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Kings For A Day - The Vinyl Japan Years
Released 10/11/08. 2-CD round up of all the tracks recorded for seminal label Vinyl Japan by manic Bristol Punks Chaos UK. Includes all of the Heard It Seen It Done It album, the King For A Day EP, the Kanpai EP, the Making Half A Killing mini LP, the split Dangerous Study single plus rare cuts from the Punk's Not Dread covers compilation. This will save Punk collectors a fortune as all the releases featured are long deleted and ultra expensive! Great booklet that features pictures of all the sleeves plus detailed liner notes by leading Punk author Ian Glasper, the man behind the Burning Britain and Day The Country Died books. All of the bands releases on Anagram have remained consistent in demand catalogue items so expect strong initial and long-term demand for this value-for-money double CD.
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1. Heard It, Seen It, Done It
2. Gob On You
3. You Bastard
4. Public Image
5. Butcher Baby
6. Pump It Up
7. Don't Talk To Me
8. New Religion
9. Sick Of You
10. Fuck All Y All
11. Handle With Care
12. Witch Hunt
13. Plaistow Patricia
14. Blackmail Man
15. Belsen Was A Gas

Bonus Tracks-
16. For Adolf S Only
17. Bone Idol
18. Brain Bomb
1. The Singles
2. King For A Day
3. Outta My Brain
4. Marvellous
5. Ramraid
6. Student
7. Police Story
8. C.Rap
9. Society
10. Ain't Got A Clue
11. Through With You
12. Speed
13. Chunderer
14. 2000 lies
15. This Song Has Been Genetically Modified
16. T.P.F.P.
17. Travisty
18. Gone & Forgotten
19. Killa On Da Loose

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