Punk Rock Rarities Volume 2 - Various - Punk

Punk Rock Rarities Volume 2
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The Users, The Maniacs, The Art Attacks, The Dole, Satan's Rats, Front, The Dyaks, The Squad, The Shove and The Satellites are all featured in this punk rarities collection. All the 22 tracks are taken from the period between 1977- 1982, which many argue is Punk's fiest hour, nearly every track is appearing on CD for the first time. Pictures of each of the sleeves are included to complete the package.
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THE USERS Kicks In Style / THE USERS Dead On Arrival / THE MANIACS Chelsea '77 / THE MANIACS I Ain't No Legend / THE ART ATTACKS I Am A Dalek / THE ART ATTACKS Neutron Bomb / THE DOLE New Wave Love / SATANS RATS You Make Me Sick / SATANS RATS Louise / FRONT System / FRONT Queen's Mafia / THE DYAKS Gutter Kids / THE DYAKS It's A Game / THE SQUAD Eight Pounds A Week / THE SQUAD Red Alert / THE SHOVE Raise The Roof Tonite / THE SHOVE Violence / THE SHOVE Pigs / THE SHOVE Nutters of York / THE SATELLITES Vietnam / THE SATELLITES Lucy Is A Prostitute / THE SATELLITES I Fell In Love With A Lesbian This title is obsolete, details are for the benefit of collectors.
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Punk Rock Anthology
First ever CD release for the legendary Cortinas, the only major first wave of Punk band to emerge from Bristol. Originally signed to the seminal Step Forward Records by Sniffin Glue founder Mark Perry, The Cortinas released that labels first ever record, Fascist Dictator which was hailed by Mojo Magazine as the 64th Most Important Punk Single Ever!
Also includes follow up single Defiant Pose and all of their major label album True Romances which was produced by Martin Birch of Iron Maiden fame The bands one and only session for the late great John Peel is also given its first commercial release on this CD Guitarist Nick Sheppard later went on to join The Clash and appeared on their album Cut The Crap.
Our Price: £9.95

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British Punk Rock .... 1977
The first in a new series of releases aiming to document the 21 year career of the punk movement. 1977 was the year punk exploded in the UK and this album sees punk pioneers such as 999, The Vibrators and Eater. Our Price: £9.95

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