Pissed and Proud - Peter & the Test Tube Babies

Pissed and Proud
Much anticipated 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of the debut LP by Peter And The Test Tube Babies which topped the then important and influential Independent Chart back in 1982. This totally re-mastered Punk classic now comes with a free CD featuring 18 rare studio cuts from the Test Tubes' punk heyday, including the two Indie Chart hits 'Banned From The Pubs' (No. 10) and 'Run Like Hell' (No. 2). The bonus disc also includes for the first time ever, a four-track radio session from 1980, the bands very first demo plus their contributions to the seminal National Chart compilations "Oi! The Album" and "Carry On Oi!" This definitive CD rounds up for the first time all of the Test Tubes early Punk recordings. Booklet contains original LP artwork including rare original insert, lyrics to the songs, pictures of all related releases and sleeve notes by "Burning Britain" / "Day The Country Died" author Ian Glasper.
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Moped Lads / Banned From The Pubs / Elvis Is Dead / Up Yer Bum / Smash N Grab Raid / Run Like Hell / Shitstirrer / Intensive Care / Keep Britain Untidy / Transvestite / Maniac / Disc0 / Leader Of The Gang / Disc 2- Vaultage '78- Elvis Is Dead / Johnny Clarke Demo- Tupperware Party / Keep Britain Untidy / I Lust For The Disgusting Things In Life / T.Q.G.G.B.J.'S. Radio Session- Moped Lads / Beat Up The Mods / Elvis Is Dead / Maniac oi! The album - Intensive Care / Rob A Bank -Carry On Oi! / Transvestite / Maniac 1st no Future Single- Banned From The Pubs / Moped Lads / Peacehaven Wild Kids 2nd No Future Single- Run Like Hell / Up Yer Bum
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