Singles Collection - One Way System

Singles Collection
For the first time on CD, the definitive singles collection from one of Punk's most enduringly popular and uncompromising bands, One Way System. One Way System first lit up the second wave punk revolution with their fresh faced, no nonsense sound in the early eighties, when Oi! and skinhead culture had all but rejected the original punk ethic. One Way System managed to bridge the gap. From the front cover of Sounds to the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, the System remained sharp and impressive, their natural aggression and un-faulting professionalism sealing their reputation as one of the most exciting bands on the international punk circuit. This collection features all of the bands singles from their first incarnation, along with selected b-sides and stunning live versions. Among the tracks included are Independent Chart hits "Just Another Hero", "Jerusalem", "Cum On Feel The Noise" and "This Is The Age". One Way System continue to tour Europe and the USA. Playing to enthusiastic crowds they remain as hard hitting and entertaining as ever.
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1. Stab The Judge
2. Riot Torn City
3. Me And You
4. Give Us A Future
5. Just Another Hero
6. Jerusalem
7. Jackie Was A Junkie
8. Cum On Feel The Noise
9. Breakin' In
10. This Is The Age
11. Into The Fires
12. Children Of The Night
13. Down
14. Shine Again
15. Out Of Mind
16. Jerusalem (Live)
17. Stab The Judge (Live)
18. No Return (Live)
19. Jackie Was A Junkie (Live)
20. Believe Yourself
21. Search Your Soul
22. Leave Me Alone
23. Give Us A Future (Live)
24. Corrupted World (Live)
25. Pressure On
26. Enemy
27. Shut Up

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The Complete Singles Collection
Released on 06/09/10. One of Punk's biggest selling bands of the early 80's and collating all of their tracks released as singles has been a real labour of love.
All the collectors' items sleeves have been gathered together for the artwork along with extensive sleeve notes.
Musical highlights include the indie chart hits Harry May , Smash The Disco’s and the ultra rare "Out Of Business" EP.
Our Price: £9.95

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I've Got A Gun / After The Lights Go Out

23 tracks, 2 LPs on one CD featuring the first two studio albums from San Fransisco's leading exponents of Punk, Channel 3. One of the main inspirations for the growth of Punk in America, Channel 3 were signed to No Future in the UK and in the early 80s saw both these albums reach the higher placings of the Independent Chart.

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Their Greatest Fuckin' Hits
Without doubt the most (deliberately) obscene Punk band of all time, Chaotic Disord released some brilliant protest punk singles in the early 80s, all of which are included on this 30 track Best Of which also includes their versions of the Sex Pistols' Great Rock' n' Roll Swindle and The Damned's Stab Your Back.
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If The Kids Are United
A fantastic 16 track limited edition digipack best of from Hersham's finest, sham 69! Includes versions of "If The Kid's Are United", "Hurry up Harry", "Hersham Boys", "tell the children" and "Angels With Dirty Faces". This collection captures all the high points of sham's career when they provided a voice for thousands of kids growing up against the odds. It is an enhanced CD and includes a rare promo video of "action time vision"
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Big Cock
King Kurt are one of the only original Psychobilly bands to have a UK chart hit. Not only that but they are also the only Psychobilly band to appear on Top of The Pops, quite a fete for the underground genre! This album was originally released as a 12 track LP, this re-issue has 17 tracks (5 extra) as well as well researched and well written notes. King Kurt often reunite to headline Psychobilly festivals and large events worldwide, along with throwing in a few headlining gigs of their own.
Our Price: £9.95

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