The Very Best Of Friends And Relations - Hawkwind

The Very Best Of Friends And Relations

Characterized by tribal drumming, atonal electronic excursions, sci-fi poets, heavy blues and rock 'n' roll riffs and a distant snorting saxophone." This is the limited edition digipack featuring "The Best Of Hawkwind Friends & Relations" plus "The Rarities". This collection features spin-off recordings by the likes of Robert Calvert, Michael Moorcock, Dave Brock, Harvey Bainbridge and Lloyd Langton, as well as lesser known cohorts like Atom God, Inner City and Underground Zero.

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Disc 1 :
1. Spirit Of The Age -  Hawkwind
2. Raj Neesh - Inner City Unit
3. Robot - Hawkwind
4. Canes Venatci - Underground Zero
5. Dodgem Dudes - Michael Moorcocks Deep Fix
6. Golden Void - Sonic Assassins
7. Lord Of The Hornets - Robert Calvert
8. Motherless Children - Dave Brock
9. Sweet Mistress Of Pain - Hawkwind Zoo
10. Social Alliance - Hawkwind
11. Outside The Law - The Lloyd Langton Group
12. Time Centre - Michael Moorcocks Deep Fix
13. Vampire - Stravinsky's Shoe
14. Psy Power - Hawkwind

Disc 2 :
1. Aimless Flight - Underground Zero
2. Psychedelia Lives - Hawkwind
3. Working Time - The Lloyd Langton Group
4. Rainbow Warrior - Underground Zero
5. Brothel In Rosenstrasse - Michael Moorcocks Deep Fix
6. Toad On The Road - The Alman Mulo Band
7. Earth Calling - Hawkwind
8. The Changing - Harvey Bainbridge
9. The Widow Song - Robert Calvert
10. Starcruiser - Michael Moorcocks Deep Fix
11. I.C.U - Inner City Unit
12. I See you - The Lloyd Langton Group
13. Human Beings - Atom God
14. Phone Home Elliott - Unkle Nik and The E.T.'s
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Choose Your Masques
Atomhenge, the home of Hawkwind’s catalogue from 1976 - 1997, continue their series of definitive reissued editions of these classic albums with the release of Choose Your Masques.The album, originally released in 1982 by RCA ACTIVE, was the final Hawkwind release for the label and considered the finest of this era by many fans. The album would feature a line-up Dave Brock, Harvey Bainbridge, Huw Lloyd Langton and Martin Griffin and contained such excellent material as Arrival in Utopia , Solitary Mind Games , Choose Your Masques , Waiting or Tomorrow and Dream Worker.The album was a Top Thirty success upon its release and spawned a memorable tour on which the band was joined by original member Nik Turner. This deluxe atomhenge edition has been remastered from the original master tapes and adds 14 Bonus tracks, with 12 of these featuring on a bonus CD.

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Love In Space
Released 29/06/09. Atomhenge, the home of Hawkwind s catalogue from 1976 1997, continue their series of definitive reissued editions of these classic albums with the release of Love in Space . The album, originally recorded in 1995 on Hawkwind s Alien 4 tour and was released the following year on the Emergency Broadcast label. The album was a masterpiece and featured the charismatic Ron Tree on vocals, along with a line-up of Dave Brock, Alan Davey and Richard Chadwick. Deleted for many years, this album is now a much sought after item by Hawkwind aficionados. This Atomhenge reissue includes 3 bonus tracks taken from the rare 1997 Love In Space EP, which included the Zeus B Held mix of the title track and two previously unreleased live recordings.

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Dreams, Omens & Strange Encounters



ATOMHENGE, the home of HAWKWIND's catalogue, is verypleased to announce the release of a new studio album by the long time HAWKWIND synthesiser visionary and bass guitarist HARVEY BAINBRIDGE.

Harvey's compositions and musical ideas were integral to the sound of HAWKWIND on albums from "Hawklords 25 Years On” in 1978 to "Palace Springs” in 1991.

A regular live performer, Harvey now returns with a new album which features his unique music and synthesiser soundscapes that will be familiar to all followers of Hawkwind.

Covering ambient and rock styles, "Dreams, Omens and Strange Encounters” is a marvellous new album that is sure to appeal to all Atomhenge label devotees.

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Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters
Released on 23/11/09. Recorded in 1974 for United Artists Records, the concept album featured classic songs such as ‘Ejection', ‘The Right Stuff' and ‘The Widowmaker' interwoven with humorous satirical dialogue from Calvert, Jim Capaldi & Viv Stanshall. The musical guests included Hawkwind, Arthur Brown and Brian Eno, making for a unique and legendary album. Our Price: £9.95

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Live 78
Released 29/06/09. Atomhenge, the home of Hawkwind's catalogue from 1976 1997, continue their series of definitive reissued editions of these classic albums with the release of Live 1978 by Hawklords. Recorded at Brunel University in November 1978 on the tour to promote the album Hawklords: 25 Years On , the HAWKLORDS show was Dave Brock and Robert Calvert's vision of a mechanised society that perfectly embraced the influence of the musical New Wave to deliver some of the most effective music written during Calvert s tenure with Hawkwind. This new release comprises the band s entire set and is newly mixed from the original 24-track tapes and includes four previously unreleased tracks. Our Price: £9.95

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