Trapped In A Scene - UK Hardcore 1985-1989 The Album - Various - Punk

Trapped In A Scene - UK Hardcore 1985-1989 The Album
Released 19/10/09. The underground hardcore scene of the mid-late Eighties was UK punk rock's last significant creative gasp. Emerging from the wreckage of the anarcho punk scene spawned by the likes of Crass and Conflict, it took its influences from the studs 'n' leather punk bands of the early Eighties such as Discharge and GBH, and also the nascent American hardcore movement and the emerging metal/punk crossover scene. Filter all of this through some through fiercely DIY aesthetics and you had a potent movement that spawned such seminal acts as Napalm Death, ENT, The Stupids and Heresy. With the backing of John Peel and an unwavering work ethic, these bands, and the labels that launched them (including Earache and Peaceville - both now widely regarded as having some of the finest metal rosters in the world), pushed musical boundaries into new and previously unexplored avenues of extremity, helping to shape the alternative music scene we know and love today. Ian Glasper is the critically acclaimed author of two previous books for Cherry Red, 2004's 'Burning Britain' and 2006's 'The Day The Country Died', and 'Trapped In A Scene is the long awaited closing volume of his celebrated trilogy on the UK punk scene of the Eighties To coincide with this brilliant book, we have compiled the important tracks that shaped the scene. 30 blinding and brutal tracks. This is UK Hardcore Punk. This is Trapped In A Scene - The Album.
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Instinct Of Survival - Napalm Death / Antisocial – Doom / Blind Acceptance – Sacrilege / Drunk On Your Tears - Filthkick - / Oblivion Descends - Unseen Terror / Getting Through - The Depraved / Night Of The Rabbit - Bad Beach / Them And Us And Me And You – Heresy / Awoman Swork - Concrete Sox / Skatebored - Intense Degree / Next Time - Electro Hippies / Wide Open Eyes - Jailcell Recipes / Massacre – Hellbastard / What Future? The fiend / Through My Eyes H.D.Q. / no exit - civilised Society? / Elephant Man – Stupids / No Threat - Extreme Noise Terror / Beyond Pain - Deviated Instinct / More Than Fun – Default / Where’’s the Real You The Uprising / Tired Eyes - Long Cold Stare / Games Children Play - Bad Dress Sense / Grind The Enemy – Axegrinder / Unlearn – Atavistic / Collision Of Vision – ripcord / Acid Death Child – Terrorain / Just One More- Cowboy Killers / Silent Knights (On Rte) – Paranoid Visions / Labyrinth Of Mind - Prophecy Of Doom
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