Riot City Punk Singles Collection - Various - Punk

Riot City Punk Singles Collection
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One of the most popular titles of the punk collectors series, Riot City Records Punk Singles Collection vol 1, is now to be released on Limited Edition Picture Disc. The label was founded in 1980 and released 32 singles and 10 albums. This collection features 30 of the 32 singles released by the label.
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VICE SQUAD Last Rockers / Young Blood / THE INSANE Politics / ABRASIVE WHEELS Vicious Cirlce / COURT MARTIAL Gotta Get Out / CHAOS UK Four Minute Warning / UNDEAD Undead / THE EXPELLED Dreaming / ABRASIVE WHEELS Army Song / CHAOTIC DISCHORD Fuck The World / COURT MARTIAL No Solution / CHAOS UK No Security / MAYHEM Dogsbody / EJECTED Have You Got 10p / UNDEAD Dead Revolution / ABRASIVE WHEELS Burn ‘Em Down / THE EXPELLED Make It Alone / RESISTANCE 77 Nottingham Problem / EJECTED Fast’n’loud / NO CHOICE Cream Of The Crop / EMERGENCY Points Of View / CHAOTIC DISCHORD Never Trust A Friend / SEX AIDS Back On The Piss Again / MAYHEM Gentle Murder / ULTRA VIOLENT Crime For Revenge / THE UNDERDOGS East Of Dachau / THE VARUKERS Die For Your Government / EJECTED Russians / THE VARUKERS Led To The Slaughter / CHAOTIC DISCHORD Cliff
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