In Sickness And In Health - Demented Are Go

In Sickness And In Health
The first album from the Demented Are Go, one of Psychobilly's most revered and important band. This CD has been out of press for some time and rather hard to obtain! Also added are two bonus tracks consisting of the bands first ever recordings making this is a valuable addition to any old Psychobilly collection, while also being a must have for the growing army of new Psychobilly fans. Demented Are Go still regularly plays live and headline Psycho festivals all over the world.
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1. Be Bop A Lula
2. Pervy In The Park
3. (I Was Born A) Busted Hyman
4. Holy Hack Jack
5. Frenzied Beat
6. Pickled And Preserved
7. Crazy Horses
8. Transvestite Blues
9. Rubber Buccaneer
10. Vibrate
11. Rubber Love
12. Nuke Mutants
13. PVC Chair
14. Don't Go In The Woods Bonus Tracks
15. One Sharp Knife
16. Rubber Rock
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The Day The Earth Spat Blood/Go Go Demented
Demented Are Go are one of the scene's most revered and popular bands. Lead by reputed mad man, Mark Philips who goes by the guise of 'Sparky' the band have fans not only in the psycho scene, but also have a following in the punk scene. Having been around for almost 25 years, Demented still perform live very regularly all over the world and are still gaining new legions of fans This CD contains 2 albums Both albums were previously out of print and becoming hard to find.
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Kicked Out Of Hell
This is a classic slab of Psychobilly and a historical and influential album that set a new benchmark for what would become the new sound of Psychobilly. This CD has been unavailable/hard to find for some time and will be of great interest to Psychobilly and punk fans old and new! Demented Are Go still regularly tour and can be found headlining Psycho festivals all over the world. This CD contains informative sleeve notes, researched and written by scene veteran Simon Nott.
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Call Of The Wired

As another addition to our bulging Psychobilly catalogue, we give you a cracking live album featuring one of Psychobilly's most notorious and compelling acts, Demented Are Go. Originating from Cardiff in the early 1980's, Demented went on to become one of the Psychobilly scene's most popular bands. Their live performances were always something spectacular, with many surprises, and the show on this release is no exception. The album features a classic performance, from 1994, at legendary Psychobilly venue The Charlotte in Leicester. Amongst the songs included are Indie Chart hit single "Holy Holy Jack" and live favourites "PVC Chair", "Brand New Corpse" and "Night Life".

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Too Sweet to Die
Meet the Flintstones! This is the first new album in four years from one of the leading bands on the psychobilly scene, The Frantic Flintstones. The Flintstones are experiencing a renewed excitement and are very busy on the live circuit, being the legends of the psycho scene that they undoubtedly are. The album is a collaboration with Sharks front man Alan Wilson. The last outing with Wilson in 1993 resulted in what is considered to be the Flintstones best loved release. Later this year the band will be embarking on a series of concerts across mainland Europe to celebrate eighteen years at the forefront of psychobilly.
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One of the Psychobilly scene's most successful bands pay homage to the artists that influenced them on this 26 track collection of cover versions. Such songs as Elvis Costello's "Radio Sweetheart", Bruce Springsteen "I'm On Fire" and the Stray Cats "Rock this Town" are all delivered in the Batz unique Rockin'style. Psychobilly's most prolific outfit, the Frantic Flintstones are in fine rockin'n'rantin form on this 20 track studio LP originally released in 1993. Morrissey's bassist Gary Day has long been a member of this outrageous group who are one of the biggest crowd-pullers on the European Psycho scene.
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