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A Flock Of Seagulls : I Ran - The Best Of (CDMGRAM181)
Abrasive Wheels : The Riot City Years (CDPUNK135)
Adicts : Joker In The Pack (CDPUNK136)
Alien Sex Fiend : R.I.P - A 12 Singles (CDMGOTH36)
Alien Sex Fiend : Here Cum Germs (CDMGOTH21)
Alien Sex Fiend : The Singles 1983-1995 (CDMGOTH20)
Alien Sex Fiend : Too Much Acid (CDMGOTH13)
Alien Sex Fiend : The Best of Alien Sex Fiend (CDMGOTH01)
Alternative TV : The Image Has Cracked - The ATV Collection (CDPUNK24)
Angelic Upstarts : The Independent Punk Singles (CDPUNK59)
Anti-Nowhere League : We Are…The League / Live In Yugoslavia (CDPUNK153)
Anti-Nowhere League : Animal! The Very Best Of The Anti-Nowhere League 1981-1998 (CDPUNK126)
Balaam and The Angel : Live Free Or Die (CDMGOTH34)
Balaam and The Angel : The Greatest Story Ever Told (CDMGOTH33)
Balaam and The Angel : Sun Family - The Chapter 22 Years (CDMGOTH17)
Batmobile : The Clarendon Ballroom Blitz Live At The Klub Foot (CDMPSYCHO70)
Ben Cooper : Rockin’ (CRPIE002)
Blitz : Voice Of A Generation (CDPUNK141)
Blood And Roses : Same As It Never Was (CDMGOTH29)
Boys : The Punk Rock Anthology (CDPUNK148)
Caravans : The Best Of - Lying With Dinosaurs (CDMPSYCHO33)
Carpettes : The Punk Collection (CDPUNK80)
Chaos UK : Flogging The Corpse (CDPUNK65)
Chaos UK : Kings For A Day - The Vinyl Japan Years (CDPUNK149)
Chaotic Dischord : Riot City Years (CDPUNK134)
Charge : Perfection Plus (The Best Of Charge) (CDMGRAM196)
Cockney Rejects : Greatest Hits Vol. 4 - Here They Come Again (CDPUNK138)
Coffin Nails : Live and Rockin' (CDMPSYCHO60)
Coffin Nails : Let's Wreck - The Gravest Hits (CDMPSYCHO32)
Conflict : Deploying All Means Necessary - Issue Two (CDPUNK125)
Danse Society : Heaven Is Waiting (CDMGOTH14)
Demented Are Go : Live & Rockin Vol 1 (CDMPSYCHO72)
Demented Are Go : The Day The Earth Spat Blood/Go Go Demented (CDMPSYCHO66)
Demented Are Go : Kicked Out Of Hell (CDMPSYCHO62)
Demented Are Go : In Sickness And In Health (CDMPSYCHO61)
Demented Are Go : Call Of The Wired (CDMPSYCHO34)
Drones : Further Temptation (CDPUNK20)
Eater : The Album (CDPUNK143)
Eater : 1977 Live (CDPUNK137)
Eater : The Eater Chronicles (CDPUNK133)
England's Glory : The Legendary Lost Album (CDMGRAM73)
Escalators : Live At Le Havre 1983 (CDMPSYCHO53)
Essence : Dancing In The Rain (CDMGRAM82)
Exploited : Troops Of Tomorrow / Apocalypse Punk Tour 81 (CDPUNK152)
Exploited : Punk’s Not Dead / On Stage (CDPUNK151)
Extreme Noise Terror : From One Extreme To Another - Live At The Fulham Greyhound (CDPUNK130)
Frantic Flintstones : Rockin’ Out/Not Christmas (CDMPSYCHO6)
Frantic Flintstones : Frantic Flintstones 20th Anniversary Album (CDMPSYCHO52)
Frantic Flintstones : The Legendary Mushroom Sessions (CDMPSYCHO39)
Frantic Flintstones : Jamboree (CDMPSYCHO15)
Furyo : Complete (CDMGOTH28)
Guana Batz : Rough Edges (CDMPSYCHO73)
Guana Batz : Electraglide In Blue (CDMPSYCHO71)
Guana Batz : Loan Sharks (CDMPSYCHO69)
Guana Batz : Held Down To Vinyl - At Last! (CDMPSYCHO63)
Guana Batz : Get Around (CDMPSYCHO56)
Hawkwind : The Very Best Of Friends And Relations (CDMGRAM152)
Highliners : Bound For Glory (CDMPSYCHO55)
Inca Babies : '1983-87 - Plutonium' (CDMGRAM197)
Inner City Unit : Punkadelic (CDMGRAM198)
Into A Circle : Assassins (CDMGOTH35)
Johnny Panic : Not Bitter - But Bored (CDMGRAM195)
Johnson Family : No Forwarding Address (CRPIE001)
King Kurt : Big Cock (CDMPSYCHO65)
Long Tall Texans : Anthology: The Long tall Texans Story (CDMPSYCHO27)
Macc Lads : Twenty Golden Crates /An Orifice And An Genital (CDPUNK155)
