The Punk Rock Anthology - Boys

The Punk Rock Anthology
First ever career round up of legendary Pop Punkers, The Boys. The 45 tracks have all been re-mastered and now include six previously unreleased studio demos dating from 1976-79. The singles I Don’t Care , First Time , Brickfield Nights , Terminal Love and You Better Move On are all included as are tracks recorded with Die Toten Hosen vocalist Campino. Deluxe booklet features notes to every track, a full Boys discography and pictures of every release including many scarce European issues. Still a major attraction on the international Punk festival circuit they are headlining the Power Pop Festival in Austin, Texas on August 30th and London s ULU on October 17th.
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Disc 1
1. I Don’t Care (Single Version)
2. Soda Pressing (Single Version)
3. First Time (Single Version)
4. Turning Grey
5. Sick On You
6. Tonight
7. Tumble With Me
8. Box Number
9. Kiss Like A Nun
10. Cop Cars
11. Tenement Kids
12. Livin’ In The City
13. Brickfield Nights
14. Do The Contract
15. Heroine
16. Classified Susie
17. TCP
18. Backstage Pass
19. Talking
20. Cast Of Thousands
21. See Ya Later (Junk Version)
22. Jap Junk ( Junk Version)
23. Schoolgirls / Love Me (Single Version)
Disc 2
1. Kamikaze (Original Mix)
2. Terminal Love
3. Rue Morgue
4. You Can’t Hurt A Memory
5. Lonely Cowboy
6. Bad Day
7. Independent Day
8. You Better Move On
9. Walk My Dog
10. Jimmy Brown
11. Weekend
12. Wrong Arm Of The Law
13. Poor Little Rich Girl
14. Gabrielle
15. Let It Rain
16. Little White Lifeline (Acoustic Version)
17. Sad Souvenir (1976 Demo)
18. Hollywood Brats (1977 Demo)
19. Cool (1978 Demo)
20. Roundabout (1979 Demo)
21. Little Runaround (1980 Demo)
22. Coming To Take Me Away (Demo)
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