Inferno - Alien Sex Fiend

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Nik and Mrs Fiend take you on a trip that starts in familiar Alien Sex Fiend territory, but leads into uncharted musical waters. Commissioned by world leaders Ocean Software to write the first ever computer game soundtrack, Nik and Mrs Fiend have created an album of unrivalled mood and ambience complete with alien dialogue and a planet suite. In addition to the soundtrack the CD contains bonus remixes by Youth, Suddi Raval (Hardcore Uproar) and the Fiends themselves.
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1. Inferno
2. Human Installation
3. Take Off Tune
4. Space 1
5. Happy Tune
6. Planet 1
7. Human Atmosphere
8. Happy Finale
9. Alien Installation
10. Dramatic Tune
11. Moon Toon
12. Planet 2
13. Bad New
14. Space 2
15. Alien Atmosphere
16. Death Tune
17. Sad Finale
18. Moon Toon (Mix)
19. Planet 2 (Mix)
20. Inferno (Mix)

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