Macc Lads : The Beer Necessities / Alehouse Rock (CDPUNK147)
Macc Lads : Live At Leeds (The Who?) / From Beer To Eternity (CDPUNK146)
Macc Lads : Beer & Sex & Chips n Gravy / Bitter, Fit Crack (CDPUNK145)
Mad Sin : Teachin’ The Goodies (CDMPSYCHO41)
Merton Parkas : The Complete Mod Collection (CDMGRAM111)
Meteors : Kings of Psychobilly - A 5 Disc Career Retrospective! (CRCDBOX5)
Meteors : Monkey's Breath (CDMPSYCHO50)
Meteors : Don’t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit (CDMPSYCHO38)
Meteors : In Heaven (CDMPSYCHO36)
Meteors : Psycho Down (CDMPSYCHO35)
Meteors : The Meteors vs The World (CDMPSYCHO31)
Meteors : Hell In The Pacific - Live In Japan (CDMPSYCHO30)
Meteors : The Meteors Anagram Singles Collection (CDMPSYCHO20)
Mission : The Best of The Mission (CDMGRAM199)
Newtown Neurotics : The Punk Singles Collection (CDPUNK91)
Nico : All Tomorrows Parties - Nico Live (CDMGOTH25)
Nico : Live In Tokyo (CDMGOTH19)
Nico : Janitor Of Lunacy (CDMGOTH07)
Nina Hagen : Unbehagen (CDMGRAM164)
Nitros : Nightshades / Stompin’ Beat (CDMPSYCHO78)
One Way System : Singles Collection (CDPUNK131)
Only Ones : Remains (CDMGRAM67)
P Paul Fenech : Fenechaphobia (CDMPSYCHO68)
Patrik Fitzgerald : The Very Best Of Patrik Fitzgerald (CDPUNK31)
Peter & the Test Tube Babies : Pissed and Proud (CDPUNK142)
Piranhas : Tom Hark : The Piranhas Collection (CDMGRAM115)
Play Dead : From The Promised Land (CDMGOTH27)
Polecats : Polecats Are Go (CDMGRAM175)
Radiacs : Hellraiser (CDMPSYCHO44)
Rantanplan : Rantanplan (CDMPSYCHO49)
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry : Talk About The Weather (CDMGOTH24)
Riot Squad : The Complete Punk Collection (CDPUNK41)
Salvation : The Complete Collection 1985-89 (CDMGOTH23)
Samurai Attack : The Very Best Of Samurai Attack (CDMGRAM186)
Sham 69 : If The Kids Are United (CDPUNK118)
Sharks : The Very Best Of (CDMPSYCHO29)
Sharks : Colour my Flesh (CDMPSYCHO14)
Sharks : Recreational Killer (CDMPSYCHO13)
Skeletal Family : The Singles Plus…1983-1985 (CDMGRAM75)
Skeletal Family : Futile Combat (CDMGOTH30)
Skeletal Family : Promised Land - The Best Of Skeletal Family (CDMGOTH12)
Slaughter And The Dogs : The Best Of (CDPUNK157)
Snake Corps : Spice (1984 - 1993 The Very Best Of) (CDMGRAM97)
Spear Of Destiny : One Eyed Jacks (CDMGRAM201)
Spear Of Destiny : Grapes of Wrath (CDMGRAM200)
Specials & Fun Boy 3 : Ghost Town - 13 Hits of The Specials & Fun Boy Three (CDMGRAM134)
Stage Frite : Island Of Lost Souls (CDMPSYCHO48)
Stiff Little Fingers : Live And Loud / Fly The Flags (CDPUNK150)
Sugar Puff Demons : Falling From Grace (CDMPSYCHO47)
Sunglasses After Dark : Sunglasses After Dark (CDMGOTH32)
Tenpole Tudor : Wunderbar - The Stiff Records Singles Collection (CDPUNK128)
Termites : Overload (CDMPSYCHO40)
The Legendary Raw Deal : Outlaw Man (CDMPSYCHO74)
The Tailgators : The Tailgators (CDMPSYCHO51)
Theatre of Hate : The Complete Singles Collection (CDMGRAM93)
Turnpike Cruisers : Rockin Possessed 1984 - 1986 (CDMPSYCHO67)
Various - Punk : Trapped In A Scene - UK Hardcore 1985-1989 The Album (CDPUNK156)
Various Artists : Travellers Aid Trust (CDMGRAM56)
Various Psychobilly : Bikes ‘N’ Leather - Rockin’ At The Ace (CRPIE003)
Various Psychobilly : Long Lost Psychobilly vol. 1 (CDMPSYCHO46)
Varukers : Bloodsuckers / Prepare For The Attack (CDPUNK56)
Vibrators : Hunting For You (CDPUNK132)
Vice Squad : The Complete Punk Singles Collection (CDPUNK89)
Zero Le Creche : Last Year’s Wife - The Collection (CDMGOTH31)

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