Anagram Label Discography

Please find below a list of all releases on the Anagram label:

Serious Drinking The Revolution Starts At Closing Time CDGRAMD205
Various Artists When Rockabilly Ruled... OK? CRPIE004
999 Live At The Nashville CDPUNK93
A Flock Of Seagulls I Ran - The Best Of CDMGRAM181
Abrasive Wheels The Riot City Years CDPUNK135
Adicts The Complete Adicts Singles Collection CDPUNK33
Adicts Joker In The Pack CDPUNK136
Adicts The Very Best Of The Adicts CDPUNK105
Alien Sex Fiend Another Planet CDMGRAM38
Alien Sex Fiend Inferno CDGRAM80
Alien Sex Fiend Open Head Surgery CDGRAM51
Alien Sex Fiend It CDGRAM26
Alien Sex Fiend The First Alien Sex Fiend CD CDGRAM25
Alternative TV The Image Has Cracked - The ATV Collection CDPUNK24
Alternative TV Vibing Up The Senile Man CDMGRAM102
Angelic Upstarts The Independent Punk Singles CDPUNK59
Anti-Nowhere League We Are.The League / Live In Yugoslavia CDPUNK153
Anti-Nowhere League A Punk Rock Anthology CDPUNK144
Anti-Pasti Caution In The Wind CDPUNK53
Anti-Pasti The Last Call CDPUNK48
Barracudas Two Sides Of A Coin - 1979 - 1984 CDMGRAM62
Batfinks Wazzed 'N' Blasted CDMPSYCHO54
Batmobile The Clarendon Ballroom Blitz Live At The Klub Foot CDMPSYCHO70
Blitz Voice Of A Generation - The no future years 2CD CDPUNK114
Blitz Voice Of A Generation CDPUNK141
Blitz Voice Of A Generation CDPUNK1
Blyth Power Ten Years Inside The Horse CDMGRAM83
Boys The Punk Rock Anthology CDPUNK148
Boys Power Cut CDMGRAM119
Business (The) The Complete Singles Collection CDPUNK 57
Business The Business Singles Collection CDPUNK57
Caravans The Best Of - Lying With Dinosaurs CDMPSYCHO33
Carpettes The Punk Collection CDPUNK80
Channel 3 I've Got A Gun / After The Lights Go Out CDPUNK2
Chaos UK Kings For A Day - The Vinyl Japan Years CDPUNK149
Chaos UK Chaos in Japan CDPUNK119
Chaos UK The Best Of... CDPUNK108
Chaotic Dischord Goat Fuckin' Virgin Killerz From Hell / Very Fucking Bad CDPUNK84
Chaotic Dischord Fuck Religion Fuck Politics Fuck The Lot Of You / Don't Throw It All Away CDPUNK72
Chaotic Dischord Their Greatest Fuckin' Hits CDPUNK27
Charge Perfection Plus (The Best Of Charge) CDMGRAM196
Cockney Rejects The Punk Singles Collection CDPUNK90
Cockney Rejects Greatest Hits Vol. 4 - Here They Come Again CDPUNK138
Cockney Rejects The Very Best Of The Cockney Rejects CDPUNK113
Coffin Nails Live and Rockin' CDMPSYCHO60
Coffin Nails Let's Wreck - The Gravest Hits CDMPSYCHO32
Conflict Deploying All Means Necessary - Issue Two CDPUNK125
Conflict Employing All Means Necessary CDPUNK124
Cortinas (The) Punk Rock Anthology CDPUNK158
Demented Are Go Live & Rockin Vol 1 CDMPSYCHO72
Demented Are Go The Day The Earth Spat Blood/Go Go Demented CDMPSYCHO66
Demented Are Go Kicked Out Of Hell CDMPSYCHO62
Demented Are Go In Sickness And In Health CDMPSYCHO61
Demented Are Go Call Of The Wired CDMPSYCHO34
Demented Are Go Satans Rejects - The Very Best Of. CDMPSYCHO19
Disorder Kamikaze CDPUNK139
Disorder Sliced Punx On Meathooks CDPUNK117
Disorder The Best Of... CDPUNK109
Disorder The Rest Home For Senile Old Punks Proudly Presents....Disorder CDPUNK88
Disorder Live In Oslo / Violent World CDPUNK39
Dread Zeppelin Dejah Voodoo The Greatest And Latest Of Dread Zeppelin CDMGRAM135
Drones Further Temptation CDPUNK20
Drones Further Temptation CDPUNK20
Eater The Album CDPUNK143
Eater 1977 Live CDPUNK137
Eater The Compleat Eater CDPUNK10
Eddie And The Hot Rods Live At The Rainbow 1977 CD/DVD CDPUNKD159
England's Glory The Legendary Lost Album CDMGRAM73
Escalators Live At Le Havre 1983 CDMPSYCHO53
Essence A Moment Of Trust CDMGRAM96
Essence Dancing In The Rain CDMGRAM82
Exploited Let's Start A War / Live And Loud!! CDPUNK154
