Perfection Plus (The Best Of Charge) - Charge

Perfection Plus (The Best Of Charge)
Formed in the squat punk communities of London in the late 70s, Charge, led by the inimitable Stu P Idiot, stood out from the crowd by incorporating elements of sexual deviance, high camp, glam and baroque punk, alongside an engaging and often surreal sense of humour. They were one of London's best live acts of the period, cultivating an impressive fanbase, and were especially popular in mainland Europe where they regularly toured. This new Cherry Red release sees them immortalised on CD for the first time, featuring all their studio recordings for the Kamera label, including the much cherished album Perfection, and three Independent Top 10 hits, notably the hugely amusing 'Fashion'. The deluxe package also features the band's extremely rare debut single 'King's Cross' for the Test Pressing imprint. It was compiled as a tribute to the late vocalist with contributions from the musicians and friends who knew him, who have also provided exclusive photos and memorabilia. Record Collector - 4 stars "a band that refuses to be pigeonholed", "a fitting tribute to a unique talent."
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1. Dancing On The Graves
2. Luxury
3. Illusion Of Fairness
4. Advanced State
5. Dead For Years
6. First For A Title
7. Perfection
8. Revenge Of The Midsummer Night's Dream
9. Sir Hugo
10. Gasman
11. King And Queen
12. Desolation
13. Hh Huh
14. King's Cross
15. Brave New World
16. God's Kids
17. Destroy The Youth
18. No One Knows
19. Can I Go To Heaven Now
20. Absolution
21. Fashion
22. Ugly Shadows
23. Luxury
24. Madman In The North
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§ Hazel O'Connor Remembers "Breaking Glass" (2012, 37 mins).
§ 28 Page Illustrated Viewing Notes Booklet Written By Film Historian Marcus Hearn.
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Release Date: 05/11/2012

Our Price: £17.99

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