Employing All Means Necessary - Conflict

Employing All Means Necessary
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"We call ourselves anarchists. That doesn't mean we believe in chaos- our ideal society would be one of small self-governing communities, with people being able to run their own lives. But above all we're trying to say that we don't want to be used by the political left or right." Got that? "Employing All Means Necessary" is an 18 track compilation that shows the band at their powerful best. This special edition digipack includes an interview with frontman Colin Jerwood recorded this year along with an enhanced track "From Protest To Resistance" taken from rare concert footage.
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1. Conflict
2. The Guilt & The Glory
3. Increase The Pressure
4. Law & Order
5. From Protest To Resistance
6. Touch Shit Monkey
7. Whichever Way You Want It
8. The Serenade Is Dead
9. The Positive Junk
10. The System Maintens.
11. This Is Not Enough
12. Neither Is This!
13. Mighty & Superior
14. To Whom It May Concern
15. Custom Rock
16. The Ungovernable Force
17. Interview With Conflict (Spoken Word) 2001
Enhanced Track/ From Protest To Resistance
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