Exploited Troops Of Tomorrow / Apocalypse Punk Tour 81 CDPUNK152
Exploited Punk's Not Dead / On Stage CDPUNK151
Exploited (The) 1980-83: 4CD Box Set CDPUNKBOX160
Frantic Flintstones Rockin’ Out / Not Christmas CDMPSYCHO6
Frantic Flintstones The Ultimate Collection CDMPSYCO 25
Frantic Flintstones Frantic Flintstones 20th Anniversary Album CDMPSYCHO52
Frantic Flintstones The Legendary Mushroom Sessions CDMPSYCHO39
Frantic Flintstones Frantic Flintstones - The Very Best Of CDMPSYCHO25
Frantic Flintstones Too Sweet to Die CDMGRAM151
GBH Live In Los Angeles CDPUNK82
GBH Live In Japan CDPUNK122
Guana Batz Rough Edges CDMPSYCHO73
Guana Batz Electraglide In Blue CDMPSYCHO71
Guana Batz Undercover CDMPSYCHO7
Guana Batz Loan Sharks CDMPSYCHO69
Guana Batz Held Down To Vinyl.At Last! CDMPSYCHO63
Guana Batz The Very Best Of The Guana Batz CDMPSYCHO24
Hawkwind The Very Best Of Friends And Relations CDMGRAM152
Hawkwind Friends And Relations - Cosmic Travellers CDMGRAM105
Inca Babies 1983-87 - Plutonium CDMGRAM197
Inner City Unit Punkadelic CDMGRAM198
Johnny Panic Not Bitter - But Bored CDMGRAM195
Johnny Thunders Belfast Rocks CDMGRAM117
Johnny Thunders Chinese Rocks CDGRAM70
Joolz Hex CDMGRAM44
King Kurt Big Cock CDMPSYCHO65
Kirk Brandon's 10:51 Stone In The Rain CDGRAM92
Legendary Raw Deal (The) Outlaw Man CDMPSYCHO74
Long Tall Texans Saturnalia CDMPSYCHO75
Long Tall Texans Anthology: The Long tall Texans Story CDMPSYCHO27
Long Tall Texans Aces & Eights CDMPSYCHO16
Long Tall Texans Texas Beat / Best of.. CDMPSYCHO10
Lurkers Powerjive / King of the Mountain CDPUNK69
Macc Lads Twenty Golden Crates /An Orifice And An Genital CDPUNK155
Macc Lads The Beer Necessities / Alehouse Rock CDPUNK147
Macc Lads Live At Leeds (The Who?) / From Beer To Eternity CDPUNK146
Macc Lads Beer & Sex & Chips n Gravy / Bitter, Fit Crack CDPUNK145
Mad Sin Teachin' The Goodies CDMPSYCHO41
Membranes The Best of the Membranes CDMGRAM112
Merton Parkas The Complete Mod Collection CDMGRAM111
Meteors Kings of Psychobilly ; A 5 Disc Career Retrospective! CRCDBOX5
Meteors Stampede / Monkey Breath CDMPSYCHO9
Meteors Monkey's Breath CDMPSYCHO50
Meteors Stampede CDMPSYCHO43
Meteors Don’t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit CDMPSYCHO38
Meteors Sewertime Blues CDMPSYCHO37
Meteors In Heaven CDMPSYCHO36
Meteors Psycho Down CDMPSYCHO35
Meteors The Meteors vs The World CDMPSYCHO31
Meteors Hell In The Pacific – Live In Japan CDMPSYCHO30
Meteors Sewertime Blues / Don't Touch The Bang Bang Fruit CDMPSYCHO3
Meteors Undead Unfriendly Unstoppable CDMPSYCHO2
Meteors From Zorch With Love CDMPSYCHO17
Meteors Mutant Monkey And The Surfers From Zorch CDMPSYCHO12
Meteors (The) Sewertime Blues CDMPSYCHO 37
Newtown Neurotics The Punk Singles Collection CDPUNK91
Nina Hagen Unbehagen CDMGRAM164
Nitros Nightshades / Stompin' Beat CDMPSYCHO78
One Way System Singles Collection CDPUNK131
Outcasts Punk Singles Collection CDPUNK62
Partisans Police Story CDPUNK4
Patrik Fitzgerald The Very Best Of Patrik Fitzgerald CDPUNK31
Peter & the Test Tube Babies Pissed And Proud CDPUNK3
Peter & the Test Tube Babies Pissed and Proud CDPUNK142
Peter & the Test Tube Babies The Best Of Peter & The Test Tube Babies CDPUNK127
Piranhas Tom Hark : The Piranhas Collection CDMGRAM115
Polecats Polecats Are Go CDMGRAM175
Radiacs Hellraiser CDMPSYCHO44
Radiacs Hellraiser CDMPSYCHO44
Rantanplan Rantanplan CDMPSYCHO49
Rantanplan Rantanplan CDMPSYCHO49
Robert Calvert Freq Revisited CDMGRAM55
Sad Lovers And Giants E-Mail From Eternity CDMGRAM104
Samurai Attack The Very Best Of Samurai Attack CDMGRAM186
Sham 69 Greatest Hits Live CDPUNK123
Sham 69 If The Kids Are United CDPUNK118
Sharks The Very Best Of CDMPSYCHO29
