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Lightning Punk Singles Collection
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Lightning Records carved their name into punk history with the release of some of the most collectable punk singles to be released in the late 70s. This collection is the first ever to round up the punk history of the label. Included in this unique compilation are tracks by Jet Bronx & The Forbidden (Actually Lloyd Grossman), The Nerves, Blitzkrieg Bop, The Jerks and Elton Motello with the top 75 hit Jet Boy Jet Girl", all appearing on CD for the first time. This high quality package is complete with picture of each of the single sleeves that are featured and a full discography of the label.
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JET BRONX & THE FORBIDDEN Ain't Doin' Nothing THE MIRRORS Cure For Cancer THE JERKS Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me BLITZKRIEG BOP Let's Go MARTIN & THE BROWN SHIRTS Taxi Driver ELTON MOTELLO Jet Boy Jet Girl FRUIT EATING BEARS Chevy Heavy DIRTY DOGS Let Go Of My Hands HORROR COMIC I Don't Mind TOO UCH Who You Wanna Be THE NERVES TV Adverts CANE D/K/ Dance / College Girls NEVILLE WANKER & THE PUNTERS Boys On The Dole THE MIRRORS Dark Glasses NASTY MEDIA Spiked Copy BLITZKRIEG BOP U/F/O/ KRYPTON TUNES All In Jail THE JERKS Cool TOO MUCH Kick Me One More Time OPEN SORE Vertigo (Live) THE CRABS Lullabies Lie (Live)/ This title is obsolete, details are for the benefit of collectors.
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