Wazzed 'N' Blasted - Batfinks

Wazzed 'N' Blasted
Anagram are proud to exhume yet another forgotten gem from the vault of Link Records, The Batfinks 'Wazzed 'N' Blasted'. Noteworthy Chuck Flintstone, of The Frantic Flintstones began a 'Chuck Flintstone Presents' series from Link Records when Psychobilly was at it peak in the mid to late eighties. In both the UK and mainland Europe there was a tidal wave of new bands, and this division became a haven for those wanted to become part of the warped scene. The fusion of Rockabilly and Punk pricked the ears of a young generation of Psychos many whom started a band. Sadly though the scene slowly grew smaller and many of these bands (as rocking as they were) were forgotten, quite tragic considering that the thirst for young psycho blood is once again very apparent. The Bat-Finks is a prime example of one of these bands. Thank goodness for the kind people at Anagram, who have taken up the job of digging up this treasure of a Psychobilly nature and putting it on CD for your good self. We can also be thankful, that the Batfinks left a legacy in the form of an album and some live recordings. Trash-a-billy played full throttle, from some youngsters who have been drinking the same blood tainted water as Demented Are Go. Full of excellent tracks this CD will please either those who were their first time round or the new generation of psychos, current ripping up the floor. Unfortunately little else is known about the Batfinks and all exhaustive efforts to track them down have failed miserably! In fact the only info that turned up was a flyer for an all-dayer in 1989 and a short review in a fanzine! This can have an advantage though as it lets the insane music speak for itself! Insane it is, with many a stomping tune. Can you imagine Demented Are Go playing 'What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor' and getting away it? Well The Batfinks do!
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Weight: 200
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1. Brain Damage (Frater/Dorward) Link Publishing
2. Gonna Kill My Baby (Frater/Dorward) Link Publishing
3. She's A Vampire (Frater/Dorward) Link Publishing
4. Sleep Kills (Frater/Dorward) Link Publishing
5. Midnight (Frater/Dorward) Link Publishing
6. Soul Trader (Frater/Dorward) Link Publishing
7. Kalin Blood (Frater) Link Publishing
8. Wazzed 'N' Blasted (Frater/Dorward) Link Publishing
9. Sexy Glove (Frater/Dorward) Link Publishing
10. Dracula's Castle (Frater/Dorward) Link Publishing
11. Raisin' Hell (Frater/Dorward) Link Publishing
12. Witch Hunt (Frater) Link Publishing
13. Drunken Sailor Trad
14. Wreck Mutes

Live Bonus Tracks
15. Brain Damage
16. Sleep Kills

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