The Revolution Starts At Closing Time - Serious Drinking

The Revolution Starts At Closing Time
A double CD coupling of the two albums released by the seminal SeriousDrinking in the early 80's - The Revolution StartsAt Closing Time hit No.4 in the Independent Chart whilst They May Be Drinkers Robin, But They re Also Human Beings reached No.16 This 34 track release features everything the band recorded for the Upright Records label including the Indie Chart hit singles Love On The Terraces (No.9), Hangover (No.4) and Country Girl Became Drugs And Sex Punk (No.8)

Vocalist Martin Ling has been interviewed for the specially commissioned sleeve notes by Record Collector journalist and respected music author John Reed Firm favourites on the late great John Peel show and one of the few bands to appeal right across the Indie spectrum Punks, Skins, students, trendies, Goths...they all loved Serious Drinking! Sure to attract loads of favourable reviews in the music press, many journalists having grown up with Serious Drinking as a backdrop to their youth!
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1. Intro: Am I Coming Over To Yours?
2. Spirit Of `66
3. Love On The Terraces (Mk.Iii)
4. Countdown To Bilko
5. Really Good Bloke
6. I’m On Drugs
7. T.V.Song
8. 12xu
9. Bobby Moore Was Innocent
10. The Revolution Starts At Closing Time
11. Baby I’m Dying A Death
12. Time Is Tight
13. World Service
14. Winter Sover
15. The Weird Son Of Angry Bastard
16. Outro: Are You Coming Over To Mine?
Bonus Tracks -
17. Love On The Terraces
18. Hypocrite
19. Bobby Moore Was Innocent
20. He San Angry Bastard (But I Like Him)
21. Hangover
22. Don’t Shoot Me Down
23. Baby I’m Dying A Death (Single Version)
24. They May Be Drinkers Robin, But They’re Also Human Beings
25. Pillars Of Society
26. Funny You Should Say That
27. Life In The Dustbin Pt.1
28. Young Hearts Run Free
29. Pete Rides Out
30.Serious Bingo
31. Country Girl Became Drugs And Sex Punk
32. Go For The Burn
33. A Nice Piece Of Trout
34. A Day At The Races
35. He’s An Angry Bastard But I Like Him (Live)
36. 12xu
37. Bobby Moore Was Innocent
38.  I’m On Drugs (Live)

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