Goat Fuckin' Virgin Killerz From Hell / Very Fucking Bad - Chaotic Dischord

Goat Fuckin' Virgin Killerz From Hell / Very Fucking Bad
Old favourites to the 'Punk Collectors Series', Chaotic Dischord have this double album on one CD, released in October. Included on this 29 track, 'Dischord bonanza, are the classic tracks "Where Have All The Glueheads Gone", "We're Fuckin' Glad The Smiths Split", "Dennis Neilson (He's Alright)" and "Fergies Baby Is A Dischord Baby".
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1. Where Have All The Glueheads Gone
2. Aussie Song
3. Mrs. Meat Curtains
4. Anarchy In Harver Procter's 'Y' Fronts
5. Fuck Off Ripcord
6. Rick's Arsehole
7. We're Fuckin' Glad The Smiths Split Up (Work It Out Stupid)
8. Some Shit About Cricket
9. Mega Metal Death & Thunder God Grandad
10. Hey Goth Fuck Off
11. Psycho Hippy Skateboard Punx
12. Fergie's Baby Is a Dischord Baby (Trainee Fuckin' Psychopath)
13. Chip On My Shoulder
14. Berkshire Cowboy
15. Still Fuckin' Dying
16. Cunt Rock (Another Poxy Poem)
17. Vibrator Up Your Nose
18. The World Is An Empty Beer Can
19. Rape & Pillage
20. Bob & The Boys
21. Dennis Nielson (He's Alright)
22. Anarchy In The Graveyard
23. Black Beauty (The Nail Bomb Song)
24. Your Crutch Fuckin' Stinks
25. Goat Fuckin' Virgin Killerz From Hell
26. Royal Test Tube Baby
27. Railings
28. (Oh Oh) Necrophilia
29. Chainsaw Disasters (A Poem)
30. An Ode
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