Twenty Golden Crates /An Orifice And An Genital - Macc Lads

Twenty Golden Crates /An Orifice And An Genital
Released 16th February 2009. Completing Anagram s overhaul of the entire Macc Lads back catalogue is this 2 on 1 coupling of their Greatest Hits with their Rarest Bits ! 20 Golden Crates was originally issued by the seminal Link Records back in 1991 (that labels biggest seller) and contains tracks from across the band s career including some rerecords unique to this release An Orifice & A Genital was a DOJO release from 1994 and features loads of tracks from The Macc Lads ultra rare and long deleted cassette releases that were previously only available at their gigs. As with our previous Macc Lads revamps, this will be sent to well over 100 magazines / fanzines across the globe. Back in the mid-late 80s, the Macc Lads were regularly featured in the seminal Viz magazine with their own cartoon.
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1. 0 Golden Crates No Sheep Til Buxton
2. Sweaty Betty
3. Buenos Airies 91
4. Beer & Sex & Chips N Gravy
5. Guess Me Weight
6. Made Of Ale
7. Ben Nevis
8. Blackpool
9. Dan S Underpant
10. Knock Knock
11. Gordon S Revenge
12. My Pub
13. Charlotte
14. Dead Cat
15. Boddies
16. Fluffy Pup
17. Julie The Schooly
18. Lady Muck
19. Miss Macclesfield
20. Nagasaki Sauce
21. Barrel S Round
Bonus Tracks-
22. Twenty Pints
23. Saturday Night An Orifice And A Genital (Out-takes 1986-1991) Monkees
24. Eh Up! Let's Sup
25. Fat Bastard
26. Baggy Anne
27. Head Kicked In
28. Knutsford
29. No Sheep Til Buxton
30. Pie Taster
21. I Love Macc
32. Made Of Ale
33. Knock Knock
34. Brevil Brevil
35. Manfred Macc
36. Buenos Aires `90
37. Fellatio Nell, Son
38. Two Stroke Eddie
39. Even Uglier Woman

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