Sid Vicious Sid Dead Live - DigiPack (plus interview) CDPUNK86
Slaughter And The Dogs The Best Of CDPUNK157
Snake Corps Spice (1984 - 1993 The Very Best Of) CDMGRAM97
Spear of Destiny The Singles 1983-88 CDGRAMD203
Spear Of Destiny World Service CDMGRAM202
Spear Of Destiny One Eyed Jacks CDMGRAM201
Spear Of Destiny Grapes of Wrath CDMGRAM200
Specials & Fun Boy 3 Ghost Town - 13 Hits of The Specials & Fun Boy Three CDMGRAM134
Stage Frite Island Of Lost Souls CDMPSYCHO48
Stiff Little Fingers Live And Loud / Fly The Flags CDPUNK150
Sugar Puff Demons Falling From Grace CDMPSYCHO47
Tailgators (The) The Tailgators CDMPSYCHO51
Tenpole Tudor Wunderbar - The Stiff Records Singles Collection CDPUNK128
Termites Overload CDMPSYCHO40
Theatre of Hate The Complete Singles Collection CDMGRAM93
Thee Waltons Get Out Yer Vegetables CDGRAM90
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Ska Me Crazy: The Best Of. CDMGRAM193
Turnpike Cruisers Rockin Possessed 1984 - 1986 CDMPSYCHO67
UK Subs Time Warp - Greatest Hits CDPUNK120
Various - Punk Punk Rock Rarities Volume 2 CDPUNK83
Various - Punk Burning Ambitions - (A History Of Punk) - Part 2 CDPUNK81
Various - Punk Lightning Punk Singles Collection CDPUNK79
Various - Punk Pax Records Punk Singles Collection CDPUNK75
Various - Punk Small Wonder Punk Singles Collection Volume 2 CDPUNK70
Various - Punk Punk Rock Rarities Volume 1 CDPUNK63
Various - Punk Beat The System Punk Singles Collection CDPUNK61
Various - Punk Secret Records Punk Singles Collection Volume 2 CDPUNK60
Various - Punk No Future Punk Singles Collection Volume 2 CDPUNK54
Various - Punk Abstract Records Punk Singles Collection CDPUNK52
Various - Punk Punk Singles Collection CDPUNK51
Various - Punk British Punk Rock .... 1977 CDPUNK5
Various - Punk Rondelet Records - Punk Singles Collection CDPUNK49
Various - Punk UK/DK - Original Soundtrack CDPUNK47
Various - Punk Razor Records Punk Collection CDPUNK45
Various - Punk Flicknife Records Punk Collection CDPUNK42
Various - Punk Rot Records Punk Singles Collection CDPUNK40
Various - Punk Anagram Punk Singles Collection CDPUNK37
Various - Punk Fall Out Punk Singles Collection CDPUNK30
Various - Punk Small Wonder Punk Singles Collection CDPUNK29
Various - Punk Punk & Disorderly - The Final Solution CDPUNK23
Various - Punk Trapped In A Scene - UK Hardcore 1985-1989 The Album CDPUNK156
Various - Punk Riot City Punk Singles Collection CDPUNK15
Various - Punk Raw Records Punk Singles Collection CDPUNK14
Various - Punk Secret Records Punk Singles Collection CDPUNK13
Various - Punk History Of No Future CDPUNK111
Various - Punk No Future Singles Collection CDPUNK11
Various - Punk Attrix Records Collection CDPUNK101
Various - Punk Burning Ambitions (A History Of Punk) CDDRED3
Various Artist Good Vibrations CDPUNK36
Various Artists Rock! Wreck! And Rule! Pyschobilly, Mutant Rock, Deathcult Anthems and Graveyard Party Pieces CDPSYCHO82D
Various Artists Travellers Aid Trust CDMGRAM56
Various Artists The History Of Anagram Records 82-87 CDMGRAM194
Various Psychobilly This Is Psychobilly - 25 Years Of Rockin’ & Wreckin’ CRCDBOX6
Various Psychobilly Psycho Killers CDMPSYCHO58
Various Psychobilly Rockin' At The Take Two CDMPSYCHO57
Various Psychobilly Long Lost Psychobilly vol. 1 CDMPSYCHO46
Various Psychobilly Rockin’ With Morrissey’s Side Men CDMPSYCHO45
Various Psychobilly Deathrow - The Chronicles Of Psychobilly CDMPSYCHO42
Vibrators The Best Of The Vibrators CDPUNK43
Vibrators Fifth Amendment / Recharged CDPUNK34
Vibrators Hunting For You CDPUNK132
Vice Squad The BBC Sessions CDPUNK99
Vice Squad The Very Best Of Vice Squad CDPUNK116

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