fetching in excess of £60 on the internet. The Meteors are fast approaching the 25th anniversary of their formation and even to this day they remain the undisputed "Kings Of Psychobilly."
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The Meteors vs The World
An essential double CD package from the original Psychobilly act who spearheaded the movement, this album includes 17 brand new tracks, 6 live songs from the 10th Anniversary Big Rumble. Also included are 2 tracks live from Las Vegas and 5 unreleased versions of songs released before, plus 2 hidden bonus tracks. This CD has been available for a number of years and is released due to huge public demand.
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Mutant Monkey And The Surfers From Zorch
A welcome re-release for the Meteors fourth album on Anagram, which features 13 tracks including the "Rawhide" and "Little Red Riding Hood" singles. This album captures the band at their wreckin psycho best. This album is now to become an important addition to the Psychobilly Collectors series. The album includes 13 tracks featuring "Rawhide" and "Little Red Riding Hood".
Our Price: £9.95

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