Punkadelic - Inner City Unit

Anagram Records are pleased to announce the release of the Inner City Unit album "Punkadelic". Inner City Unit (ICU) was a British Punk/hard edged Space rock band fronted by ex-Hawkwind founder Nik Turner on saxophone with Trev Thoms (guitar), Dead Fred (Keyboards), Baz Magneto(Bass), and Mick Stupp or Dino Ferari on drums. This original line-up produced 2 albums, "Passout" and "The Maximum Effect" before releasing this compilation of out-takes and demos called "Punkadelic" in 1982. This is also the year that Turner returned to Hawkwind taking Dead Fred with him, marking the end of the original ICU line-up. Inner City Unit's "Punkadelic" album, on CD for the first time complete with 8 bonus tracks including the rare 'Blood & Bone' EP!
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Weight: 200
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1. Watching The Grass Grow
2. Space Invaders
3. Polyethylene
4. Cars Eat With Auto Face
5. God Disco
6. Disco Tango
7. Gas Money
8. Alright On The Flight
9. Blue Rinse Haggered Robot
10. Bildeborg

Bonus Tracks-
11. Blood & Bone
12. Hurricane Fighter Plane
13. Brand New Cadillac
14. Paint Your Windows White
15. Little Black Egg
16. The Laughing Policeman
17. Raj Neesh
18. I.C.U
19. Human Beings

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Atomhenge, the home of Hawkwind’s catalogue from 1976 - 1997, continue their series of definitive reissued editions of these classic albums with the release of Choose Your Masques.The album, originally released in 1982 by RCA ACTIVE, was the final Hawkwind release for the label and considered the finest of this era by many fans. The album would feature a line-up Dave Brock, Harvey Bainbridge, Huw Lloyd Langton and Martin Griffin and contained such excellent material as Arrival in Utopia , Solitary Mind Games , Choose Your Masques , Waiting or Tomorrow and Dream Worker.The album was a Top Thirty success upon its release and spawned a memorable tour on which the band was joined by original member Nik Turner. This deluxe atomhenge edition has been remastered from the original master tapes and adds 14 Bonus tracks, with 12 of these featuring on a bonus CD.

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Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters
Released on 23/11/09. Recorded in 1974 for United Artists Records, the concept album featured classic songs such as ‘Ejection', ‘The Right Stuff' and ‘The Widowmaker' interwoven with humorous satirical dialogue from Calvert, Jim Capaldi & Viv Stanshall. The musical guests included Hawkwind, Arthur Brown and Brian Eno, making for a unique and legendary album. Our Price: £9.95

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A band formed by former founder members of Hawkwind, the group Space Ritual are true exponents of Space Rock, performing sell-out concerts drawing on "Classic" Hawkwind repertoire written by Nik Turner, Dave Anderson and Terry Ollis. Now Space Ritual come alive in the 21st Century with a stunning new studio album of original material that takes the ground breaking music of these ex-Hawkwind members into a new dimension that is both contemporary but still aware of its heritage and roots. Also featuring written poems by Sci-fi author Michael Moorcock, "Otherworld" has been described as "more Hawkwind than Hawkwind" by one commentator, but Space Ritual are more than that. They are a band in their own right, with their own style and future. Catch them on tour in the UK in October and on their new album, "Otherworld" now! Our Price: £10.95

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Solstice At Stonehenge – 20th Anniversary Edition
On summer solstice day (June 21st) 1984, rock legends Hawkwind played a milestone show on the historic site of Stonehenge. To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the historic show - Cherry Red Records are releasing a full-length version of the event for the first time on DVD.

Along with the stunning visual and audio performance from the band there is also footage of the festival site and some amazing material of the world's most famous stones at dawn. Amongst the tracks featured are 'Stonehenge Decoded' and 'Dawn' written especially for the performance.

With bonus footage not featured on the original video release, this special edition is an absolute must for all Hawkwind fans.


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Shotgun Wedding
Lydia Lunch-: provocateur, poet, singer, author, performer and actress. From fronting THE influential no-wave group Teenage Jesus and The Jerks (cdmred367) to her current musical incarnation as Big Sexy Noise, with Gallon Drunk’s noise makers James Johnston, Terry Edwards, and Ian White; countless collaborations and projects in between Lydia has never played by anyone’s rules but her own.
This collaboration with the iconic cult figure Rowland S Howard is perhaps one of her most revered. Featuring production by JG Thirwell (Foetus, Manorexia..) and drums by Jim Sclavunos (Bad Seeds, Grinderman..) it’s a veritable who is who of the post punk / no wave scene of the time.
Rowland S Howard is no doubt best known for his work with the Birthday Party, his discordant guitar an essential factor in their sound. Howard sadly passed away from liver cancer in 2009. A hugely influential alternative musician, in 2011 he was subject to a 110 min documentary entitled Autoluminescent, by cult filmmakers Richard Lowenstein, and Lynne Maree Milburn which received independent cinema release. Featuring luminaries such as Nick Cave, Bobby Gillespie, Wim Wenders, and of course…Lydia Lunch, the film highlights Howard’s genius, talent, and rightfully elevates him to the cult status he so deserves.
With both parties at the height of their respective talents, this is an alternative rock gem, yet however maintains an atmosphere of eerie beauty throughout. Out of print for years, this re-promotion is a must have.

Release Date: 26/11/2012
Our Price: £9.95

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