Live At Leeds (The Who?) / From Beer To Eternity - Macc Lads

Live At Leeds (The Who?) / From Beer To Eternity
Albums three and four from the Macc Lads get the Anagram re-issue treatment as part of the labels Macc Lads Revival campaign. 6 bonus tracks have been added including the ultra rare And Drinking Partners cassette EP. The booklet comes complete with original LP artwork and hilarious notes to each track by band manager Slimy Git. In the mid-late 80s, the Macc Lads were regularly featured in the seminal Viz magazine with their own cartoon strip and were one of THE major attractions on the UL Punk / Alternative scene.
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Live at Leeds (The Who?) -
1. Sweaty Betty
2. Ben Nevis
3. Blovik!
4. Do You Love Me?
5. God's Gift To Women
6. Charlotte
7. Blackpool
8. Lads From Macc
9. Now He's A Poof
10. Doctor Doctor
11. Julie The Schooly
12.  Guess Me Weight
13. Miss Macclesfield
14. Fat Bastard
15. Get Weavin
16. Barrels Round

Bonus Track
17. Dan's Underpant
From Beer To Eternity-
1. Alton'towers
2. Geordie Girl
3. Bloik!
4. No Sheep Til Buxton
5. All Day Drinking
6. Tab After Tab
7. Lucy Plastic
8. My Pub
9. Dead Cat
10. Lady Muck
11. Gordon's Revenge
12. Pie Taster
13. Dan's Round Us Andbag
14. Ben Nevis
15. Fluffy Pup
16. Stoppy Back
17. Ugly Women
18. That's Gay

Bonus Tracks And Drinking Partners Cassette EP -
19. Knock Knock
20. Brevil Brevil
21. Manfred Macc 
22. Even Uglier Women
23. Jingle Bells

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